Tina, its funny how whenever JoJo is in the hotmess topic yuh wah pity, but now you ah throw Posh anda bus…yuh wicked eeh gyal…if di girl wah do batty or wear batty pad. …suh wahhhh…yuh jealous cah yuh fave barrel and Posh ting a gwan? ???
Dont throw shades boo…..cah yuh nuh like it when ppl ah talk bout yuh wata p**y sista jojo…low di gyal yuh fava when ppl need flour….








  1. She shudda gi d gyal some a har belly fi put in a har batty. Te she tek a Mek fb post she need fi go invest in a 1 waist trainer.

  2. ENTREPRENEUR MET good MORN! U site a shottttt! Most a these people looks better without the enhancement to their bodies. A wa dat has to do with u sender if she is wearing fake butt, u need fi mind ur business Weh a spoil a leave the girl alone. Everyone didn’t born with boobs butt that is y them have garments to help us feeling better about our selves.

    1. Yes but when them no born with it ,them always pay fi over do it , that is way too big! Me hear surgery is addicted ,them no know when fi stop that is the problem!

  3. she should of did her face she have ah f**k up shape be di ugly gyal dem weh duh dem batty. her ass was’nt that flat with a lil weight gain it would of appear more

  4. Posh should of did her motha f**king face with that f**ked up long chin of hers! Ah scared di man was scared of har face that’s why he meck har married him and bring him come ah america and left har bleach face rass! Now di hoe gone and try get fake bloodclaat batty to ranted ah wah dis yah! Ah must Jahfarie Pressure pay fi do har fake ass true seh she suck him hood! What ah nasty bitch she is! She an har whole circle need make ova them ugly yah f**k

  5. Too much batty alert! You no see even nicky batty nuh look suh big again girls you can do fake ass but mek it look natrual, look how Kerry and Yankee Michelle spoil them self nah lie me did like how dem did look before the surgery especially Michelle but look at her now smfh! Only sandy buckas me see do her batty an it kinda look natrual.

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