12 thoughts on “SHADE

  1. A who this? Thickaz or her sister? Those sisters could pass for twins, (if it’s thick as) she’s a trying fashionista but this was a fail. Great nail tech though

  2. Went to MAC the other day to get a new shade for fall/winter. I asked her how come it matches me in natural light but in photos it’s brighter, she dead said that the spf in the foundation causes the flash to reflect of my foundation. I was floored cause that explanation seemed so obvious to me once she said that. That’s the case with this pic and she looks well good if u ask me!

  3. I like them both always love their sense of style. They both seem mad cool. But mi wah know why them and Nicole stop sharing store after they had the falling out with Natz of Natzroyale weh think her shit can make patty.

  4. Ladies plzzz stop with this helmet head cropover hairdo plzz! What’s the point of getting all dolled up if u gonna cover three quarters of ur face?? Gosh mi hate this hairstyle so till!!

  5. Tf happened to her hair?? She got the Lord Farquad Bob from Shrek I thought IG was making up stuff when I seen that meme lmaoo, hell naw to the naw naw naw she needs to mix her foundations or pick a darker setting and baking powder with no flash back. Face n chest supposed to be the same color even when your wearing makeup.The hair is the worst tho Htf can she see??!

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