72 thoughts on “SHAMAR AND DI NEXT GIRL

  1. Met u need fi watamawk u video dem. A wen dem b8g ole tantibookus retrobate yah ago wake the f**k up?!! Shame an disgrace all day everyday

  2. Di gyal mash up Shamar eno. Shamar get 2 lick in yes but di girl nuh stay dung fi long …. as Shamar get a break fi lick har she tun over Shamar again. Smh. Mi hear dem a say “Trishy stop nuh”. So uno please come tell who is “Trishy”. Grown ass women acting like teenage ghetto rats. Smh. An di video lady a get bringle cause ppl ina har way eno. She say “move and mine yuh get lick too”. Smh.

    “Cita” soon sign in.

  3. The one in the full black was she throwing licks in the beginning or she was trying to part dem? Look how easy people could loose dem life and dem freedom. Sometimes you see some things and say you will never do it but when you in a situation you act different. I don’t know what could a get big grown gyal like me fi buss fight inna 2016 yah.

  4. Lawd what a STRESS, what could possibly cause dis yah bangarang. I hope is not over a man? Clothes tear off an batty out a door. It don’t look good.

  5. When you get your hair done and don’t have money to pay hairdresser she just wop you up lmao blond hair get beat up

  6. The sad part is these women have kids and these kids have to mix with others in the public school system. These women should be prevented from having children, period. Truly hood rats!

  7. Shamar walk and f**k ppl man too much never know dem did a ho hold you bout you a grab weapon and still get you ass beat if you did stab the girl you would of went to prison with the ass beating you got smh only one person try to part the fight

  8. I had to watch it twice shaman go home go eat some dumpling and yam the girl just a mop you with the floor suh smh love talk shit and can’t fight

  9. These women should be prevent from having kids??? Really for having a fight lmao you sound like someone that can’t have kids lol

  10. so the gorilla was pulling the kid and got shot rightfully i must add but these two are putting the patrons in harms way and they dent get shot…. these gorillas are funny i must add….

  11. @9:55 which decent woman would be out fighting like pitbulls worse if them have kids these woman all 30s up pushing 40 so yes i agree they should not have kids are u 1 of the hoodrats fighting ijs

  12. inna di ppl dem establishment? no sah, it nuh look gud wen sch girls fight, and it look worse wen a women who cudda have couple sch girls demselves a fight.

  13. That’s Trishy Sally sister she work in Herma and Shelly Ann shop on 218 as hairdresser . Trishy strong man she best shamar ass . I wonder if Sally and shamar ago war know since she fight her sister .

    1. F**k out suck pussy Herma that never look good and nuh like young gal suck hood bitch out Herma yuh day done yuh stay pretty bad bitch old bitch no young boy nuh want you hide and F**Ky F**Ky HERMA herpe bitch go suck yuh mother straight

  14. A she and ugky Sally sista a fight mi hear the gal string but Shamar put in nuff licks this fight is a tie

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    1. Sea creature ain’t built for the blogging business. She is nothing but an annoying parasite who is too damn thin skin and like to block people for no reason at all. That’s why I only endorse pink wall . JMG go hard without apology.

  16. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    I would have went to the back and full a buck of ice-cold water throw on them both and slide them out mi shop,I have no problem wiping up my mess ut look how them a tear up the ppl them shop. Mi seh just pure water mi wold throw too phuck’n disgusting man

    1. simplicity :peluk dem did water mixed with perm thrown on they asses damn disgrace! the tough on strong like she pick up light post with eaze dem too idle man

  17. Lawd it too early but , me loike it much :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak the video woman bad like gun shot :ngakak :ngakak :malu :malu

    1. Likkle sister….a Goliath dat to rass!

      This is what fights Fe look like, the ending was immaculate!

      We a warrior breed so age and pickney nave shit fi do wid self defense…if a dat a gwan 😀 😀

      Blondie headache tun up cause goliath held on for dear life and beat har…the kick out was frigging spectacular :bola

  18. I watch the clip a few times and I don’t think shamar lose. The fight was dead close. But y’all need to stop this foolishness unu too old fi a behave like this

  19. Shamar get a nice ass whooping :batabig Trishy kick Shamar and seh “cum out dis bloodclat :pertamax Trishy is the winner

  20. Shamar you get dust our the gal beat you and kick you out the shop you can’t fight all you know to do is whore you got more beating to get

    1. They need to go look fi the pickney in a government care. Trishhy you know that location?

      The fight was legit so nobody need to go fight the girl again.

  21. @True I agree with you the fight was mad close…. shamar held her own mi nah lie… even though a trish win the fight. THESE GROWN ASS WOMEN NEED TA (TO) STOP!

  22. shamar a white plains road beating stick.
    how much time for the year she get her ass beaten out their.
    kerryann is such a bitch, she and trashy sister a friend which is sally. why she never try to stop the fight or prevent it.
    trashy kicked shamar and her ass outside the store.
    great job trashy, keep up the good work.

  23. Phoenix exactly! This was some worldstar compilation type Shit! Now that was a good ass fight between two warriors lol. Did y’all hear those licks geez?!! :berduka I don’t know what they were fighting over but each of them were defending it. Shamar stood her own though! But Goliath was not playing no games. She all ah get stripped naked but yet still a fight! Really what kids or age got to do with this? I could be 70 yo I’m not taking no Shit from no one real talk. So if a war a war straight. At the same time peace, love, knowledge! :angel

  24. YES TRISH thats ur place of employment. dutty shamar need to come off a di road n go sit dung. every month she in a problem wid ppl. di surgery DEm get to her,she fi get how she cry like baby a jail and come back wid the carelessness. SHAMAR u need to go see daddy roy,weaklike rat. #PROPERBEATING.

  25. Who the bloodcaat up a top a say “go see daddy Roy” dwbprclllll unnu too bwaddd a grunge mi deh wid dah comment deh. Dem too cayliss. But Trish nuh trubbe ppl but trusty why u come back a cayliss NYC u never did deh a Florida. Last time mi all hear seh u did work a airport what happen

  26. But Trishy and Shamar were like best I’m wondering what happened between them to cause this.

  27. When I first watched the video didn’t get what the fight was about, I don’t know neither one of these woman but the gal dem call Trishy did defend it and stood real strong, none of the few licks she received from Shamar fade her… I hope the fight ended there we can also see that Trishy prevailed regardless of the holding and carrying on others were trying to do… The fight must of been about something real serious for these two grown woman to take each other on… I don’t say that they shouldn’t fight because they have kids, sometimes you must defend yourself at any age but to say that these two women just because they are up in age shouldn’t have children is crazy… Yes they should be ashamed of themselves behaving in that manner that is no example to show their kids but to say they shouldn’t have any is wrong… But all in all I think the girl they call Trishy won and we all know Shamar held her own for sure but it wasn’t good enough… :cool

  28. Suh why shamar nuh stop walk n gi trouble cause everbody mash ar up smh… Felicia nearly kill it, di tupac girl beat ar outta da same shop deh now trishy a kick out ar blootclaat giirrrrrl di immigration people dem nuh warn yuh fi dooo mek dem affi come scoop yuh up oooohhh boy….shamar try nuh badda wid di Newport right now yuh need sum panadol fi di tomp dem weh trishy lan inna yuh head top ohmaan migrain kill yuh now lol

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