These three right here is just plain users. CD Fantasy family use girls just for fun. Ladies don’t be fool they don’t want you. I get use so I can talk.



  1. Sender, I am not bashing you but you want a rass lick….condition dread if you mek one of these old f**ks use you….

  2. i would love to see them electric bill …….lol so hold on dem plug in them shoes a night time ?a the shoes ketch the gal dem …..all the monkey looking one get woman also?

  3. Once I get, hey even twice but uve been thrice used senda??Kudos on warning others who may or may not be one of a kind vulnerable like u!

  4. Sender you do know this is Jamaica right? Telling di gal dem dat will make them want to chat to these waste man them even more. USERS=PLAYERS=HYPE=ATTENTION that’s how your typical bobble head Jamaican fool-fool gal see it. If you want the ladies to loose interest in them it’s better you say, they drive at or under the speed limit or dem nuh go ah dance lol…..

  5. Hello these guys are no waste man them work hard for them money. And yes one of them drive and is his own boss with employees on his pay roll. People who depand on him. Hard working guys. Them sound a lead right now every dance them play get shell cause of the great music. CD Fantasy is the sound right now. You waste gal that send in this you must be jealous the man them didn’t look at you fool. R u try to hand around them for your name to call over the mic in the dance. And that didn’t happen. Take a jog and run along bitch.

    1. Dem still look like a hot mess…especially di brown one pon di left. If mi walk inna any business him own mi a walk right out. Tell ur fren dem fi do better since dem a big business man.

  6. Met,

    Could you please post pictures of man with the original swag vs these wanna b? I dont understand these boys nowadays.

  7. Gwaan wid d road youths…. anytime waste ppl!!! si young n ambitious ppl a shine! There’s always someone negative to put u down gyal n man mi a talk don’t lose hope youths a unu response fi road run wid it blessings pon toppa blessings #oneness

  8. Boombooclaat a Golden Eagle d man dem a beat unu sneakers them louddddd youths #teamIoctane# BTW a which one a dem use u goodie boop my mother always say if someone play u shame on them but if they play u twice or even d third time shame on u d youth them a live life n f**k u lay urself careless so they f**k dwfl I wouldn’t put them up u should be a shame of urself smdh

  9. lol anytime people start live and a make it in on life without saling out themself people start badmind them. What does anything that them wearing have to do with what the sender send in. She say she got use which one use you and how you got use. Bitch come make yourself clean.

  10. Suh nuh clothes d youth dem have on?these comments tho…. so is which one look like gay now?!cause a bay man looking man mi a si inna this ya pic ya nuh smoothness.d youth dem a live life n a guh thru unu gyal si man inna lime light n run in suh shi get f**k n duck n then a cry n a start bash d youths them unu mek women look bad nuh bada bawl sender u lay urself up for a use n if u was wife material a mean a woman wid class a don’t think u would get use guh easy pon d youths dem man cause u goodly a all rounda just saying…..

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