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Storm in a teacup – #KartelMurderTrial
Posted on February 5, 2014 by emilycrooks

DSP Vernal Thompson – examination in chief continues. Lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor marshals the evidence.


About 5pm the same evening October 25, 2011, after making arrangements, Shawn Campbell was escorted to my office by attorney then, Michael Deans.

(DSP Thompson now identifies Shawn Campbell otherwise called Shawn Storm who stands in the dock).

I cautioned him. I told the accused, I am investigating the murder of Clive Lloyd Williams (Lizard) and wished to ask some questions and he never responded. I showed him a ruled clean sheet of foolscap paper, I caused the word ‘Caution’ to be written and asked him to sign his name.

Detective Inspector Reynolds and woman Constable Heidi Parks were there. A total of 67 questions were asked and he never responded to any on the instructions of his attorney. At a particular question I asked if he chartered a taxi to 7 Swallowfied Ave with the deceased and the main prosecution witness for them to answer question re missing guns and he never responded.

The questions were read back to the accused and he signed his name at appropriate points.

After the interview session and his attorney left he was being escorted back to the cell where he called me by beckoning. I approached him closer and he told me that he wants to speak to me in private in the morning.

(Great anticipation in the courtroom now for what Storm intends to say to DSP Thompson)

Oct 26, 2011 at about 9AM, I took Shawn Campbell from the cell to my office in private and I cautioned him and asked him what he wanted to speak to me about and he said
‘ Boss a piece a sponge me did a beg you fi sleep pon inna di cell’

I then formed an opinion and caused him to return to his cell. I then made arrangement for identification parade to be held for Shawn Campbell.

On 1 November, 2011 based on investigation and as a result of the identification parade and advice from the DPP,I informed the accused Shawn Campbell and Kahira Jones of murder and disposal of body of Clive Lloyd Williams oc Lizard. I cautioned them separately and they made no statement.

On 9th November, 2011 some time during the day, I was informed that the accused, Andre St. John was taken into custody at Constant Spring police lock up from Portmore police lock up. I made arrangements for an interview with Andre St. John.

Storm in a teacup – #KartelMurderTrial


    1. yow u nuh si a style …..him a request it from the police fi build a relationship when him get di sponge a so him woulda inform……because him coulda ask him lawyer fi get di sponge…..him tink him slick

  1. Not ah sponge, ah contemplate him did ah contemplate fi talk to de police bout de murder an see him way out, but change him mind inna de mawnin!!

    1. a weh reach lizard him nuh waan reach him cuz him knw him dadi still hab two hot head link a road a wait fi naam dem food…bout him a beg sponge wen him knw de cell him in was up tuh entertainer standard

    2. mi not even did si di comment ……him wah get comfortable wid di man…….u know seh maybe him all inform but di police haffi still protect him identity

    3. Obra pon point! also factor in the attempt to corrupt. One likkle piece a sponge given and him think him and the officer a “buddy, buddy”, Wretch know de drill,,,officer and jailer a two different job status…lololol

      Me sure lizard de sey DO, NU KILL ME SHAWN, HELP ME!

  2. All a dem nuh have nothing fi say. Shawn you is a wicked boy. Right now me blood boil fi u more than it boil fi dat bleach out wicked boy because you lead Lizard and Wee who is u woman’s brother, your child’s uncle fi go meet dem death. Dem fi fuxx out unuh stinking hole inna prison fi d rest of unuh miserable lives. Death too good fi unuh.

    1. Him child. Uncle? Him very wicked a same way so him woulda lead his child mother to her death. If a me like him babymotheR. A wouldnt even look in a prison on him.. how him ferl when him look at his child and he child mother.. him is very heartless

      1. Yea a him child uncle
        Dats y him did a try style the txt dem to him baby mother bout how much fi deal wid the thing dem fi lizzy bout him a refer to a child lie

      2. Yes, the witness Wee is Shawn’s brother in law. Shawn deh with him sister and have a child with her. Wee is the one weh run. Luckily him did get away

  3. Mek we gawn watch dis ting yah caws at my guess, Shawn ah de weakest link!!..ah better him tawk yah now and try cut some deal, like how him did waan confess to de soup from early!!

  4. Yes Met mi feel him did ago talk di truth but maybe sombody see him a talk to the police one a way and go carry news and dem threaten him

      1. The prosecution will call their FINAL witnes to the stand tomorrow. The trial is finally coming to an end……. time for the jury decide the fate of kartel and co.

  5. Block mi now, cause I’m not one of your puppets. Phuck u want everybody being a YES gal to u. Damn retards

    1. ****************Pardon mi people******************
      Di only yes gyal mi want a mi big underneath, a it alone mi want and need fi sey yes when mi se ray. Mi sure yuh a nuh mi underneath so what would I want you to say yes to me for? Why u nuh go dig a hole pan horizon and jump dung ina kartel cockey hole u mus reach him scrotum

      1. Kartel news drop and unno run a come like se people fi fraid a unno ..a wonder who uno is? Mi deh pan jury fi bring back verdict noisey batteyhole gyal.

        1. BOOM BOOM Ace gwaan go lay dung wit u man inns him cell no how Met fi go bright so fi want u fi b her yes gal when u sole purpose fi di word yes a when Kartel tell fi open u rass pit toilet mout FOH dumb ass

        2. GOd know these are the cases where you want the verdict rule in favor and the sentence pronounce is death!

          Me would a pay fi see kartel tongue a long out a him head and him gal dem wid dem mouth a catch shit when him a swing pon de end of a rass rope. De man dem can go tek dem las suckings and drink piss…

          1. Dem shudda have hanging and hang left right and center..Shawn Storm whey carry di man to him death shud be first in line. Kartel nah shit so dem nah eat and a me dem waa come stop wid. Mi nuh have di capacity fi nyam shit but dem can go mek demself available to him shit pail dung a horizon.

      2. Same so! Met yu tell me nu fi sey certain things cause de universe have a way of responding….BUT trust me subhumans like kartel pit toilet above mek me wish fi see dem inna one setting a bun up….den them can go a hell go finish rass roast. pit toilet a call people retards….better to be retarded dan a phucking shit receptacle. YES BITCH…RIGHT HERE.

        1. No man dem will get u dat way fi real because if u TRY deal wid dem like human being dem try hice dem ass and shit pan u..and human nice hice ass fi shit only sub-humans and animals..dem fi go drop ina di same ting whey lizard drop ina ..di world dont need dem

          1. If they cannot empathize with a fellow human being whey dem a do pan earth yah same way? dem a waste n garbage need disposing of

  6. all tears a run dung mi jaw yuh knw mi sey a piecea laff’n tuk oba dah body yah…..a mek unno bada de admin man luk how she here a guh chue nd unno guh draw out de lady dats she haffi lap har skirt and bounce nd brawl pon yuh mama…cum on man yuh caan duh tuh tuh ppl wi nuh chubble unno enuh….:ngakak :ngakak

        1. and u know a mus two bwaay dem because a bay bwoy to him ting_______________________________________ when u si di heshe dem a dance to music who fah song dem u hear more ?? nuh badda ansa :tkp

  7. yuh knw dem real dutty laugh weh yuh all whole yuh back and ben back den ben fwd fi up from yuh toe nail..a pure a dat a gwaan inna de nite yah no sah..luk how yah hold it how long until nung dis sweet mi bad mi did need it a tonx yuh much for it….Ace nice man

  8. Gwey dutty Met weh Kartel bow out and nuh memba. Das y u bloodclawt mad. Go suck ya mada big hole gal… Cum a jump pon Di bwoy dem like dem kill u ugly muma.. U tink a Ace dis weh u can frighten… Have several seats bitch..

    1. is like yuh man feget fe spoon feed yuh de unwanted phucks yuh nah get lately mek yuh get up dis mawnin mouth draining horny fe Met pus-c tideh yah, wen she av de several seats a hope yuh get yuh many lay downs..sick bloodclaat stomach nung

        1. yuh knw a tek a Vanessa ..she betta guh glad wrap har pus-c inna full white nd drain out kartel wondering spirit weh a torment har condemn pus-c inna de day yah.

          1. she shudda mek kartel light it like how him did light har foot dem naily set har likkle rass ablaze

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