Tara yuh don’t even reach 19 good and yuh spoil so what if mi want come Jamaica come mind man? Is my man and mi naah ask question him want mi so big whale come off mi name and come off a mi back. Jah know mi haffi laugh Tara yuh friend everybody weh live a foreign fi beg something true mi Eva a blast unno pon Facebook mek yuh nuh run in Pebbs suppose to beat mi suh all who Inna Allman Town come off mi name Mi nuh ready to go mi yard yet bout 1 way ticket bitches plz. Tara the amount a belly yuh dash weh inna life mi bring forth a daughter and my belly naah block my p((y unno nasty people inna duty allman town buy out people argument and don’t know shit God mi say and mi Green card a man unno a bayyyyy. Pebbs naah lef and me worst Andrew f*** you how much time him come Jamaica b**h you don’t live no where then inna duty big yard Not me mek some a unno can’t go a foreign and it mek for every dog whole a unno low mi



  1. Good morning….did i read this right or Mi need Mi spectacles did she say Pebbs her man suppose to beat har ???? Please somebody with good yeye sight come tell Mi deh.

    Yardie weh u deh…….. :bingung: :bingung:

  2. Good morning everybaddie,yes dearest needleeye mi eat up mi carrot and drink nuff carrot juice fi true. Indeed good girl said he suppose to beat har.

    Make u wonder if pebbs never beat sense Inna har or is beat him beat her senseless!

  3. Shi say har man SUPPOSE to beat har, an Allman Town people fi low har….

    Mi nuh able fi dem kine ah intellectual thinkin…. :cool :cool

  4. Woman like this nuf fi have pickney. U a talk bout the daughter u bring forth and it’s sad say she ago see man beat har mother and think that it’s ok so man supposed to beat har too. Wutliss

    1. It is a ghetto woman thing. They believe that if the man don’t beat them, then they don’t love them (the unwritten ghetto rule).

      My eyes can’t get pass that hanging gut. How does a man get an erection looking at that flagging belly/shape. Even if she pays me, I couldn’t f*ck her in a millions years.

  5. No sah……anuh dat she meant to type! Pebbs suppose to beat mi, missing a comma, full stop or couple words was omitted…..come sender CLARIFY di ting, cuh afta Pebbs anuh yuh Daddy? Lmaooooooo :ngakak

    1. Yuh did inna fi yuh right mind when yuh man use to beat you? Yes, the one weh you give the jacket. Glass house needleye101… People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. :2thumbup

      1. Is that u really pick u sad excuse of a person??when and where have you ever heard any blogger on here glorifying women must get beating? Lef needleeye alone cuz u a look smaddie fi size up wid!

      2. @anon 10:13am normally I would craft an intelligent response but for you, suck a d!ck. Disrespectful sh!thouse. Needle stronger today than your punk @ss, don’t try disrespect.

      3. But how u su brite unda amon name. U gone right pass ur parking space but keep going ova di cliff u soon reach. Damn brite n out of orda

  6. A wah di warawara dis pon Mi lawd anon 10:13 Mi sure as Hell seh u nuh kno Mi or kno nutten bout Mi suh when u a come please to come good . Mi neva hide an chat when Mi seh Mi husband put him hand pon Mi an that was the straw dat bruck di bloodcl**t camel back. Mi nuh siddung an teck beaten from no man u mussi rass brite. And what do u kno about my kids eeh 2 Pitney wid one baby daddy straight cut to fit no bloocl**t jacket.

  7. Prissan she name, she’s ah worthless piece of shit. She have a daughter live in ja n she don’t take care of her. She come ja n stay bad fi ah foreigner. I gonna get her fb name so unu can see.

  8. Unuh siddung pon pink wall a watch wah ppl a post nuh true wid u big labba labba stinking miserable hole . A nuh my fault u tun beaten stick fi u man di reason been because u standpipe hole , u hole weh nuh have no bottom , u hole weh jucky jucky like bloocl**t juneplum , u hole weh pass round like scandal bag, u hole weh caan meck him koki comfortable those are the reasons and many many more why u man a tan up inna u bloocl**t throat suh. Nuh come fi me.

  9. Another thing mi notice and me a tell you this straight Met. Mi notice when a blogger rise up an a bring the vibez and a do dem comment/posting and a get ratings. Yuh always have some badmind”anon” a try diss the program just out a pure spite and envy.

    Dem try it wid PP,saranwrap, Marie and now Needleeye. Lurker a you or Cita next dwl!Tek bad tings mek joke but dem fi go siddung and gweh now iyah!oh and we know the usual suspects dem dat a dweet unda di cova of anon but unno only “Internet bad and brave”.Always talking crap go SYM straight anon 10:13am!

    1. Yardie, I just got so upset when I saw the comment directed @ needle. They need to get it together. It’s as if they want to get up everyday and malice. They love the mix-up so til they all want to create it. Like I told one a few weeks ago, I don’t support internet badness nor keyboard warriors so they can hold several seats.

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