ST THOMAS, Jamaica:
The police have held a suspect in connection with the murder of an eight year-old girl in Top Hill, St Thomas this afternoon.

The child identified as Celena Edmon, a student of the Whitehall Primary School, was sent to a shop by her parent around 2 p.m but never returned home.

According to reports, the man who has been arrested was seen with the child an hour before her body was found around 3 p.m.

The child’s body was found topless with her hands bound behind her and her throat slashed three times.

0 thoughts on “SHAME UPON THE LAND!!

  1. How dem say hanging ah go reinstate? Ah wah ah tek dem so long? Jah kno star mi belly bottom bun mi. “No jail yu honor, just pop him rass neck !” Case close

  2. Good morning Met and Metters

    I’ve no words for such vile act against a child. Thank god they catch the monster! I thought parents would be more protective with their children due to the course of violence toward children in Jamaica. Jamaica is not the same as when I was grown up, because I remember going to the shops for my parent at a very young age without fair of being killed or rape. Parents need to wise up and be more careful with their children.

  3. Good Morning Met & Metters,
    I am speechless…… Is whey dat 8yo cudda do dem so?????!!!!
    My child is the same age as this baby, and I cant even begin to think what I would do if something like this should happen……

    ‘Throat slashed 3 times’!!!!!??? That’s wickedness in the highest degree


  4. Me naa ask me a tell unno sey the police dem at that station a beat out him nasty rass.. Me know that for a fact.. Seaforth police dem a sick him wid lick all because they can’t kill him.. That’s is so heartless I got the call about it but I was in shock I don’t know the little girl but I know her mom.. That’s is so heartless tho..

  5. That is a wicked act!!! Slashing her throat means di likkle girl know that dutty johncrow!!! My heart goes out to the parents…..ah hope dem fix im a prison.

  6. Dem fe done him claat. A bumbo owl like dis beast only contribute to de moral rot and decay of our country. May God strengthen dis little girl”s family and friends, and everyone else at this time, as we bear the pain of her loss.

  7. This is so Wicked my God imagine the woman carry her baby for 9 months for this to happen.That sick motherphucker deserve to be hanged in the square infront a crowd.

  8. I think they should bring back hanging in cases like these with pedophiles and people who commite savage brutal murders those wicked people deserve the same wicked fate!

  9. Assuming they have the correct person in custody. Whatever he gets is more than deserved, This news made my heart ache…. poor little girl

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