13 thoughts on “SHAMEFREE

  1. Leave the gal alone uno dutty bitches kn a soh man stay wen ooman dun wid dem dem bring up back story plus wah if she catch sinting FROM U A TECK COCK ANYTHING LIABLE FI HAPPEN LEFT D GAL

  2. Nuff a uno ole bit$#@^^a behave like uno.puzzzy holy and clean nuff a uno have sum tings dacta affi meck up name fi it it can not be analize by medical ppl soh now uno wah cum behave like uno front a saint nuff a dem whoring man yah fi get sum dutty puzzzy

  3. She said he knew from the jump, what her status was. He only exposing her after she evict him. He made a conscious decision to sleep with her, knowing her status. Now acting like a wounded bitch.

  4. So wait she told him BEFORE but that homeless desperate wutliss cutliss was still down 2 hit that.Now he salty cuz she put him out after 4months mooching off her shyt.

    Naaa no uh my jigga i’m on team herpes chick side I swear,that yute Double wrong cuz he Done put her on blast too smh.

  5. herpes out deh nuff nuff people don’t even know that them have it, how did after 3 months she decide to tell him her medical status outa love a that it name love, that when people tell you use protection a you choose to no use it, when u tell them u sick even diabetes man lef a woman, and when dem sick we women stay with them they bring in aids as did a popular stone poller pon him wife she still alive, one female from ghetto man gi her aids she had to bathe him and lick him with the rag,

  6. rasss that mean people cant throw out people for them have dem secret after 3 months of love u hear man change women every 3 months think him would stay… but a u fling him out obviously him violate the ting, him nuss sleep with other people so… its case of we are a family always, not to mention miss aida

  7. I believe iesha, she didn’t buy it in the stores, if it was in stores no-one would buy it. it was giving to her freely as well .She found out and he was right there telling her it’s going to be ok..who to tell he could of came in the relationship with it. That shit is like a kite. But Until she put his azzz on the curb. Now he want to make her look bad..herpes common like the grains of sand on the beach.. Iesha people living with hiv and uplift their lives. Don’t let his ignorance get you down. Take your meds if your on any cause that is optional?? And practice safe sex from now on..herpes,I don’t think I’ve ever heard it killing anyone..

  8. Now mzzzz iesha your immune system is really weak can easily catch any and everything now so..stay protecting yourself..It’s your against the who host of diseases out there. Build up your immune system and stay protected..that your life mission now hunni.n

  9. News flash, 3 in 5 people have herpes, sad but it’s true, people have it and don’t even know they have it. You can even get simplex 1 or something like that from you are a Baby, because someone who has it can kiss you on the lips. Hopefully they will find a cure for it sooner than later.

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