I live in the USA and have been involved with this girl from Ochi for a couple of years.
We met At a hotel where she worked after she saw me there with another girl .
She came to my hotel in Kingston the next week to meet me and we had sex and have been having sex every time I am in Jamaica .
I found out she got pregnant for another guy and we broke it off.
After the baby was born she told me she and the father broke up because he beat her and wasn’t taking care of their daughter, so we resumed the long distance relationship.

We never had sex since her baby born except one time she came to my hotel and gave me a bl*wjob. I made a video of it with her consent of course.
Every month this girl has been pressuring me for money. I send her no less than $1000 every month , sometimes more than once in a month. Always in exchange for some nasty videos and p**y pictures. Sometimes she is at work in her uniform in the bathroom, sometimes of her having s*x with her girlfriends etc. She knows I like these things so she always sending them when she wants money.
Other times she claim she has the flu or her baby sick or her light about to cutoff or she doesn’t have her car payment and the bank about to seize of car or she is driving without insurance or her phone break and she need the latest phone to make me more nasty videos .Always demanding money.

I always knew she was lying, but because of my addiction to her nastiness/freakiness , I western union her the money same way.

I’ve caught her in so many lies , even claiming she just baptize (yet send me p**y pics the next week). But I still didn’t confront her or break it off .
Then I notice that some days she block me in whatsapp then unblock me the next day.
I use whatsapp on my phone and realize that whenever she does that it’s because she put up a picture of her real man on those days .
I found out she and this man together for a year now. She even caption the picture “Happy Anniversary”.

So Met, I know that a lot of men when they find out these things the first thing they do is take revenge. They will send you videos of the girl sucking their di*k or having sex with other girls or even send them to the next man. I have many those pics and videos and voice notes from her , But I decided to ask you and your readers what you think first , rather than “done the gyal” out of revenge.


  1. Mi haffi lol but Senda you was paying her for your freakiness and u didn’t have a problem sending her money monthly even though u yourself said u caught her lying on numerous occasions. Sorry, technically she wasn’t your woman just a jerk off piece so keep those vn, and freaky videos and hold a rag and some vaseline and get to work.

  2. I wouldn’t expose her to the public if u can send them to the man I think its more justice, but you should also remember you are to be blame in this situation too and that is why I don’t think she deserve a public shame. Also, u need to think of how it will impact her child in the future. Met what do u think of the situation.

  3. is wah do dis gal wid har all inclusive pu$$y, she man, she do woman, she do herself. Sender, you see true she is a mother and a woman like myself, nuh rinse dem, just rinse har outta yuh life, yuh save $$$ dah way deh. also keep the vids and pics, and watch dem while playing Barbara Streisand’s “The way We Were,” song while jerking off. Hush ya pops, happen to the best of us. MEEEMories. . .

  4. Sender u & this woman was never in a relationship. Have u ever put serious thought into making her your woman exclusively? NO! Have u ever had a serious conversation with her telling her that u want to take things to the next level? Leave the girl alone. It is what it is! Sex for money & thats what u got. She never hurt u or betray u. U guys werent emotionally involved. She gave u what u wanted & u gave her what she wanted

  5. Release the videos to prevent her from doing the same to other unsuspecting males. BTW, she more than likely was doing the same thing with other men outside of Jamaica….you were not the only one. Can you imagine how much money she was taking in per month? These predators are all over Jamaica. They use their p*ssy and freakyness to rope in their victims. Release the rass video and let the chips fall where they may. Can you imagine the laugh she had at your expense when the western union money came rolling in?

    1. u must be a ra$$ man. first of all shes not scamming anyone, they agreed upon the terms and he compensated her as such. whose business is it that shes doing it with other men? You as men can be so dumb and easily fooled by the promise of some sex. No gun was put to his head, they met he accepted sex and now hes mad because hes out of his pu$$y coma and realize what he has done. no sympathy, a fool and his money will soon part ways

  6. Gyal clown deep down you wanted her she live a JA wat kinda relationship u espect wen u frwd JA yuh kill it wen u deh away oh well. u messed up sending money every month like u frighten fi gyal gi her a ting wen u frwd or close fi frwd u can still kill it wid ease stop nyam up yuhself dont release no pic or vid.

  7. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    There is no need to release no videos,pics or whatever else prove you have with this young. You paid for the PRIVATE services so leave with the PRIVATE pieces of evidence sir,if the only reason of you keeping them is to belittle or bring her down, then destroy them.

  8. Sender, is that US$1,000 per month? If it is, you are one rass ediat. Yuh deserve to be conned/scammed. With that amount of money coming a month, she did not have to work. I hope you were smart enough to use a condom with this whore, since she was having unprotected sex with other men to get pregnant. Yuh lucky she did give a serious STD.

  9. Sender, you KNEW she was a freak, dats y u stick around. You KNEW she was lying, but u send har money said way.

    Senda, leave har alone and just remember say u “archives” stock up wid de videos/pic/voice notes dem weh YOU PAY fa.

    Revenge? Fe wah?

    Sender you GOT what u paid for!

  10. But a wah wrong wid diss fool yah d ooman use u wen shi give u wah u love in return fi money ..leave di gal alone u dam fool …u an er never inna no relationship like dat kmdt


  12. Like fi real?? Mi not even ago waste mi time wid this. Big man cut u losses and keep the vids/pics private, after all u pay good money fi dem y share it. If u nuh waah keep dem delete them. Luw out the gal n go look another circus fi act inna. Mussi think we a eediot wid this half truth story. From u get some, u cant call it nyam out u affi call it never ending hire purchase :hammer

  13. Sender… are a good man. You have been taking care of this family for a year and more. God will bless you. Keep sending your monthly donations for the child’s upkeep. Release nothing but the funds. You are a real man. There should be more like you.

    1. __________________________________________________
      one gran a month mi wudda tek a 5 bills offa him ya now :alay

      1. I wuda tek a ting out it yes MET, but Willie, yuh know yuh right him fi continue support har cuz it is clear she is a nice, humble, unassuming girl, who just a struggle and need a likkle help. here is this altruistic man gifting har a 1000US monthly and she still keep a likkle wuk, how many women would do that? a gud girl keep supporting, yes.

  14. But me nuh why him a complain. You love freaky behavior suh tap complain. You knew she lying yet you still send your money. Don’t complain now. You got what u paid for. Leave the woman.

  15. You was never in a relationship with her exclusive just leave her alone!! Shit u will be saving a $1000 a month u should be happy

  16. Even when you found out about her lies, you still continued with your “agreement”. You were so caught up with the services she provided, that you took her back even after she got pregnant for another man. Yuh know she did a play yuh…..but yuh still send har yuh money. So the money isn’t the issue. Your problem is ….. she have a man who a get di pums weh yuh a dead ova… and in the flesh. She have a man who she a own up….while yuh haffi hide an lick. She a tek ur money while a next man a dig out har virtue. Suh yuh jus waan expose har in hopes dat it will mash up har Dolly house. Yuh want har man fi know bout har dirty deeds…..don’t??? But guess what….. dat man KNOWS ALL ABOUT YOU AND HAS BERN BENEFITING FROM YOU FOR A YEAR. TRUST MI!!!!. If you are all the way here and you can figure out that she has a man….
    Yuh nuh tink like how him right unda har nose ….. him know bout you too??? Dat $1000 per month goodly helped to pay for dem Anniversary dinner. Man a nyamm lobster offa yuh head cause a suh dem yaad man deh flex. Worse how yuh naw get nuh regular pums… man a yard nuh care bout video and texts. Thst means nothing to him. Nuh cry mi fren. Call it a loss and gwaan. Cause exposure naw shake har or her relationship. And it won’t stop another man from picking up where you left off. A nuff freak out deh like yuh. Hush.

  17. You a real bitch if you release the pick!!!! man love give bun but can’t take it!!! you aint innocent!!! you was at a hotel with next gyal and giving her a one two talk!! STOP LIE!!! you paid for the pussy so what!!!! swallow dat rass and move on!! low di gyal

  18. Senda? You is a certified BOOBSIE, She take your money and that was it, sorry to be the one to break the news to you, But “See boobs dah gwan go nyam him out” and you Sir? was a Boobs, no need to put her video or pics out there, it not going to give you back your money and your satisfaction was met when she send you her punny pic and vids. Take your lost and gwan. ~How the rass me cannot find a idiot fi boobs out~

  19. Revenge for what? I dont see any mention of her owning you up or vice versa smh. I’m sure she wasnt the only one u did deh with either.
    Count your losses and keep the vids to yourself when u waan reminisce.

  20. I just kaint…tell u what flip a coin…heads u reveal the headas u get,tails u put ur tail btw ur legs n chuck off over niagra falls or preferably dunns river falls since u know ochi so well kmft!

  21. Lots of vids like that on my free black. Com and they have less than ten hits.Good luck.
    Revenge porn is illegal most places these days including Jamaica.

  22. What a gal clown….. Any female who pressures you for money and you establish that there’s a connection between how much cash you have to dole out and her attitude towards you, then just know she clearly doesn’t like you and is using you. Also, just know there’s some lazy, bisexual, effeminate man in Jamaica who she’s phucking and who’s benefitting from your money as well. Sex is a mutual connection, that both parties have the capacity to enjoy. Having a woman convince you that you need to pay her for sex as if you’re getting all the benefit is ridiculous in fact any woman who tries to charge you for any sexual favor should raise a red flag right off the bat. Don’t ever invest big sums of money into a woman who’s not your wife, baby mother or family member. If she’s a fling and you insist on being a capt-save-a-ho type clown, then give her gifts as you comedown and spend money on her only when she’s around you… I would release all the videos and pictures she sent you, so that she can get instant karma and so other unsuspecting SIMPS can know her game and flush it down the toilet. You’re lucky she didn’t give you an incurable disease… Money doesn’t buy love or respect in Jamaica, the girl who truly likes you out here will need and never ask or pressure you.

  23. This site is full of women who call out men for being liars, cheaters or users so it’s only fitting that you do the samething. Whores need to get exposed!!!! Stop being a wuss and man up, and give zero phucks and get back some form of your manhood by teaching this whore a lesson. Only the women who run cons like this will tell you not too, because they are glad you got used. Don’t listen to them, even the score!

    1. That is because most of the women who post on this forum use to do the same thing back in Jamaica. They come to the USA and they think their shit can meck patty. They were scammers themselves and use to sell their bodies to foreigners while living in Jamaica.

  24. Mamacita……lawks, a how long now mi nuh si yu. Yu know seh from mi see this con mi mind run pon yu!!! Is you fuss teach mi seh when man ax yu fi see yu punny yu juss guh pon porn site guh copy paste and send. Dwrcllll.
    I wonder how much copy paste Sender receive? Big up mi teacha Mamacita!!!

  25. Senda, “you is kind, you is good….but you kaint be serus.” Di gurl hold up fi har end ah di bargain and keep up yuh supplies of videos and voice notes, yuh willingly send on di bills. But now you ah call foul and waan involve odda people. When you watch di video dem and feel warmth inna yuh baddie any baddie else benefit?? Look into yuh self man, you ah read too much inna di ting:ngakak :ngakak

  26. Sender you beat me, me did a go tru relationship problem n buck a freaky gal a yard she did a get bout 5 bills a week plus clothes n expensive phone! The gal dem a yard a work mi don, them just sell u what ever fantasy u want. she sell u the loyal freaky girl just fwd the video to me since we have something in common lol

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