2 Bronx women caught at Lord & Taylor using stolen credit card information
Sep. 9, 2013 |


Kourtney Thomas, 20 of East 230th St. in the Bronx, left, and Kevisha George, 18, of Olinville Ave. in the Bronx.
Kourtney Thomas, 20 of East 230th St. in the Bronx, left, and Kevisha George, 18, of Olinville Ave. in the Bronx.
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White Plains Road

EASTCHESTER — Agents with the U. S. Secret Service are working with town police to find 52 credit card owners who were victimized by two New York City women caught at Lord and Taylor trying to use them to purchase clothing.

Kourtney Thomas, 20, of East 230th St. and Kevisha George, 18, of Olinville Avenue, both in the Bronx, are charged with second-degree criminal possession of forged instruments, a felony.

The women were carrying gift cards that had been embedded with the stolen credit card information, Det. Sgt. Matt Kiernan said.

On Wednesday night Thomas tried to use two of the cards in the White Plains Road store to purchase Frye women’s boots worth $298.93. When the store ran the gift cards they were found to have credit card information on them.

The sale was stopped and store security detained her.

George was also stopped by security when she tried to purchase Ivanka Trump and Uggs women’s shoes with one of the fraudulent cards.

Store security found 19 cards on George. Thomas had 33 cards.

Eastchester police were called and later brought the Secret Service into the investigation.

Kiernan said the two agencies are trying to identify the people whose information was fraudulently obtained and put on the cards.


  1. When will these people learn…Everybody saw Fe who is only 22 and she got 20 years no parole for this cc fraud and everybody cried about its unfair but clearly they still willing to risk it…smfh. My freedom is priceless…not worth no bag or no shoes….damn shame.

        1. and it is so hard to get those things fixed because to how dem use di card dem it is hard fi differentiate fi dem usage than the actual cardholder’s usage

  2. I don’t wish jail time on noooo man or woman but Met… yuh tink dem business when dem a ruin ppl life? Wipe out ppl life savings.. tek pickney college fund etc?? I dont sorry fi dem 1 bit!! Frye and Uggs boots put yuh inna prison… was it worth it?? Absolutely not!!! Had they gotten away with the crime they would continue to destroy ppl’s credit. All we can do is pray that others see this as a lesson and QUIT!!!!

  3. MET me woulda glad if everyday me come pon ur site come see more mugshot of more of these dancehall ole naygahs. keep them coming.

    if unnu want deh a dance a moggle like unnu have jay z money go make real money and stap rob poor people or hardworking bank balance.

      1. imagine the ole jancro them a take people hard earned money go buy some hugly overpriced sintin made by the same racists fukkers who not even want sell to oprah.

        if them did deh a pathmark or royal palm a full a trolley it woulda still bad but at least yuh can say the a dead fi hungry and a look some food. but look pon the fukkery them a take people money waste pon.

  4. GOOD GOOD GOOD. Ruining someone’s credit one of the worst thing that can happen to someone in this day and age as far as making big purchases and sending kids to college. Because if your credit is not good you cannot get a loan to go to the college of your choice. The government should give them automatic 3 year sentence for 1st offenders. Dem is wicked and if dem young and a galong suh, can you imagine how much people credti dem wudda ruin by time dem get to 30!!! Lock dem up and dash whey di key. Apple you and the rest dem next.

  5. All me know seh dem thief and then nuh thief nothing weh necessary. A bear hair and name brand goods fi guh hype inna.

  6. Met the ‘gift card’ thing is a HUGE thing a NY. Anuh now dem a use gift card wid people credit card info pan it and get whey. But the law get savy now and ketch on to it. #JAIL even if a mi family lock dem up cause credit hard fi repair when it get ruin and it mess of people life. Di likkle gal dem have over 50 gift card, den a whey dem was gwine buy suh? I bet dem was gwine sell the tings dem.

    1. Fi dem scamming look like dem have “inside” connections cause it ah gwan fi ah while now and dem still ah cut an go tru…. But… every single dog have dem day.. anno fi dem time yet. If dem smart dem cum out before it get sticky pon dem

  7. Lock up dem bumboclaate. too teef. Dem tink it easy fi fix u credit whe smaddy ruin..Is one crime me know me nuh ave no pity fi dem and a credit caad scam..Dem fi get 15yrs a piece..

  8. They also have a method (inside job) where when someone return something, they give the person their credit back and they also swipe that same amount onto a gift card for themselves.

  9. those two are nothing but criminals. They wanna live high life. Champagne Taste with Popcorn money. Their parent never ask them where they got these high price stuff knowing they did not have jobs of their own to afford these items? Their parents know what was going non as well. They both need to be taught a lesson.

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