Superintendent Nelson from the JCF today spoke with Nationwide Radio and gave insight on the murder of twelve year old Jamelia Johnson.
Mr Nelson stated that the postmortem results on little Jamelia revealed that she was sexually abused before she died and was also sexually active with other men in the area.Residents reported that she was often seen wandering around the neighborhood on many occasions. Jamelia was said to have lived with her mother and grand-aunt who are now being investigated for child neglect.The superintendent stated that, the man accused of murdering Jamelia, was involved with her aunt and had some sexual contact with the minor prior to her dying . He revealed that the community was well aware of Jamelia’s lifestyle but no one made reports. Postmortem confirmed that the twelve year old was not pregnant.


  1. Omg, this is sad as a nation we are in deed failing our children. Sexually active at 12yrs wow am speechless. Why are they now talking about it after the fact. Mi belly, as a parent mi heart heavy.

  2. Oh Lord have mercy. Di mumma and di grand aunt fi heng :marah Sexually active at 12 years old, and people knew and did nothing???? What ah wicked set ah people dem…di poor likkle girl was living in HELL. May God grant her peace.

  3. Lets face it, a lot of women should not be allowed to have children. Met a girl in Jamaica who had her first and only child at age 13 and quickly pawn off the child to her mother in the country (she was living with her Aunt in Kingston).

    BTW, a lot of this type of abuse happens right here in the USA. Some parents really don’t care what happens to their children. They will drop their 13-year at the mall to be with their friends and disappear for the whole day.

  4. Luk every muma bloodclaat round a the yard time fi start haul the dutty parents, guardians, caregivers whom ever dem round into custody as well tiad a it now…sexually active at 12 and the community knws? Omfg man

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  5. @Yawdy agreed, prison too good fi dem dranko deh…SHE HAD NO PARENTS AS FAR AS I SEE IT. THOSE WHO SAW AND KNEW AND DID NOTHING ARE JUST AS BAD..May God forgive unu cause i certainly cannot…

  6. Seems like the mother was selling her smh if everyone in the community know that this little child was sexually active how could the mother or grand aunt not know? Prison the rass mother and aunt yes

  7. you tell me now, what kind of sexual arousal dem big duty man yah can get from this baby??I am sick to my stomach, and my heart ache for this little angel… sleep in happiness my love!!

    1. Been wondering di same thing and still puzzled…dem minds demented/depraved and evil is di only answer mi can come wid!!

  8. The community heard this child scream for help and did nothing they are all responsible as far as I’m concerned

    1. Community must know the family have problems. It takes a village to raise a child. And in Jamaica it hard. People neva want to give yuh a glass of wata fah drink. The family should have sent her away or went to the police for intervention. It’s not that parents don’t care, it’s that people are desperate and go to any measure to take care of their family. There is no difference in this 12 yr old and the 14 yr old that freely gives it up. The poor baby was murdered yes, but there is really no difference because she was already giving it up. Her fambily train her to give it up. IF we stop looking at who to blame and start look pon ways to make our community a better place to live, we will be a vital member of society. These comments are degrading and GOD does not want us to degrade or JUDGE. I AM QUITE SURE SOME OF YOU HAVE DONE SOME RIDICULOUS THINGS LIKE DASH WEY YUH BELLY! I CAN GO ON…BUT NEED NOT REMIND YOU OF YOUR SIN. THERE IS NO SIN GREATER THAN THE OTHER. We need to focus on PREVENTION AND PRAYER.

  9. Imagine the ppl who were suppose to be her guardians failed her so badly all the way to her death. SMH!

  10. Some animals treat dem pickney bettah dan some a dem mummah yah! Goodness gracious man..mi just can’t, Jah know!

  11. If Jamaica has a failure to report legislature dem betta mek use of it and if not dem betta create one…hold every friggin 1 a dem accountable….

    1. First there has to be reform..People fi see and report yes but they are not being investigated on time, the ministry is understaffed

  12. So did they take a swab for dna evidence?

    Hello Mr superintendent, she was not sexually active, she was sexually exploited, big difference! This girl been sexually abused for years, I wouldn’t be surprised if all for this did not start from she in single digit age.

    Dat district want to stir up from top to bottom, every cobweb fi knock dung, every cawna fi peep eena, someting ain’t right wid dat place.

  13. Mi belly battam feel like it cut out when mi ah read dis story. Oh, Gosh man sumbaddi, anybody inna de community cudda and shudda help dat little girl and prevent har demise. I am sure there is more pedophiles and careless mumma’ dat allow dese tings. I hope people talk the tings and call name so at least in this community we can save at least one child from Jamelia fate.

    Rest in peace dear little one. “TEARS”

  14. The 12 year old girls was not “sexually active” she was sexually abused and tortured period. May her mother and aunt wombs be cursed.

  15. The superintendent says she was sexually abused and she was also sexually active with other men inna di area an ppl know and dem jus chill! Rip little god bless you

  16. the part that kills me the most is how them seh everybody knew about her “lifestyle” likw is a big woman dem lie

  17. Jesus! This mother, auntie, everyone last one of them need to go to prison, this is so evil, look at this poor baby, which man in them right mind would even look at this baby in a sexual way. God going to rain brimstone and fire on them one of these day when we least expect it. Wicked jancrow them.

  18. speechless how an a twelve year od be sexually active.. She was being molested and raped.. The superintendant want a f**k bax.. Blame the victim…

  19. Sexually active at 12??!!! 12?!! And di community knew but noh baddi nuh seh nuttin…but dem bun dung e house cah di mumma an aunty careless? Really….I can barely digest whey mi juss read

  20. These little kids need to know that sex is not everything. It is nothing until they can be fully developed for it. Parents need to teach their children whether boy or girl right from wrong and stop living the dirty life infront of them. It is not a crime to ask for help, its a crime to have it continue especially when your 12. Children need to be punished, parents need to be locked up and educated and all these men need to be casterated

  21. I have personally reported a case of an eight year old child being prostituted by her mother in Jamaica and nothing came of it. So is not that people don’t care is that the powers that be do not. And this child was taken to the hospital for gonorrhea and the hospital staff seemed not at all curious to know how an 8 year old got in that predicament.

  22. Swear to God dem fi start hang all neglectful parents and guardian,if she start sex, their are circumstances which pushed her out there, guardians and parents need to educate them self on how to be good parents,feeding and clothing a child no mean u a do have to know the child and study his or behavior and have dem under tight observation,question them often,you will know and see changes thus making it easier to identify when something is wrong,can you imagine d poor child innocence was taken,d aunt big duty man goodly a molest har ,which makes her uncomfy in the house so she seeks comfort outside,negligence push har,kmbbc hey mi sure mi a limb up a pussyole who run in pon my daughter,mi nat even bring man round my daughter mi no trust ppl.

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