Shelly eva clean strike again!! Dis time is wid a bwoy a braeton, metters she meet di Bwoy inna one month an a spend like crazy pon di bwoy, buy Bwoy car, Bwoy MEK him woman a drive it out. Di Bwoy seh him just want a green card Suh she a plan Fi married di buoy dis year! Lol a wonder Weh mousie a go seh bout all dem tings yah. SHE a hype how a she di buoy want an yet still di Bwoy nah left him woman Fi she. A di Bwoy dat Weh she a f**k. Dem call him rusty. Mi know dah Bwoy yah a go nyam har out an lef har jus like the others. Shelly eva dutty Yuh life waan sort out an clean up! A Mi an Pepsi a deh now, an she nuh stop call him when she come Jamaica. Shelly Pepsi seh Yuh nuh good, body done!! Open account Fi di Bwoy a braeton MEK him nyam Yuh out! Wutliss gal. Di Bwoy a braeton plan Fi get papers den him a go ditch har. B**H YUH!!! tek di wrong man gal. Stop mine man an MEK man mine you now, Yuh nuh tired?



0 thoughts on “SHELLY EVA MINE

  1. Shelly will never learn mi know Pepsi and she help him buy the house and send down a lot of stuff,SMH Shelly you couldn’t wait and mousie it sad eno

  2. Luk pan di big grey tone man wey shi mek ah trick har lol ah suh shi desperate, dat big man is a pimp!!

  3. Dis really look bad, dis man obviously don’t want a soul. Mi tired of dem desperate dutty gal yah Weh a MEK man tek dem Fi mascot.

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