1. Oh Good LORD!!!How can I not be sorry for you sweet lady!Ppl unno pray for her daughter plz. This is waaay too Deeep the guzum that ur babyfather johncrow dem a work.May GOD guide n protect u.

  2. Puppa Jesus!!mi just watch part2!!and and and and..and.and….sighhhhh and, and and and,,FIX IT dear LORD cuz this is beyond human comprehension and our realm!

  3. I don’t believe in Obeah but I sympathize with the young lady because she definitely believes in the possibility of this darkness.
    Prayers for her to maintain strength through her trying times.

    Lord, I come before you today knowing that all power is in Your hand. I know that you are the Lord and that you care for your people. Right now, this young woman is struggling with a difficult trial. I can see her strength is faltering, Lord, and know that you have all of the strength that she needs.

    I pray that you will reach down and touch her right now wherever she is at this moment. Let your presence fill the room where she is and let her feel an extra portion of your strength that can help her to get through this day.

    She needs you now, Lord, and I thank you in advance for meeting her where she is and shoring up her strength during this difficult time.


    1. I waa start but dont know where to begin. Demons need a port of entry and they entered through her. U cant a call God then a contradict …u haffi seh faith and put the faith into action. Mi head a spin mi cant even get out whey mi waa seh good

      1. Old time christians always tell you that if you believe in god then you can’t believe in obeah too. Obeah (in theory) can only hurt you if you believe it can. I can’t judge this woman and i sympathize with her because I definitely believe that evil has a way of slipping in through your weaknesses. None of us are perfect and we all have weaknesses (children often being a major soft point)so even though she is a believer she still has fear

    1. Needleeye dearest I figure you’re a Jamaican so u must know our most famous saying ever. “We haffi tek baf tings mek joke” this is no joking matter though Ms.ukku bit eye I swear!! Yuh no hear Met sey she doan no where to start!!this lady is all over the place though!

  4. My heart is so heavy because I am in a similar situation, I understand what you are going through darling but do not give up continue the fight with prayers. Every morning I would use MET scriptures as apart of my devotion, God is real and he listens. Lord as I look to you everyday and beg for your continuous guidance and protection over me and mine, I ask that you extend it to this mother and her kids, Lord you know it all and you are capable of breaking and dismantle anything that is not of you..bless this mother with continuous faith and belief that she will not get weary and tired but to always look to you for help. To the pit of hell I send you lucipher, depart from this child’s home and body ! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Peace be with you all

    1. Amen Amen…we haffi put faith into works..When the demons try me the only thing that works for me is prayers and supplication ..and people must know that nuh expect as u pray u a go strong up..the devil a go test u same way fi mek u think u not healed so u haffi put faith into action and works

  5. She sey she doan know bout dem demon tings here so she need our prayers n help.Then she sey she know bout dem n is mussi 3demons cuz she grow up Inna church n her mother a spiritual warrior so she DONT need we help nor prayers!! Then no duppy can’t enter her house n she beat her chest very brave but outta her own mouth she sey di baby want fly off di inside steps n di baby a do sexual “stuff” that she no get from she!!

    This want more ppl so the regulars fi roll out and try mek sense of this all. Mi find the head but mi lost the tail so it difficult to make out head and tail outta all this sighhh!

    1. Her message sounded so contradicting because she is probably trying to be stronger than she really is. She knows what she believes and what she was taught but the bad things that she has been seeing and experiencing are probably weighing her down and wearing her out. While listening I was confused at times, but what I got most out of it is that she is frustrated and scared

  6. Only she knows what she’s dealing with. But when a mother sends out a prayer request for her child, we should pray up.

  7. Mi just finish watching the videos and boy mi blood a run cold. No weapon that form around your daughter shall prosper in the mighty name of Jesus. Satan go back to the pits of Hell where you belong, I pray for spiritual guidance, spiritual protection over this baby girl father God , I pray that you cover her under your blood I pray for divine intervention for her and her family father God please just wrap your arms around her lord, send your angels to encamp around her lord and and to keep the enemies out. Father God I pray for deliverance , I plea the blood of Jesus on you Satan and your evil doers you shall not touch the Lord’s annointing in jesus name I pray amen.

  8. Maybe because the nxt man bby mother put up post about her she make vedio so the same women u stay a devil and the man bby mother too ppl what fi she never written a post on her wall u would a never make vedio ppl I knw the girl in the vedio that my cuz and she and her mother a old wicked she f**k frm 1 2yrs old breed and dash it wah a ja them love ppl man too much I guss she take the wrong one

  9. Before you intercede for anyone in prayer you have to pray for your sins first and cover yourself or when you intercede what ever is bothering them can come an bother you.

    The Sons of Sceva

    13Now some also of the Jewish exorcists who went about, attempted to invoke over them that had evil spirits, the name of the Lord Jesus, saying:

    I conjure you by Jesus, whom Paul preacheth. 14And there were certain men, seven sons of Sceva, a Jew, a chief priest, that did this.

    15But the wicked spirit, answering, said to them: Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?

    16And the man in whom the wicked spirit was, leaping upon them, and mastering them both, prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

    19And not a few of them that practised magical arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all;

  10. Tears come a me eye cause these things do happen I went tru a similar situation. Wit my baby father and Him wicked babymother a so the bitch threathen me bout she a go to her African obeah man weh deh a Manhattan mi tell her fi gwan go so her best because me and my child cover under the blood of Jesus !!!!! See it deh my child is now 11 and quite alright … Lady if u reading … Don’t stop pray because God a God and He can’t fail !!!!

  11. You sound ridiculous and bitter you and your child have mental illness and need to seak a doctor. You knew this man had a family and tried your best to brake that and as a result you broke your self. Your sad and pathetic and putting your child out there like this shows she does need prayers because her mother is a idiot. This man didn’t want and you sit and stalk him and his family. You need help your fighting our own demons don’t have babies with a man that don’t want you. And you won’t find yourself in this sad situation homeless and fatherless sorry make better choices….you people feeding into her crazy ass!!! Yes pray for her sanity

    1. **seek

      Kim, sounds as if you know the sender personally because the in the video I watched, at no point did the woman indicate that she was still interested in the father of the child and she listed a few reasons why.
      Secondly, it’s very uncouth of you to detract from the woman’s plea for help by calling her names and pushing mental illness negativity on her child. Regardless if her claims are realistic or evensane by your perspective, the fact remains that she clearly believes her child to be in danger and she is trying different approaches to remedy the situation.
      We are all entitled to our opinions, it is after all an open forum, but for you to tell people not to “entertain” her by doing something as simple as offering up prayers, smh…. Good Night ma’am. May you never have a plight that requires emotional group support because you may come across something as harsh as yourself.

    1. Same thing mi ah think G….. Just like when yuh catch ah man and him deny….when yuh uncover them wickedness ah suh them try fi mek yuh look like your crazy…..

      Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

      12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  12. Hi Met boy da 1 ya sticky bad. Me no know dem but me really tink somen fishy – somen no sound right. Me a girl whe never ever go OBEAH MAN yet n my madda a good good prayer warrior n me no tink me would a talk like she sh etalk like smaddy whe go balm yaad me na lie me no waan judge n go judge wrong but firstly me no believ 1 second in a obeah – n how d hell after talking on the phone leads to the chold hurting herself?? Maybe the child need psychiatric help. The child is 2 check every possibilities not just demons young lady. If you r so wrapped up in your faith I dnt think u would make this video because me na lie d way how my faith tanup trong me no allow negative bullshit energy around me. MET me know evil spirit de me no naive but FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS PRAY N LEAVE IT TO GOD – Y call this young lady name?? Which Pastor would a tell smaddy say d lady a try harm d child?? I AM SORRY SOMEN NO SOUND RIGHT me have 4 kids n anybody whe try hurt dem me wi go to d moon and back fi dem but somen just no sound right MET..MET ME KNOW U GYAL WID OLE HEAP A FAITH BUT WATCH D VIDEO AGAIN

  13. Shi seh duppy cyaa come inna har house but b4 dat shi 3 duppy did in deh, shi seh shi nuh know nutn bout dem ting deh but her mom a spirit warrior….mi feel a way cuz kids involve but somn shaky bout it.

  14. all me know people wicked. some people love obeah them dont do nothing if obeah not in it….u have to stay pon bending knees….this one is hard.

  15. when i first watch this it gave me chills all over no lie,but i then went back and re-watch it.

    now i am not here to tea her down but whole heap a whole inna de story,i will say yes pray for her and her two kids.

    this part is what got me to go back and look into her eyes along side body language,she said she thought she would be dead before she and his babymother becomes friend and she said that right after calming he is a dog and manipulator she never knew of no one just the babymother… lotto is now his wife who gave him yet another child so why did she and the next babymother kick off why she did think she woulda haffi dead fuss to be friends with her but toya the wife a try kill her daughter but not the next babymother own knowing everybody a sibling and all…a wonder if unno a falla weh mi a free

    1. That she is a woman scorned and comes across as a manipulative conniving liar?????? She needs a therapist and her daughter needs a pediatrician ASAP.

  16. Careful what you entertain in your mind because you give it more power. Careful who you listen to about people claiming that there are spirits assigned to your child. Careful what your child sees on television and hears on the radio. It has become over sexualized especially in the US. Instead meditate on Ephesians6:10-18
    Psalm 23 Psalm 51

  17. Oh lord where to start with this young lady.First i will pray for your daughter for the angels of god to continue guide and protect her.And the other hand i think u as the mother need help because something is not right with u ,i think u put all this evil taught into your head so if the child cry u said its obeah .I think u should go back and listen to yourself on the video ,if u believe so strongly in god and your mother is a woman of god i dont think you should be thinking so deeply that your two yr old is living with spirits on her.You stated you are a jamaican and u know how to pray so why worry or fear when u know how to pray.Then u said u move on pass your baby father twice but do u really get over your baby father ,something is really wrong with this picture that you are trying to create maybe u is the one jealous of your babyfather relationship .If am wrong may god forgive me but sometimes there’s somethings people should just leave god out of .This young lady is mentally ill if your mom sees this video that u posted she should get u help before its too late.

    1. So true, she sounds verty unstable and people are feeding into this what if that girl did nothing to her.

  18. When unno ah carry belly whatever you do durning pregnancy the child will eventually end up doing it. With the child being sexual and putting large objects in her mouth, it was you who was stuffing large cocks down your esophagus, so lady think back to what you were doing when you were pregnant with your daughter. :travel

  19. I AM SHOCKED AT MY REACTION TO THIS………I am a very emotional person when it comes on to certain situations however…..I FEEL NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I am not shakened or stirred one bit. UNMOVED….I get this feeling that this is a very very very wicked woman and it dont help that she is the splitting image of Terri Icegang
    She revealed the other lady picture and name for what reason????? chupz..Everything she says she aint about….she about them!!!

    ..I will leave it right there….EVERYONE WATCH IT AGAIN AND LISTEN GOOD!!!!

    1. Marie? I am one of those females who has been there, ALMOST MAD over me Baby Fadda when he left me to be a single parent! It took me years to realized when He left it was GOD who took him out my life because he was NOT a good person, I watched the videos ONCE and in a split second I realized this Lady is having a mental break down, She is upset that the Man went back to His woman after getting pregnant for him, She said after the man she had TWO relationship! Not one enuh? But two and how old is her daughter? TWO, She is trying to get over him but take it from ME, It is NOT easy. I feel sorry for her though, Why? She took it to social media thinking this is going to make the man think HIS current woman is doing something to hurt her daughter and maybe leave her, LORD HELP HER. I don’t believe in OBEAH because I am a strong believer in GOD, She is very contradicting, I have also realized she will get the attention of people who mixed up in Obeah working to help her pray SMDH. There is more to be said but I will not get into it, SHE NEEDS HELP! She needs to do some soul searching, She said she has TWO kids and it seems she is a single mother to both and that in itself a MAD har. Me gone yah man because this is very sad. I as well is pretty much unmoved and for her to put the lady out there about she is using demons to hurt her daughter, This woman truly needs GOD intervention.

  20. I just wake up, and listened to the videos to the end, but I can’t make much sense of what she’s saying, based on what she said in the first video, in terms, of she and the woman is supposedly friends, it first appeared as if the man was the liar, then she made a 360 degree turn, and started to talk how evil Lotoya is, I don’t, and I can’t judge the situation, but I will still pray for her peace, she’s going through something, she is confused, as things like this, if you’re not strong will definitely make you look and sound insane, I have been there, continue to pray, and trust God with your entire being, he will show up when you lest expect him to, put your faith into action as Met says, if you believe God as you say, step aside, be still and know that he is God, your faith will cause God to act, it’s not about you, or your mother being a prayer warrior, it is your complete and utter trust in God, that will remove the mountains in the life of your daughter , remember that the enemy’s target is your mind, don’t allow him to manipulate your mind, anoint your daughter from her head to her toes with a new bottle of olive oil, make sure you consecrate it with prayer, pray for your forgiveness and the forgiveness of others, anoint your self also, get your sword “the bible” lay on top of the child, prostrate, read palms 23, 27, 34, 37,70 91, and 100 glorify God, sing some song of praise, believe God, and your daughter will be healed, stand in awe! And you will see that Danielle God surely will deliver. Leave it in the hands of God.

  21. I know these people personally and Dwayne did cheat on Latoya when she was living in another state he moved her back and pelar was well aware of this. He begged her to abort that child because he had a woman and a home that he didn’t want to ruin because of her. She refused and now she’s upset that he is happy and Latoya has reverently had his baby. This girl is a liar and fraud that girl comes from a loving family and doesn’t care about this crazy girl. She claims she don’t want him why is she balling why is she constantly reaching out to him this is according to Dwayne. The girl needs help someone needs to call ACS and remove that poor little girl she’s probably being malested the mother is slut.

    1. It was such a poor decision to post this video… gosh bet any money children services has been contacted already.

  22. This girl sound bitter leave people alone it’s probably her own demons she’s fighting she don’t look to stable that poor baby she needs the prayers and the mother needs help so sad if the man have a woman move on

  23. Can’t believe you put this women in your video because of you and your mom ignorant the believes,take your baby girl to her pediatrician and get her evaluated sound like she has artisum with ADHD with all the signs and symptoms you talk about in this video that’s what child does when they have artisum. It’s very difficult to raise a child with autism especially when you are a single mom so I feel your pain and what you’re going through I will pray for you and pray that you take that little girl to the doctor and get her a special evaluation they have so much help out their to deal with kids with autism cuz they need lots of social environment and you’ll be so surprised how focused she will be and you would understand how to deal with her.

    1. you know it very well could be autism for real,some stay quiet and some behave almost mad,it could be that as well.

  24. Y’all give the f**king woman a break now… Let those without sin cast the first stone. Who is we fi judge meck God alone do the judging Unuh judgemental f**kers unuh be.

  25. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…….

    Mi guh sleep pon dis nd wake nah lie,I thinks she shouldnt have call de girl name in de video one cuz this country doctors does not i repeat they don’t b-lev in no obeah,demons etc base on training even if their personal belief so Loatya can sue her for deformation of character and if this video reaches the hands of the ACS or the court they can easily take away her two kids and but she the mother into a mental health unit….am I calling dis down on her (NO),to how dis damn new world set up the gay now have more rights,the kids dem a over throw them parents,cartoon more than overly sexualize so many things a gwaan,this very country weh have yuh thinking yuh have all rights to do as yuh which with yuh kids but there is a but is small imaginary print weh wi nuh see till we start duh as wi wish to wi kids.

    she should have prayed first and patiently wait on an answer about how to go about this video here focus should have been the baby girl and just asking outsider to keep her in prayers because her two here needs prayer while she is still on bending,the showing of the wife pics and kids was way over board nd yuh av ppl in dis world weh love tek up ppl crosses not knowing what de other side to the story.

    I wish her and her kids the best but she needs to go to God nd dis is where her faith in God should be humble,patient and most of all believe it is well nd he has redeemed her baby girl…excuse de mad typo dem last it’s jus dat dis PC stay pon auto correct nd even after hitting send it automatically still correct it tuh what if feel wen mi fix it.

  26. In the mighty name of Jesus … I pray for your daughter that he will always cover guide and protect her from all harm and danger , our God is mighty he will fight all battles he is our shield our deliverer.. And a strong tower in the time of need God cover this family under your blood amen GM met &metters :peluk :peluk

  27. Hail all bloggers, Well in the interest of fairness let me direct all the folks picking up for latoya,to go to her fb page. On latoya’s fb page you will find a recent meme/quote

    “I’m a lady but when I’m mad,im a EVIL SADISTIC DEMON spawned bitch from hell that will make u wish u were never born….

    Latoya captioned it “EXACTLY ME”

    Smaddie need to tell her fi come give her side ova here but I am struggling to comprehend how anyone could defend this shyt!! Pelar get help asap,praying for ur lil girl.This is clearly over the man yall ain’t fooling nobody cuz u were with him for 2years but is only last year Jan 2015 latoya sey she n him Inna relationship.Nothing more than she lick off ur pot pon fire and it overwhelmed u.

    Latoya u said urself that u are evil so go siddung ur disgusting sick stomach self,u remind me of Ms.shytty piggy! Me done chat!

    1. I don’t know what to say at all….but just like there is good…there is evil….I’m not sure what is happening but I’m praying for the innocent child….but as always…a man is the source of the problem….this is sad

  28. My Lord, my head top feel like somebody a squeeze it, eyes full a water. People wicked ehh. My girl I will be praying. It is good that u are calling on the lord stay on your knees, don’t ,are them conquer u

  29. Even if she is insane she can’t be that insane because she is calling out no crying out for help! She said she wants all prayer warriors to pray for her child so let’s do just that! I don’t care if the man wanted her to abort the child or if he was married and happy could not have been that happy to have sex unprotected!!! Leave the woman alone and do as she request prayer that’s it. All of this name calling and sickness on the poor child for what? The child is two (2) and we all know that is a transitional age stage (the terrible two’s) sometimes they pick things up at daycare too because at that age all they do is mimic what they see & hear other children or adults do and say! Leave the young lady alone and do what she request and that is pray! You all are playing detective and not paying attention to what is needed and that is prayer! Demons or not lets pray because we are all rather you believe it or not we are all under attack!

    In the matchless mighty name of our Messiah I beseech you Satan! Take your flight and go back to where you come from! In the matchless name of Jesus I ask that our Lord and savior covers this family and any family that is going through anything that they cannot manage. I pray we all find compassion for each other and sympathy love and understanding that our Lord our God whom sits on high continues to protect us all and deliver us from evil and temptation! Lord we ask you this instant to make your way into that lady home into her child mind and heart, father God she welcomes only your spirit father, take control this instant Master, in Jesus matchless name, amen!

  30. Deh gyal yah sound like a mad woman in a clean clothes look how yuh pretty girl wake up man cause this more sound like a the man a mad yuh talking ntn but shit wake up wake up girl you too pretty fi a guh crazy over man

  31. I agree with the above comments about taking up peoples prayers. Make sure you repent your own sins and seek god in truth with a poor heart. Now when it comes to Autism children with Autism doesn’t display sexual behavior a two yr old displaying this behavior could be being exposed to sexual things in which she is trying to recreate. not an expert but I have worked in human services with both adults and children with autism. Women are crazy and i have seen and heard with my own eyes women weh carry people and dem pickney go obeah worker fi keep a man. Its as if they value the man more than their own lives and children. Prayer is universal all parties involved need prayer unnu eva notice how when these things are happening the man tek wey himself and as no comment.

  32. No met…tears….gyal av me a bawl!!!! Jah guide an protect I finished watching both. Did she not say her and the baby mother were “good?” Me nuh’ get it…..she mental!!!!!!!!!

  33. My 2 cents on this so you know the babyfadda for 2 1/2 yrs baby ah 2yrs old n plus u in a yuh 2nd relationship? Hush ya mumz single motherhood a nutten nice hi no dat was not the plan when u run go breed for the ppl dem man a jus life still keep your head up jus carry da baby to her pediatrics to get a proper diagnosis on her behaviour n stop wit da madness pon socialmedia

  34. I would advise her to take the baby to a doctor, but the baby is at the terrible 2 “two” stage, and at that age they do the most awesome things “I don’t understand the sexual behavior ” capture those moments on camera, anyway, she asks for prayers, let us just do that, what ever else is on her mind, God can turn it around, bear in mind, evil does exist, but prayer changes things, I put her mind under the, subjection of the holy Spirit, let the mind of Christ be in you, I pray that the God who is above every other power, will show up, in her life, and the life of her children, Lord God Almighty, regulate, rearrange, and correct every wrong in her life, give her a new lease on life, have your way Father, as you are the author and finisher of her faith, release her mind from the stronghold in which it is trapped , as you are the mind regulater, don’t allow the enemy to play ramper room with her mind, as she call up on you Lord, the word of God says, the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run unto it, and is save, Lord save her, for your great name sake, let the peace that you give, that passes all understanding be in her head now, in Jesus Glorious name, Father I thank you for who you are, you’re plentiful in your mercies, and your love over us is great, so God, have mercy, I don’t understand what she is facing, but you’re God, all yourself, you know all secrets, you’re powerful, all knowing, and wise, there is none like you, you be the judge of this girl, Lord I pray for the deliverance of her mind, or whatever it is, you know for sure. Lord it’s in the hollow palms of your nail peirced hands, you do what only you can do, cause you’re God alone Amen.

  35. Yall keep on a taking god fi poppyshow…. From I see this video last know this girl is a side chick. She gave NO proof of her child being haunted or wateva unno want call it. The things she said is what a 2yr old does. Terrible damn two’s. Come on guys. Then you coming with bible scriptures for this waste gal, who started the video saying something about her being pretty. Are you guys kidding me??
    I called bullshit after I watched the 2nd video. Just because I was home when Met put this up and I only comment from my work computer.
    This girl is crazy.. Home girl move on..and no one cares how many man slap u inna yur thing after u give birth. Cause obviously them run gone.. U need fe go down a Bellevue.

  36. Heartbreak is a hell of a thing. It affects everyone differently. I’m not dismissing her claim of demonic forces. However I am questioning her mental & emotional stability. This young woman is heartbroken! Plain and simple. When you sow bad seed it comes to you in many ways, this may be her reaping of the bad. I do not sense any demonic activity in her child based on what I heard but I do sense a scorn, bitter & heartbroken woman. And it is affecting her psychie. Her mind, heart & spirit is broken I will pray, pray that she seeks necessary help and not conjor up demons on her child.

  37. Poor Pilar. She said she’s on good terms with her ex man baby mother, but he has a new woman and a new baby, which is Latoya. Pilar is not crazy she’s just stressed out and a little weak. She just had two new babies, single, and a psycho woman harassing her daily.

  38. Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  39. I believe the part of her being broken, in heart, mind & probably soul. I strongly believe her when she says she was with a manipulator & a LIAR only God knows how mi hate a liar especially a man. If you’ve ever been with any of these elements you would get firsthand knowledge of the emotional toll it takes over your existence especially if you’re a very super sensitive individual. Baby girl you are very pretty & I know one day you will get over the hurt & learn to be trustworthy only of yourself & not men. They will fail you & leave you in misery. I beseech you to continue praying to God, ask for forgiveness…forgive those who hurt you & ask the Father to go before you & direct you going forward. You need deliverance & time to cleanse mind & body before getting involved with anyone. I will keep you & your daughter in prayer. Stay strong, stop stressing & just leave everything in God’s hand. I know its easy to say & hard to do.. but just for your sanity, you have to.

  40. Anyone hear of a soul tie? It’s real–meaning she is and will always feel a bond to the man she has moved on from twice. When you have sexual intercourse in marriage you become one. It’s no different when you fornicate. The bond doesn’t stop just cause you haven’t legally been joined. You join through the flesh anyone you have sex with. It cannot be removed through a break up. That bond is everlasting which is why God does not condone fornication. True this connection she has with the man cannot be rid of bo matter what she does. She wants to be rid of him and I think that what mad her cause she still feel him.

  41. I also believe that she is heart broken, weak and is in a very fragile state right now. It does not matter if she took the girl man or if it’s her her transgressions upon her, she is obviously at the lowest point in her life and has asked for prayer so let us keep her and her daughter in prayers. As the above person stated, let he who is without sins cause the first stone.

  42. It is so sad that no one speak out about these cheating ass liar men who go around and live double lives and lie through their teeth. He cause this mess how can we comment when we don’t know what this man tell this woman.

    Every action there is a reaction these men need to start taking life seriously what if this young lady was infected he would have passed on to his woman without a care in the world and we all sit here and talk about this woman who fell in love with this wicked man who only think about himself.

    I Pray for the whole lot of them and I hope the other young lady finds the courage to leave his ass as history will repeat itself only a matter of time. Lets not judge leave it to the man above he will handle it and handle it very well too until we find ourselves in strange situations thats the only way we can comprehend. LETS NEVER SAY NEVER

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