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Observer Online has been reliably informed that veteran reggae artiste Bob Andy (Keith Anderson) was among a number of persons robbed of huge sums of money, in the upscale community of Mona in St Andrew, since last week.

Andy was reported to have been stabbed and robbed as he entered his car, after completing a deal with a music promoter in the area on Friday. He lost his money and a number of cellular phones in the process.

Reports are that Andy was stabbed when he tried to resist the robbers and eventually gave up the loot to them. His condition is not considered serious.

Following the robbery, the police issued a warning to people in the area to take extra precaution, in light of the number of robberies which have occurred there and in neighbouring communities, recently.

The police say that they have received numerous reports that a group of men travelling on motorcycles have been robbing and, in some cases, wounding unsuspecting persons in those areas.

Andy is known for a number of reggae hits, including “I’ve Got To Go Back Home”, “Fire Burning”, “Desperate Lover,” “Feeling Soul”, “Unchained,” and “Too Experienced”. He is a founding member of the Paragons singing group, and has written a number of hits for other leading reggae artistes including Marcia Griffiths and Ken Boothe, One of his biggest hits was a version of “Young, Gifted and Black, with Griffiths.

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  1. I bet any money in the world that the thieves who are going around robbing people in this upscale area, didn’t even know, or even care that it was Bob Andy. All that mattered was that they got what they wanted. Set a thieves dem!

  2. Why would they care who he is when they didn’t even care that he is a senior? Folks nuh hab no compassion fi di elderly.

  3. a di promoter set up dat how robbers know he would be there and have certain money pon him ppl use unnuh brain

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