Shizzle Sherlock… ‘Mi neva wear nuh dress’

Dancehall fashion enigma Shizzle Sherlock is clearing the air following assertions made by one of his past associates that he was wearing a dress at a popular party.

According to the dancehall fashion personality, he was wearing a long male merino, however, some persons misunderstood what it was.

Shizzle also took the merino to THE WEEKEND STAR as proof that it was a merino and indeed it appeared to be. He disclosed that he wears strange clothing, but would never wear women’s clothing.

“The streets know sey mi shock people when it comes to dancehall fashion. The most dem can sey is that Shizzle look like a madman. But wearing a dress a nuh me dat. I would never go overboard with fashion, when I wear clothes I go correct and I don’t miss,” he said.

over two years

Shizzle also clarified misconceptions about his clothing saying, “I was wearing a tall merino, and mi neva wear girl clothes from mi born yet. Mi just want the streets know sey mi neva wear nuh dress.”

Shizzle says he has been wearing long merino and long T-shirts for over two years. He also says it was ironic that Gary Sherlock, who was his childhood friend, would speak ill about his dressing, when he too wears similar outfits.

“Gary, we split up to two years now, just duh yu thing and mek mi duh mine. Di two a wi grow up together and yu a try mash up mi career … it’s a long merino it’s di new trend, and it has nothing to do with di girl dem thing,” said a seemingly upset Shizzle Sherlock.

In a press release sent to THE WEEKEND STAR, Shizzle Sherlock says he was simply being fashionably creative and encouraged his naysayers to research before drawing ignorant conclusions.

my fashion

“I want to explain to my fans that Shizzle Sherlock, the ‘Fashion King’ for dancehall, is a strong and positive yute in the streets. The accusations that were made against my fashion from Gary Sherlock all happened because we are no longer colleagues.

Dancehall is about creativity, and I am well known in dancehall to always bring a new fashion in the streets from way back, 2002 example: I’m talking bout Passa Passa, Dutty Fridayz, Hot Monday and year to year events like Hennessy Black and White. I’m known to leave people talking and talking and talking, but they always wanna know what’s next. My fashion makes dancehall promoters in Canada, England, Cayman, Antigua and other small islands book me for shows repeatedly. I am paid internationally for my appearance all because of the respect for my creative fashion, and I am booked for the rest of the year for Canada and Antigua,” he said.

27 thoughts on “SHIZZLE SEH HIM BOOKED!

  1. Wtf Gary have on dats a upside down dress with a blazer over it dwlll anyways wen it come to dancehall no loyalty no real frens

  2. Yes, big up da youth deh. I saw the post about the dress ting and called down and ask mi sister who did go ah di same party and she seh nothing nuh go suh. People need fi research before dem post up tings and mash up people name!! Bare people ah talk pon it pon bbm and fi wah??? Di man eccentric and ah just dat!!!

  3. All me have to say is 1. That is indeed a “merino”…DRESS!!!!! & 2. Gary get a life you vex because your very female outfits did not make headlines like fi shizzle own. 3. Two ah unu gay !

    Morning met.

  4. Shizzle dis outfit was a major faux pas/mistake. We all kno u love fashion but whether a ppl a send u free clothes or is just u trying 2 b creative THINK b4 u put on d clothes cos some no mek ittttt 🙂 N Gary sell u out bcos u n him was friend n him go style u when he should b defending u. Plus Gary clothes did look worse than fe Shizzle own so look who’s talking :). We kno unu love clothes but if sumn don’t tan good don’t put e on. We run things – things no run we…….

  5. das why me did ask if a really frack wearing Gary did gone mek report a star bout Shizzle dressino… cuz me know me see him ina similar clothes… it dont look good wedda pink or blue…

  6. why this mongrel don’t just go in a corner and sit down.. him bright bout “fashion king”, which part.. he is so pathetic. A pure FROCK merino and consignment shop, slippas, shoes, boots, fake jewelry and shoe polish beard him wear… these ppl in dancehall need to stop lying to each other and talk the truth… tell them they look foolish and its not fashion nor style..idiots.

  7. good morning MET N metters,first of all i’m NOT hating on SHIZZLE BUT…..,i know for a FACT…. HIM WEAR WOMAN CLOTHING,the man looking chick that live in Canada things him wear,his not going to admit it but it’s true, FACTS! that is a dress his wearing

  8. Dis long “merino” can b found in da woman section of h&m……and he mention ppl a try mash up him “cureer”…..a really cyah badda wid dese jamaican socialites….smh

  9. Gary Sherlock is wrong fi talk bout him childhoof fren wen u no longer trend I don’t know why then they need to mash up the person move on and do you, I thought only females do that stupid shit but I guess not men do it too, smfh doesn’t make no sense!!!!

  10. Di 2 ah dem a fool.looking like crime scene.ppl pay close attention cause dis ah di reason y wi ah loose wi culture.Jamaica wi nuh built fi dem tings.and bring back wi good good dancehall weh mek dem kno say jamsica nice ah always straight.

  11. kmffftttt,,,so what you both are fagggggs anyways so who the f cares if you wear gal or boy,, which ass maker would make this for a man unless is a GAY MAN.,, ALL MY CRITICS COULD START NOW,,Y is HERE

  12. Shizzle is an idiot but look GARY bout dress,, I guess that’s why you told him to put a blazer or something over it like you,,lol,,dem ppl hereeeee not real at all

    even Stevie Wonder could see this is a DRESS FOR MAN!,,,LOL,,Ohhh KENYE KENYE KENYE but at least ppl him have money and a waste like KIM so gay or not his ok to goooooo,,,ok KIM lovers don;t bother..dwflll

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