Dirty Oompa Loompa shorty, shorty weh walk and beg like yuh BC blind, shorty weh walk and kotch all bout inna farrin, yellow teeth shorty, infected hole shorty, dirty shorty weh yuh sista put yuh out and ban yuh fi life cau yuh live inna Di gal house and tek har man, shorty yuh a 50 and yuh still a walk an f**k young bwoy and a mek dem trick yuh an tek yuh fi idiot, stop walk an talk like a yuh mek dirty suck p**y Craig and mi friend lef. Him Neva own yuh! She and him been have dem problem from long time, she left him and yuh tek him and she tek him back cause she Neva know you and him did a f**k! she carry him home from the party weh Di whole a unnu did deh guh suck har p**y and yuh Neva seh nothing. Look how much time him trust out yuh weed and liquor and gi har in front a yuh?

Shorty yuh nuh win no prize! Di man tump yuh inna yuh head in front a mi friend and when him try Di same thing wid har she stab him up and him call police and then can’t gi statement cause him know a him wrong. Unnu vex ca mi friend nah mek nuh suck p**sy batty bwoy style har or beat har! Craig f**k batty and shit up mi friend hole dats why she nuh want him! Shorty yuh hole shit up tuh a dat yuh fi tell Di people dem, when she ask him wah you an him inna him seh him nuh want you nor none a yuh friend dem cause unnu mek him cringe!

Shorty mi friend have Di video a season Di steak wid shit weh she call him fi come nyam and him eat it off! We have the picture dem! Shorty you and yuh man a bait! Mi friend boo unnu out and a enjoy the last laugh! Shorty yuh p**y can’t good if yuh man lef yuh an go suck mi friend 2 outta 3 days inna Di same weekend and tell yuh him ago f**k har tuh! Man mascot shorty how much time dem ketch yuh a f**k wid different coke heads?

Shorty yuh nor yuh batty man nuh need fi tell nobadi seh him nuh want mi friend she know dats why she do him Di things dem first! How can a gal call yuh fi breed har when she on her period? Nuh mus bow shi want bow yuh out fool?

Craig chat all a him woman dem! When him an mi friend deh back him tell har bout the one weh him call Sophie weh har father f**k har and her brother come f**k har daughter, him seh the one a Harlesden a thief and the one name yvette a mine him! Shorty how yuh fi a own man weh talk in front a yuh seh him have six woman! him chatting my friend is not news cause him still nah talk nothing, tell him fi talk seh him stay a prison and mine har when she outta road a f**k! Ask him how many different man cum him suck outta mi friend,

shorty you can have him cause everybody see seh mi friend mash up him head aready! Shorty a mad man yuh deh wid and a gwaan like a somebody! You an him dunce nuh BC yuh deh deh Di night when him friend a talk seh Di man dem weh him and him and dem did inna prison seh him mad from inna prison caa mi friend Neva guh visit him, Di gal did tell him seh she nuh duh BC prison run, and shi Neva regret it cause a man him did have inna deh! shi only find out afta him come out and waa f***k har inna har batty! But tell him don’t despair, him soon end up back right there because him bad mind and can’t stand fi si other ppl with dem things.

Shorty Di government stop issue council house suh gwaan wait pon somewhere else fi kotch cause yuh might need it sooner than yuh think. Mi friend Neva kotch wid nuh bwoy yet! Nuh man Neva put har out! A she put out nasty Craig many times a suh you and him get fi f**k caa when shi put him out you and him use to sleep pon Alamin floor til Alamin com ketch unnu a f**k and put out yuh dutty BC cause him did a f**k yuh tuh!


  1. From Mi reach fi pawt weh dem season di meat wid shit Mi tap read, senda u and Yuh Fren is a bag of germs, set of nastiness, sick tumuck bad

  2. Unu no fraid unu ketch leptuspirosis INA unu pussay…….nah man shit in vagina can lead to maggich inuh so tell you fren she needs to see a gyno…..

  3. This is one serious mix up, this woman is 50 odd year old and she is in all this mix up, SMDH, no sah I can’t see it yet… Everyone in this damn story is a bag of parasites, real talk… Why your friend continue to give the man the time of day, if he is all these types of things… She should of gotten rid of him and done but I guess the man can eat the pum pum real good that she continues to have him come back to do that, maybe she should find a man that love dig in and she won’t have to call Craig no more… People get a life, your life messy bad, bad, bad!!!

  4. Money police only a lab test can confirm certain infection suh if Di gal seh har hole shit up shi must guh doctor and dem confirm it. Anonymous 12:pm him shit inna Di gal hole and shi shir inna him mouth, why yuh mad?

  5. You know what anon 12:40 so you a come big up you duty bloodclaat self and a call out people like shit INA pussy a university degree you and yu nasty friend a real duty gal, holy water too good fi dash pan unu bloodclaat, lord forbid mi should a find myself INA your friend duty predicament mi heng mi bloodclaat self, unu wid unu nasty living want people fi accept unu nastiness like its the new norm, every odda gal mek man put on condom but no your nasty friend f**k like mongrel dog and you a justify it……and shit have high smell fi she handle it fi put it INA the man food…….THE BLOOD OF JESUS GAINST UNU……

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