1. Is that ‘ish photoChopped. OK, I gave up on his teefus because he wanna make that bread to feed his Wife and fambily but why he kaint get a simple manicure, coming out of the Gully don’t just mean moving out of your area. Shauna I know you read over herrrr, whats the business with your Mr., care the man maaaine!

  2. noooooooooooooooo whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy met ? I wha know if she really go down town on him ! dem lips she gots !

  3. Lack of common sense and pure bad mind. Obviously he lacked good nutrition for over a decade, so his fingers will face discoloration from lack of good nutrients. Also his past drug use would have discolored his fingernails
    . Gully bop has the money now to slowly get his health together, get nutrients and take supplements and I am glad. Cuz if was for some bad mind people he woulda dead long long time.
    Big up man like Gully bop who know real ness and can still pull in a beauty like Shauna Chin. Too much man love de self too much them can’t f**k gyal or make dem fall in love with dem.
    While we busy watching flaws sender, d people living dem life.
    He cock didn’t use for years, sure shauna getting something pure, better than d dancehall battyman batty wash man dem

    1. How much money does gully bop has? Unno always a talk bout “him have money now” like him a pull in thousand up on thousand (us) per show. Jcan $ doe go too far.

    2. You can say what ever. Until he gets his nutrition together those fingers couldn’t even touch my finger tip worst my ………… Anybody who is not Bartimious can see that something is not straight btw these 2. There is no way to justify why a young able bodied woman who doesn’t have any obvious mental problems or physical would pick him up in his current state. Not to mention that 6 weeks ago mist of jamaica didn’t even know who he was. Ok let’s say 2 months. But still, you would have to be a fool to think its love, in his best interest and not just looking for a fond up wanting dome attention and some other more colourful things I won’t say. Those fingers, the mash mouth, the obvious lack of averts in kind of intelligence, the lack of real money etc……come on, even u now the ‘relationship is ‘ bull$hit

  4. Why are people so obsessed bout d man sex life with him girl?
    Most people that worry don’t gave a relationship to make dem smile in d day or night.
    What burning all d man in ja is dat gully pull in shauna with hardly any millions and fakeness. Is he reality, heart humor wah draw her. Bun dem.
    Live yuh life girl. U look great in dat video dey. U build d man. So u have all right to share he food.

  5. as far as mi see n hear gully bop still nuh come round 100 mentally he is still slightly disturbed,as for Shauna she is a wierdo

  6. ppl as for shauna, dont judge di book by the cover, philly ppl uno talk up di tings dem, shauna was like a cellular phone bk inna di days, [hand to hand] so mi nuh kno y she a play a different character now, dem fi know dem roots

  7. Well I don’t care how much man Shauna f**ked. I am not her hole. My point is for now she find stability and a little happiness and night rest with gully bop.
    He nuh rich, but dem very comfortable. Leave dem

  8. Come on guys give Shauna a break wid har ugly man. For the first time Shauna can say ah she own the man
    Gully Bop coulda neva nyam my pum pum until him put een the new teeth :lapar

  9. finger mi baby! finger mi !owwwhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh …nice make me cum! make me cum with ur tamarind looking fingers………….her belly strong .

  10. anyway, a joke mi a mek. bop an chin a grow pon me. they actually make a cute couple if its really real. more power to them

  11. Folks need to stop. I don’t even want such thoughts going through mi head much less fi know di ansa..laaks

  12. With gully bop”s very very long cock I am sure he don’t need to use his fingers okay.
    Only to massage her pussy before he puts it in. LOWE d people dem life.
    Who watchin d man fingers and not studying to please dem woman will get more more bun

  13. i dont care what he been thru or where he been or going not even if a the last man pon earth could he touch me

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