Crime is everywhere – Shane O fearful of becoming a victim

STAR of the Month Shane O believes Jamaica’s most pressing problem is crime, and although he is a popular entertainer, he admits that he, too, is fearful of becoming a victim.

“One bag a violence, and people a dead, dead. If me did have the power fi stop everything, me woulda dweet, but me can’t dweet. People just a drop so like nothing,” he told THE STAR during a recent interview.

He told THE STAR that he is also fearful for his life while he tries to make an honest bread.

“Me even fraid pan di road, bredda,” he said.

Shane O told our news team that with all the murders and shootings that are taking place, it is only natural for him to be fearful.

The Tek It Tell Me singer also drew reference to the murder of Simone Campbell-Collymore, who was killed, along with her taxi driver, while entering her upper St Andrew home on January 2.

“That (crime) can reach anybody, enuh, mi general. If yuh watch the video with the lady weh drop out of her car, the bike boy dem pull the door and kill her. It’s like she was pressing the alarm for her gate to open. So mi jus a try show yuh, look how far and a nice place she live,” he said.

On the other hand, he said that people who live in the inner-city areas stand a better chance of not being targeted and trailed.

“Better yuh live inna the ghetto sometime cause the bike boy dem nah ride come in deh. Dem fraid fi come in deh. Uptown nice and pretty, and dem see it and say, ‘Wow’.”

When he was told by a member of his management that people in the ghetto are dying, too, Shane O offered some clarity on the matter.

“Yes, but that a if yuh and di man dem inna the garrison or whosoever catch up. But man outta road nah drive come inna yuh community come try that,” he said.

So based on his fears, Shane O told THE STAR that he has strategies to safeguard himself against being followed.

“Me live whole heap of place. Dem can’t study me. If me come ya so tonight, when yuh nuh see me, is a next place me deh,” he said.


  1. Fear???? youth, neva you fear death… Matta fact tek out fear period. Tink dah youth yah did hab sense… Yuh a talk bout crime an ghetto why bring up dat murder outta di di how much oda ones.. sinting nuh right yasso.

  2. It’s not well said, but I get what he’s saying. The reason the statements seem off is because, as he said, he’s so fearful, which is natural.

    But Shane O needs to know:
    1) There is no safety in the ghetto. It’s not just a “catch up” situation that can get you killed there by people who you grow up. Nothing is as simple as that in the ghetto & everything is as simple as that in the ghetto – that’s how complicated the ghetto is.

    2) Whether we know it about ourselves or not, we all have habits that can be studied and used against us. So yes, he can be studied, quite easily I suspect.

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