Good day MET !

Seems like she migrate or (Edited) …. recently seen her out & about here in NY. She looking good though, her “SPONSOR” glowed her up.. hopefully she get papers & do something with herself.

8 thoughts on “SHAMILEE MIGRATE?

  1. Goodie move from “blem in portmore” category to “dancehall celebrities New York” who would have thought lmao

  2. Kmrct a di gal dis whey dem eva dash ova yah fi teef????? gal yuh betta plan fi own yuh owna business cause teef inna farrin especially wid record get f**k mi luv…..poor ting nobody neva tell har.

  3. Better she did stay a Blem in Portmore.
    The New York people wah come on this site is one of the most mix up nasty uneducated worthless disgusting stomach churning mess. All they do is scam and steal name brands and still don’t have nothing in the people dem country. And yes, pug face Aneka and nuff more Jamaican girls dress better than Apple and Robbas EVERYDAY.

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