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  1. Ahhhmmm does she have a car? If so dem just treating d car like how it look, dem adding to di garbage pile up dem see in dere

    Good morning Met n Metters


  2. this girl is a riot; every time mi read fe ar comments dem i jus a dead wid bare laughtin :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :hammer :mewek2 :hammer

  3. den sherilee, how yuh raily siddung ah watch smaddy wipe den hands pan the rooftop of your vehicle? ah right deh suh yuh shoulda dun di antics, much less fe go as far as to urinate inna the vehicle????????? not even mi kids, much less ah relative :hoax2

  4. but den again sherilee dat sound like ah you cause yuh love nyaam up di jerk chicken. yuh red sbootoms web did mark down did look dirty like it did have gum stain pan it and yuh neva daily look too too sober, so for all i know ah you ya mention..sherilee yuh fe duh betta ma’am :hoax2 :cd

  5. Met wats going can’t submit anything to you or get to send any email is something wrong met let me know ok thanks

  6. A lie she a tell, sumady cah duh too much singting inna one car ride, LOL….She probably figet fi write seh she fart to

  7. Is Fire Redz Sister Piss in Sheri car and nasty it up. She was very drunk at Sasha Hollywood Party in West Palm Beach and beg her a ride home

  8. Is Fire Redz Sister Kady piss up in Sheri Car and nasty it up. She was very drunk at Sasha Hollywood Party in The Palace in WPB and beg her for a ride home because she couldn’t drive and she don’t want to pay to get the car cleaned up but instead she offer to pay for The Red Bottom Shoes so she can wear it

  9. Who da hell put this shit on here. Uno don’t have anything better fi do with uno rassclat time

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