Shaka you say you go there with gold spoon in your mouth to me you only go there with your shit up pu!!y because a from here you and batty man delroy f!!k and from you here we use to tell you say delroy a fish but true no man not looking your way and you want say you have a man with insecure self,stop call up me friend name you see she have her husband me friend go up there to make life you and family need to stop call up Tamika name yes she use to kotch in your mother house but she move out now and she doing good you and your family them is bunch of hypocrite.


  1. Met this is in Philly not Ny … Whatever happen to the story on Shakka last week, I cannot seem to find it at all ?…

    You fren Married fi get har paypas man?? Poor Camron no use to pumpum so him frighten.Is the lickel Army benefits she wah capitalize pan meck she run go married him doh?? Unh wait and see how this all plays out cause him family no play and dem soon fix the fakeness fi unuh.

    All a unuh way a run go married ina di last 2 month unuh only a send upp Red flag. look how long unuh deh yah and a now unuh wah run go married chu unuh hear she Chump ago get it poppin. I wish unuh all the luck. dyam fools.

  2. Sender a 2017, construct proper sentences before you go inna Met inbox star smh a wha dat yuh send in? Chuh star.

  3. Tameka we understand say u nuh really use to things yuh family live like dog a Jamaica an unu muma sell unu to man from a early age fi buy mackerel an rice fi feed unu enjoy di blessings an stop walk an chat bout ppl badmind yuh yuh not even get di green card yet an yuh a behave suh pray to God di bwoy an him family nuh find out how yuh bitter before yuh get ur papers stop draw attention to yuh self idiot gal unu love bawl out say unu happy but unu look sad why yuh hate shaka so much??? Cuz u married before her u feel she badmind yuh! Memba weh yah come from. Shaka mada floor was ur home suh all weh yah do member karma is real shaka an r family happy fi yuh cuz floor wasn’t a comfortable place for your child to sleep dem happy ur son is on a bed now

  4. Me hear say Tamika use to live with Shaka and Tamika did see some funny play with Shaka man and his man rasi so that’s why Shaka mad tamika run her mouth because the whole a we know delroy a big FISH

  5. Shaka and her family them like to look down on people never know say the girl would a married and move out

  6. Shaka dem can’t stop yo, a wa dem hate yo fa,tameka never like yo from Jamaica so y yo mek she come sleep out di floor, from Shaka start travel Tameka inna problem fi go foreign then she go f**k mark white fi him help har n him lef har,Shaka go weh n no go back a Jamaica n tameka falla n she know she nave no weh fi go, Tameka a this yo a yo pay back after them put yo up fi one year, Shaka no Inna married problem cause she carry har sand go sea, if she did inna married problem she would a come a foreign alone, but Tameka intention affi f**k f**k f**k till she find a man fi married, Tameka remember weh yo a come from n remember yo no mek it yet

  7. Tameka how much man yo ever take, a time fi yo married now cause yo pu##y soon done,unno a talk bout shaka babyfather n shaka child well arite while tameka baby father gone a foreign n not even a look pon you nor yo son lol unno don’t mek me dead please

  8. Tamika no f**k more than shittyup pu??y Shaka never bring sand delroy was up there a fu?k batty before Shaka go there

  9. Shaka it look like yo a mad them, who is tameka? why she no chill wid har so call husband before him lef har n mek she no get the papers. Shaka dem just deh pon yo name so, continue to ignore them cause she claim say yo shit up but yet still yo happy n a mad dem and Tameka have ring n she sad sender tell Tameka say me say fi go cuddle wid di man n start behave like a wife

  10. Shaka yo a mad di gal dem, a who name Tameka? Look like she just married, why she no go chill wid har ugly black man, girl yo need fi go relax wid yo husband before yo no get yo papers dem, it look like Tameka careless, Shaka dem claim say yo shit up n yet still Tameka have ring n unhappy, Weh ring ago dat neva inna it,big up Delroy they hating on you, SHAKA N DELROY AGO MAD UNO LOL. Shaka gwan keep it real yo mek dem di killi killi dem crazy lol Shaka tell dem marriage a di least cause yo can buy it

  11. Dwbcl tameika will do anything and f**k anyone for papers dwl respect the hustle yaa girl……a wonder if u likkle husband deh know how much man u f**k the likkle time u deh deh…..donna son inna d lot…him couldn’t help yuh?

  12. Sender you are a bitter girl
    Shakka must be killing you! Hope your life is in good consideration, “have some morals and stop hating on my friend shakka”. delusional sender you need to back the heck up.

  13. Dwbcl tameika will do anything and f**k her way to papers. A wonder if u likkle bwoy deh know d amount a man tameika f**k since she reach deh dwbcl wid donna son being apart of the lot. A wah mumma him couldn’t help yuh? Dwbcl

  14. Good think Shaka did dash away the belly for batty man delroy in 2009 because maybe it was a son and no one don’t want them son be battyman

    1. Tameka mek sure yo can breed fi yo husband cause yo might can’t have no more, a three time me follow yo go dash weh belly n yo sister follow yo di next time dem

  15. This is just plain stupid smh. Water house people and the crab in a barrel levity I’m telling u , thank God the day I leave there. But all I can tell you guys is that this don’t make sense and trying to bring down another won’t make you better because at the end of the day all of us coming from nothing and just out here trying to make it. Sender u wrong for this because u claim Tameika is your friend yet still u send her in to pink wall to the dogs. All u who hyping up shaka need to stop cause shaka wutlis and lazy from long time so low Tameika cause nothing is wrong with f**king your way to a better life as you people claims. From shaka in ja she been sitting down with man in her mother house she never work a day in her life and she dunce like bat and now she in philly with the same thing so I don’t see the hype there. Shaka go look a life cause none of you in your mother house straight and your mother getting old now so u need to start taking care of her all the years she been taking care of u, your child and man. Tameika if is f**k fi make your life better continue because u have a child to feed and them talkink and throwing shade when them f**king for nother, how long them some of them in foreign and no progress. Trust me you people or lame for this because yall just trying to stop the girl progress trying to set her up like yall did to flippa because how long now Tameika in philly and is now that she married she reach pink wall kmt a immigration you people a try set up on the girl. Shaka remember what your baby father do you so sitting and taking delroy shit dick don’t prove that you good or that in the end he’s going to be with u because clearly it’s man him love because him take care of rasi more than he does for you.from morning shaka and Tameika wasnt friends so I don’t know why she stayed at shaka mother house but them say when u want good your nose have to run and Tameika that was your only mistake so far but hold up your head and don’t look back. Tameika take my foolish advice and go to a different state cause your in philly with the same water house badmind people who didn’t like you and still hating you girl.shaka go exercise your hole and start f**k and see if you can get back some grip so u can trick a man to married u too cause delroy want papers himself dunce gal.

  16. 12:23am you sound stupid cause everybody go foreign fi run off, its quite clear them affi try married to stay there,well Tameka get the chance to married why she a put all this on pinkwall she must remember weh she a come from, Shaka choice is to stay at mother what that have to do wid yo?
    Tameka yo can’t style shaka, Shaka a yo idole, everything Shaka do yo falla yo married now that the only thing n yo throwing shades chill Tameka, when yo help yo mother yo can talk, everyday she bawl say she hungry n unno nah look pon har

  17. Good morning pinkwall,people them find out Shaka,shaka is very lazy but she holding down a job now at the Jamaican d’s resturant for about eight months because she live in her mother house and delroy not working so she ofto take off him you’ll don’t see stressmark all over Shaka,me sorry I’m not minding no man much less batty man the family a them lazy and Hypocritical and badmind

  18. Family a them shame because tamika was on their floor sleeping and the girl married and move out them don’t like see people better than them are move forward in life,why people stay so Congrats the girl Jesus Christ man

  19. @4:46 move yu rass and gweh who the f**k is u and shitty pussy shaka kmt. It a kill unu how Tameika married and move out so unu no have nothing more fi chat Her sey so unu mad unu never wan see di gal progress but if a di marriage a mad unu just wait on it cause unu have a next surprise coming. Shaka bleach out and burst up like she full a wring worm like dog and dunce no pussyclaath, how she fi be nobody idol kmft talk fi yu lowlife self bitch cause is u alone shaka amaze. Yu sound dumb no pussyclaath yes all a dem go farrin fi run off and better them life but where is shaka progress cause from she deh yard she live in har mother house with man and she come farrin wid the same thing so di f**k u a talk bout bitch. All shaka live for is clothes hair and shoes nothing more

  20. How them fi congrats tamika them own cousin dannette get married and them no happy for the girl love how donnette move

  21. Tamika ms red head a throw her words on you now

    Ms red head status this I am in tears, all the good in have done. Now u feel to slater me and my daughter. Penny a day, judgment is real.

    Ms red head you out of this Shaka need to stop let batty man delroy shit up her p???y and her heart too dirty from long time

  22. Di oowman have every right fi throw r words pon anybody who a slater her pickney a fi her belly pain ms evan yuh see dainty an tameka a 2 ppl yuh fi guh pon yuh knees an pray bout cuz dem ungrateful an bitter cuz all di good yuh do fi dem dem still slaughter yuh daughter an anything dem do ur daughter dem do u. Dainty stop write bout shaka an kayann an kelly u vex tru kayann kids high color an nice an tru owen want kelly all when she wukliss as yuh say but look at u wid 4 different baby fadas a pass judgement kmt tameka yuh have di money fi sen in fi yuh papas yet?? Why yuh nuh siddung wid yuh f**ky ducky self an stop talk bout badmind neva come see gal shaka been a live better than yuh from JA yuh never get a man fi own yuh yet member yuh live inna di worse yard a capture memba yuh muma still a beg a waterhouse at least shaka mada own houses fi she can get a good night rest!

  23. @talk truth this is not about Keyann,dainty,kelly, this topic is all about Shaka and tamika both of them was room mate

  24. Mi hear say this a come off a tamika invite Shaka to her wedding and Shaka call down here the day before say she not going. Because tamika just meet man and run go married and from tamika married the bad face start show from Shaka dainty and Kelly family them badmind

  25. Mumma red head you a big woman not because you help tamika you think she should suck up to badmind Shaka ways

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