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Someone sent me an article this morning that she had died and I had to contact Donna Hussey-White from the Observer immediately because I really couldn’t believe and still cannot! She confirmed that Shakera’s dad said she died last night. We need to set up a funding source that people who are in need in Jamaica can apply to and get help quickly, people it is impertinent to donate to causes because our people are in desperate need. Jamaicans who are in the medical profession abroad please try to donate some time to help Jamaicans who are sick and cannot get help. I am hurt and and in shock this morning.
KINGSTON, Jamaica – Shakera Facey who was last week positively diagnosed with having a rare cancer of the bone died last night at the Hope Institute shortly after 10:00 her father Vincent confirmed to OBSERVER ONLINE a short while ago.
Shakera whose plight was recently highlighted in the Observer received overwhelming support from readers as strenuous efforts were made in attempt to save her life.
Facey and her father Vincent, who hails from Redwood in Linstead, St Catherine received numerous phone calls from people showing an interest in assisting the teen to get back on her feet.
Vincent was distraught this morning when speaking to Observer reporter Donna Hussey-White saying he was unable to talk much as he was just going round and round trying to deal with the death of his daughter.


  1. Crying myself. This touch me to the core. God you know why. Please keep this young lady in your arms and her family in your grace

  2. I don’t know what to do with myself this morning. People in Jamaica really need our help , I have to get more serious about starting a charity there because I feel helpless sitting back . Thank you Donna Hussey-White may God bless you and your family.

    1. Food so expensive, people can’t afford to eat properly. People sick and can’t get medical treatment Lord help our people this young woman didn’t have to die it was not her time

    2. Metty, the best thing fe yuh duh this morning is tuh just draw back from everything and take ah are only human, only one person and there is but only so much that you can do at one time…you cannot beat yourself up over things you cannot control…take ah minute tuh yourself and read this:
      God grant me the serenity
      To accept the things I cannot change;
      Courage to change the things I can;
      And wisdom to know the difference.
      Living one day at a time;
      Enjoying one moment at a time;
      Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
      Taking, as He did, this sinful world
      As it is, not as I would have it;
      Trusting that He will make all things right
      If I surrender to His Will;
      That I may be reasonably happy in this life
      And supremely happy with Him
      Forever in the next.
      Amen. :peluk

      1. Yeppie if everyone was to draw back nothing would be done. Someone have to beat up demself n try to see what they can do. Even if its a dollar, if many Jamaicans would extend there hand the lives of the poor and needy would be much better. We must try hard to help more

        1. You are correct Metty, but you must also factor in that mental breakdown is not something tuh be taken lightly, and that is where one must take time out tuh re-group, breathe n’ relax…mi not saying yuh mus stop weh ya duh, but what I am saying is that you must not allow something of this serious ah nature tuh overwhelm you…it hurts yes Metty, but pull back fe ah minute just tuh compose yourself, make sure that you are alright and then move forward with executing ah better plan…Metty, it is ah very difficult ting fe feel as if you didn’t do enough tuh help ah person or there isn’t anything you can do tuh help someone in need, but if there is ah will, there is ah way…jus cool out fe ah minute, mek sure seh yuh arite an get back tuh business..dat’s all mi ah seh….

    3. Met sometimes I wonder and pander how to start a charity for the poor back home, but I don’t have the outlet to reach folks. You have one so use it as much as you can. I am so broken because I know what it’s like to be poor in jamaica. As much as some of us badmind each other, we are charitable when the call for action arise.

  3. I think the doctors at Medical Associate knew she wouldn’t make it as it has already spread throughout her body.
    In the last article they said they pull fluids fluids from around her lungs and she was transferred to the hope institute. People that are placed there hardly leave alive.
    condolence to the family

  4. RIP Shakera, I really wondered if she make it with a tumor that size. That tumor must have been feeding off her. It seemed to have spread to her lungs when they had to remove fluid, the doctor said then if she had waited one more day she would have died. I just thought it never sounded good from there
    Condolences to her loved ones esp her dad who as really by her side

  5. OMG this is so sad. My condolence goes out to her family. I wish I was able to help her & I think its a great idea to set up an organization to help the less fortunate back home

  6. My condolences, and heart goes out to this young girl and her family, may she now rest in the bosom of Abraham, Metty, please get the ball rolling for the charity, it’s time someone step up and start doing something worthy, I am very ready to join forces with you, just give me the heads up, too much of our people are dying because of no medical help, whatever I can do to contribute I am willing. Charity begins at home.

  7. Sorry to hear this bad news I was hoping she would get the help needed and full through, God needed a angel so he call her home. Ppl we need to do more to reach out to our ppl that is suffering and help dem. I dont have much to give but I have a lady that I pay for her medications every month cause thats all I can afford to do.ppl reach out to someone in need.

  8. Let us not forget that there are a lot of Jamaicans and Black Americans in the USA who have no Health Insurance and are denied access healthcare for life threatening illnesses. They end up in the Emergency room and in most cases, their illnesses have progressed to such a stage where nothing can be done. What I see a lot in Jamaica are many illnesses are going undiagnosed by these Doctors in Jamaica (FYI, there are many good doctors in Jamaica, but there are some very bad ones).
    This is not a Jamaican thing only. The bottom line is there wasn’t much that could be done for this girl once it became public. The Doctors she saw just didn’t do their job properly from day one.

    1. No matter how poor ur in America u can get health care. One may fall in a category, but u will get help. There are some good dr in ja but they only good enough for few Jcans. Why u think the politicians go abroad for health care?

  9. This girl did not have to die just yesterday I comment about her finally being sent to america for proper medical care. All because this family is poor couldn’t afford medical treatment. Sip baby girl

  10. @justice I work in healthcare n if your poor n can’t afford treatment you will be place on a sliding scale fee n get medical care so u are wrong on your info. Only ppl that wait till its too late is ppl that don’t like visit Dr regular n get tested

  11. What?!! Only God knows why, so sorry to hear. May her soul RIP. To be poor is a crime and even more so innah Jamdung. Was really hoping she would have pulled through. May her family find some peace as well.

  12. Rip young lady….the help came too late. Those who are in charge of providing Jamaicans with decent health care continue to fail the people. The healthcare system is in shambles….when the ass holes get sick they hop on a plane to medical care. Look at roger Clarke, went all the way to Miami for care but end up dead.

  13. RIP Shakeera. Her father look so loving like him did really care fi her. That is one good thing, at least. What is this life?

  14. Of course Met there should be a charity to assist ppl like this. So so sad. I mean we have the resources knowledge and technology, her life could’ve been spared. stories like these pierce mi to di core.

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