1. Shauna sweedy, Gully Bop nuh eena di same category as Ninja Man nor Bounty Killa..dem man deh iina di business from long long time; dem ah veteran artists, and they have earned the love and respect of many many people, so let’s first clarify that…Gully Bop shoulda een give thanks seh alla unu arite *di lady included* and any details weh needed fe work out should have been done via ya’lls insurance companies..that comment Gully Bop mek bout di lady Honda was belittling and very disrespectful ca dat deh sed crash Honda aguh still deh bout long afta rusty bones Gully Bop fade weh an gone…

  2. You are just a parasite and a damager not a manager. If Gully Bop dont humble himself he will end up broke back in the gully and you will leave him when the money gone.

  3. Mi nuh si nuh talent inna bop suh therefore mi nuh listen him, but mi truly nuh tink him hype him a jus wan a dem neighborhood clown deh weh jovial an teck everything fi joke…..every garrison have a bop loll

  4. cc who cares wah yuh si, keep it moving mek wi enjoy wah wi like … no talent mash up sting …. guh tek a x lax

  5. Luw di bop. Him if him go back inna gully tomorrow him outlive majority a who a talk future already ina him 5mins wa him get. Gully eva a chat shit all when him hungry So avoid di man.

  6. So Chin based on this video, you admit say a you wrong. “We deh pin di main road and a she come out (I’m assuming from a side street) and stop ina di road and hold har head an a scream an MEK WE run ina har. Smh. Chin, if you were going at a moderate speed with great working brakes, you would have been able to stop. Cause obviously yuh see har before yuh run ina har. So guess what??? A you wrong. Right from the horse’s mouth. A hope di woman bring dis video to her insurance company, since yuh love di attention. And please put down the phone when driving.

  7. Mamacita chin n bop isnt wrong if they are on the main they have the right of way.. as a person who did motor insurance i know that for a fact.. its just how bop dissed the ooman car me nuh like.. but in regards to road rules the lady is in d wrong.. she

  8. Chin mek mi tell you something Bop is not your key to riches as you may think he is going to be. He can entertain a crowd at Sting granted, but he will not be a successful recording artist that will be able to sell music globally. He is a clash artist ONLY !!!!!

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