Stacy u put up Shortman pon pinkwall seh him suck p*** tru Shortman gone back to Shorty.. but nuh care wah u do a shorty shortman want.. Memba Shorty have av Shortman head lock… Shorty obeah strong… all when shorty f**k pon him.. him still ago back to shorty…. yu seh him suck p**y and him a por*star but yu still a mad ova him… An a tell ppl bout a DenDen and d crew..
All u fool fi tek back shortman… a so him f**k yu… a so him diss yu…

Shortman u bring back d clothes dem wah u tief from yu babymother???

True d boy f**k yu an lef yu go beg back shortman fi tek him back yu deh pon pinkwall a diss d boy
Anyting nobody kno bout shortman a u Stacy talk it a birmingham.. U talk how shortman house dirty… him dont have a proper kitchen and bathroom…
No stacy u is wicked gal yu walk an chat shortman an still a lay down wid him.. yu nuh stop enquire bout who shortman a f**k yu life sad
Oh an dem seh d gal wah a breed fi shortman dem gone back… Stacy yu babyfather oniel seh u a wan wicked gal an a tru…

A who own shortman??

8 thoughts on “SHORTMAN 2.0

  1. Nextt…. shortnan story boring…. nobody dont wan hear bout him… we all kno him suck pussy f**k gal inna batty him bruk an dont av nothing.. a turner yard bwoy.. a him clean turner garden … from yu look pon shortman mouth u kno him suck pussy mouth corner ever av froth
    Stacy u can stop put up shortman now .. words on d street d gal a london lef him … a true???? all me kno shorty an stacy obeah strong… a who go win

  2. Now everybody a talk about Shorty a who tell the world Shorty want him lol Shorty a live har life and it doesn’t involve Shortman how obeah comes in this how Shorty fi a obeah gal fi man weh she no want people get the facts when did u see Shorty and Shortman anybody weh a write this need a life cause them a worry about shorty and she a live har life a Shortman a run down the gal so all a who a chat u can stop now

  3. Stacy a shorty a u problem dats y u keep on putting up shortman on pinkwall… but d gal wah a breed fi shortman dem gone back together.. since shortman lef yu .. yuf**k 3 different man an dem lef yu.. thats y u beg shortman fi tek yu back. A u alone want shortman… everybody find out seh shortman a poser… him dont av nutten.. stacy yu a real clean up…

  4. shernette aka bad indian stop call up Stacy name old prostitute ..u mad shorthand stop pay u fi f*ck. Wen you and duh f*ck-box squad a get de porno-style f**k dem. ever night is a different man

  5. Stacy yu caan spell poor yu…. but wait yu soon get lef again .. @anonymous 7.27am.. stacy dats u!! Shortman deh wid d enemy.. this serious…

  6. baddie aka shernette yuh whole family kno yuhah whore u soon ketch aids.. baddie shortman tell deh holla London n birmi seh him breed u and u dash it weh.

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