1. Eartha look like she didah smoke some ital dah day yah, caz dem deh laff and yei staring out deh nuh normal at all sah no sah…love me some “Santa Baby”…She neva willing fi compromise suh dats why she had so many sharing her wid herself a guess…nuh rang u chile to each his own and it depends a wah u haffi a compromise pan/wid especially innah dem yah time yah…

    1. Tian u know she rite doe…u cant compromise urself is either u a go live wid mi or nuh live wid mi at long can u oppress your other self for?

      1. Hi Met…mi never seh she fi compromise harself u know, mi tink di interviewah did a ask if wouldah compromise innah a relationship (that is a broad question in itself, compromise on/wid wat? Me now mi believe that in every relationship there should be some kindah compromise. I am saying this becaz no two human being are di same and will have disagreements at one point or another so at some point if as a couple u don’t want to reach an agreement or settle the issue wid both being comfortable a guess dat means dem gwan dem ways or live dem life innah misery..Note mi seh it depends a wah di compromiise is about…certain things I am not can’t compromising on…mi children/famly and mi safety, mi moral values, mi money, work ethics etc,etc. But having a compromise nuh necessarily mean u haffi give up uself/ideals or whatever. Mi just a look pan it from di point a view seh if mi and my hubby have a disagreement ova certain things wi a come up wid sinting wah comfortable for both of us (meeting in di middle as dem seh.. well to be honest, wid mi sometimes is 90-10 or even 5 me getting di 90/95 but him still nah lose and neidah am I …lol). U si me yah now Met, I am a Leo and learning to listen and not control all the time is/was hard for me sometimes (just an eg), but my hubby the love of my life, has mellowed me out just a little bit/some. One of the things I have learned over the years is not to be so set in my ways about simple things that does not need to go to war ova… why not listen and figure out how both can “win”. Which can be done without losing uself…I am by no means talking about settling for any and everything caz dah nuh innah my book all when mi a 91 and can’t help miself (lord help then, mi a ask from now). But some people just sent innah dem ways and is there way or di highway even when a sinting as simple as how fi put up di toilet roll..why di hell would i be worrying ova dat crap and it all going di same place and or nuh change how mi want to use it when mi go indeh fi use it.. mi nah live wid any and any body…well a did wen a was young and chupid but get outah dat crap still pan tap…lol, but even den mi neva did a oppress mi self a one self me got that me know both u know met maybe a dat a di prob innah nuff relationships one person want to have all 3-10 diffrant selfs.. mi can hardly lib wid di oneself wah me got how earth mi muss expect smaddy else fi lib wid 2-

        1. Yeah man mi understand coming to agreement on things but some people enter relationships on compromise and as Eartha say ..compromise on what?? It wont last like that but if situations come up during the relationship a compromise can be reached based on the fact that it will be a compromise on and in the relationship itself

          1. I think we kindah getting dis thing yah confused a bit, we talking about compromising oneself or compromising on a situation in a relationship?. Well if u are talking about di former why would u do that? Dat relationship would be doomed from beginning. That I understand, don’t know why anyone would do that. At the start of a relationship wah dat mean? cas some people nuh have no start dem just guh str8 to marriage. Playing devils advocate here ) and membah sen inah di marriage vows weh u seh fi bettah or worse etc etc isn’t that a kindah of compromise? . Anyways, I thought he, the interviewer was asking her if she would make compromises innah har relationship, not if she was willing to compromise herself. I think she misunderstood what he was asking?

        2. Neva finish— How can I expect smaddy fi lib wid 2-3 a mi when mi can hardly angle di one self mi got yah dah nuh reasonable Met man…lol. Suh u haffi just brush some petti tings off a u shouldah IJS…WAH say u Met… Everybody live dem live how dem si fit, a suh she Eartha seh she si it, but u see how she a respond innah di video nuh look too normal deh ..maybe part of di reason is that she had/hab two many selfs dealing wid but di person coming in don’t know bout di odah 12. LOL. Hence di prob and she nuh want to compromise yet she wanted someone to share of those selves and dats why she had MANY loves, according to her,coming and going…Can’t live suh man…but as a seh to each his own..wah mek u happy might not mek mi happy and vise versa…way of life everyway u di chute Met, talk di chute man..cho…lol

  2. Met everybody comes in a relationship wid som kinda flaw if you love di person you have to accept dem dat way, vice versa cuz you urself gonna have flaws too, so isn’t dat som kinda compromise?

    1. people can get along of course regardless of their flaws…u know mine and i know yours etc…but when u try fi change a part a urself for a person it never yet work

  3. No lies we’re told!!!
    ” Relationship is earned not compromise” …. Preach
    When u are in a relationship IN MY OPINION once u start ” compromising ” u start to accept standards lower than what u desire
    No 2 people are alike yes.. But u no ha fi compromise fi it work just see and accept each other for what that person is and work wid it and tings will be ok
    If that’s not working for and u start try a change or compromise a bare problems and issues

  4. No I don’t tink nobody mus change for any one, but in order to live wid each other regardless of flaws I tink dats where di compromise comes in

    1. cc mi nuh think a relationship can begin and exist on a compromise….settle disagreements and hitches based on a compromise yes but if someone haffi accept certain things bout di love dem life whey dem doe like from the start it nah go last

  5. I agree everything Eartha says to the max!! Compromise for what? I had this man in my life n him did wah me accept him n him bag a pickeny n babymother drama not 1 or two but 4 babymadda plus childsupport did a lick him pocket but I never find out intil 1 yr in da relationship him hide it from me from desso me just end it right there him did wah him problems fi be my own boy wah come disturb my life wit him baggage me cut him off quickly

  6. Compromising does not have a middle in a relationship ………either one person become di boss or the other person just overlook weh di other one do ….so it cah good …

  7. Metty mummy, there should be compromise within every aspect of life, whether it be business or personal relationships. I will stand firm on certain things when it comes to my man, but if there is something that he doesn’t like or disagrees with, I will compromise and change to suit him. We all have to compromise some way or another…thats the beauty of love, ain’t it??

    1. no not so..u cant compromise yourself for anyone you can compromise situations and disagreements but not yourself never.No relationship can exist like that because di person true self will prevail and then what?

      1. Maybe I wasn’t listing to the interviewer…what was his question to Eartha?…mek mi guh back guh watch n’ listen carefully..

        1. Metty, the man ask Eartha if she was willing to compromise within a relationship…my answer on that is yes….but compromise and change my being to please or impress others….don’t think so, but if mi man ask mi fe stop duh certain things or vice versa, I see no reason why I can’t bend a lil bit

  8. If you don’t believe in compromise you cannot believe that someone can make you better vise-versa. I know I had selfish and bad way but since I had a child and recognized my wife as someone who care for me and wanted good for us three I recognized that I needed to ” compromise ” and be a better man for my new family. The only kind of people that don’t need to compromise are those who needs no one. To compromise means to work together, simple.

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