I saw a title in the Observer and had to click off because I couldn’t read anything else seeing her photo there etc. She didn’t bow out, she put up a fight..we prayed fasted we tried everything ….She accepted God’s reprimand gracefully and fought on. The body failed the spirit this time but God is in control, there is a mightier job for her in the spirit realm. One that she couldn’t fight in the body.
Thank you all for the emails and messages they mean a lot. I honestly can’t say I am in a better place today because I am not but I will get there. Thank you

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  1. It is well with her soul, Metti stay prayerful. We will never understand God plan, but accept his will we must. Praying for you mi friend, that each day the pain of the loss will diminish. :kiss

  2. Time heals all wounds! My sympathy goes out to you and the families of Toya, God sees and he knows, I pray that your spirit will be uplift today from that place of despair. Met she is in peace, her soul is at rest. The battle is now in the hands of the Most High God. We feel your pain mumz, cheer up my sister, God has the last say in all this. :angel

  3. GM ALL, Met I send my condolences to U & ur friend’s family. May GOD watch over her child. I pray that u find comfort & healing. Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mother’s.

  4. MET RUN TRUE BLESSINGS NUH MAN!!!! You a life video as well!!! And one man woman!!! Nice songs and beautiful videos you a life video and song was very threatening Met mi memba u did post it on here song bad and video shot i remember wen she came out mi seh yes D Angel have competition mi always a look out fi toya cuz outa most a dem a she have dat look(ja Rihanna)

  5. Nooo ada ja female artist video looks like toya videos she was very creative with a mind of her own!! Sagitarian SIP

  6. Hi . Met :peluk we are praying for u and her family in . This time of sorrow :angel :angel stay prayed up God will comfort u darling , toya may your soul rest in perfect peace gone too soon but the lord knows best

  7. GM so sorry for your loss, RIP to your friend. I am praying for you and her family, so sad so close to Mother’s day.

  8. Mi most sincere condolences Metty. Personnally & professionally as an artiste Toya was a great individual. Her memory will always lives on. May God grant u & her family strength comfort and peace. Sleep in peace Toya

  9. I really am so sorry that you lost such a dear friend Met, never knew her, but she was a beautiful young lady and must have had a beautiful heart for you and her to be friends. Condolences again,may you and her family find peace in the fact that she really is in a better place, a place where she suffers no more. May God guide and bless her son always:)

  10. Metty, you feel little better today I hope? I just saw the headline you referred to and got the image it was conveying.

    It’s something regal in show biz. You may tear up (which is good for your grieving process) but picture her with her most blinging dress on, a tiara on her head, an armful of beautiful flowers, on stage taking a regal bow to her audience while the theater lights go dim…that should be the meaning behind that phrase. Picture that and smile :kiss

  11. Afternoon met
    I can really si seh toya untimely passing really
    Cut yuh deep
    Hopefully yuh an har family
    An freinds can find some peace

    Death is never easy an only
    Time heals all wounds an
    I really sorry fe what happen
    To toya an i dont beleive dis
    Was ah hand of god

    Only him no de truth celebratate her life de beautiful person she was

    Her music her existence never
    Let dat die its her legacy an thru dat an her son toya will
    Always live on

    Manners an respect met
    God up

  12. She did sing a song giving God thanks can you post that video when you feel better, please.

  13. I’m so not good when it comes to death…..time will tell, within life’s explination you will see and understand, nothing beats the power of prayer Met darling I’m sorry for ur lost. She’s in a better place in gods holy Grace.

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