Shortie used to go a Megamart a morning time like a style…every mawning she and one a har fren dem used to go up deh…..Well now she reach a Bashco..yes..BASHCO..and all of a sudden she haffi a wear hat a cova dung………..whey day now di people dem si har wid di jaw dem seriously burned………mi mean scorched………..shortie face nuh thin till yuh si di vein dem yah now…she burn right up and fraid fi come a road cause di people dem si har and a skin up dem face and a bawl out yuck when dem si har

9 thoughts on “SHORTIE SCORTCHED

  1. Stop bleach and make your skin heal. Kartel appeal is coming up every cent have to go to lawyer now. Although I read that Usain Bolt was allegedly helping him with his lawyer fees.

  2. Mi tek fi mi two yeye dem and see the exact same things dem weh a sell a Mega Mart a sell a Bashco fi a cheaper price. Sender FYI, the two stores are owned by the same group of companies. The products buy a the same place. They cost more in Mega Mart because of how much consumers are willing to pay. Typical Jamaicans a skin up dem face in the name of hypeness and nuh knoee shit. The only thing wid Bashco is the parking sucks down there. Shorty has been bleaching since forever, from we know har a so we know har skin pink and stay, so it was only a matter of time before har skin start buss up and bark up.

  3. Di one crooked toes (Usain) before him go pay two school fee money mussi a tear up him pocket kmdt

  4. So Usain is helping pay Kartel Lawyer fee? If that is true he should become a pariah but unfortunately he would become a hero to Kartel followers. I’ve always said that Usain is an idiot and is wet behind the ears, but then again any man that can sleep with their brothers girlfriend and then wife her up is not 100 upstairs, no wonder Kasi have him head, water brain Bolt.

  5. kartel cut her off long time, so the money well kinda dry up. it nave ntn fi do with him trial, man jus cut her off financially.

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