0 thoughts on “SHAWNA , QUESTION

  1. Shawna a wha dat yuh wear go daffy party. That nuh look good, the way u hype tht piece a curtain n longtime shoes shouldn’t repeat. That boot is how old know mums. Leave that to people whe humble fi repeat dem things deh. That dnt look good yuh drop off, yuh flap go hold a seat. Things really bad fi yuh r Goldie stop send u her things r wha

  2. The hate is real. People always saying this girl shape bad maybe because I don’t mix with them why I never see it & whats wrong with her wearing or repeating old time style shoes its still hers. the outfit a wah mi see dem a wear nowadays so whats the biggie I don’t get it whether she pop down or not she still look good low standards for her or not ijs

  3. Why does the hip look so deformed? The dress no look good either even the split no look good like it never make for her body type

  4. I can’t believe she got 139 likes .IG people are such a bunch a hypocrites and a some a dem same one here finding faults smh

  5. Ok…… so sender….. you give thanks yesterday…. and this morning you send in this young lady pic……Praying sah the dutty people them… go done her….. you sad nah B.C….. leave the woman ALONE….. in my opinion. …. she stay good…I don’t even know this lady…but she always stands out….. ah nah now…ah from Harlem black theater days….. My girl… the HATE is real….. … ah vex you vex sah the gal white like snow….. and you probably ah bleach and nah reach…. and ah next thing….. shape is not all….. my girl KEEP doing you…..nah watch no face…. God is the only JUDGE….Look how the police ah kill off our black brothers and sister’s and you have time fi ah send in people pic….. low life parasite. Come bit bit up the gal underneath

  6. some ah unno nah have no rass sense, this is 2014 most of the new phones have airbrush on the cameras and there’s a lot of airbrush apps, the pic looks airbrushed…smdh

  7. Of course the pic filtered go look pon the picture website at daffy party and see how disgusting she look she look ill shaped like! It look like go do har batty and dem mek mistake n jook har inna har thighs instead. Dem deh thigh look deformed!
    Filter queen shawna we don’t belive you f outta here!

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