Met, you never hear about the big fight in Lorna on Tuesday night,In
this corner we have this big amazon man royal gal named sonya and in
the other corner we have mr gal clown mello champagne. The girl sonya
and her friend came to lorna tuesday gone with the intent to catch mr
champagne with a next gal as he has been putting sonya on the back
burner now for some time cause he is keeping company with a newer
younger brownin. Well it look like sonya couldn’t take it no more and
commenced to beating mr champagne to a bloody pulp with her 6 inch
platform heel. In all fairness, she is a big girl actually towering
over him but the way the girl acted that night I swear she was on
something , it took 2 burly security guards at Lorna’s to hold her
back cause once she bust his head, she did ready to go after him again
and finish him off. You see what happens when you play with people gal
pickney. And imagine him is a married man and have so much woman a
street. SMH

0 thoughts on “SHOW DUNG INA LORNAS

  1. dwl. a good. a suh woman need fi start beat dem man ya, dem think dem can guh round and play wid ppl gal Pickney . I hope the wife buss him ass again when him guh home, sender nuh nuh have no pic of the beat down? lmao.

  2. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!! OMG, I wish I cudda see dat!

  3. Ooonuh need fi stop caz if him did buss up fi har head ooonuh woulda b di same one a say lock him up an him a woman beeeta. She had no right to beat him like dat. She is one evil monster. Nello lef har an she keep run behind him.

    1. I guess it’s the power of the DICK. Somehow women just doesn’t know when to let go and this causes depression and other type of problems. They start stalk yuh. run yuh down with them car, look through yuh bedroom window, crash their car into yuh house and show up at places you wouldn’t believe they would. Even if you give them a one f**k to hold them over, that just makes it worst.
      Man must have nuff gal and we get bored with one woman easily. That is why I have the woman sign a pledge from the beginning to to stalk the dick.

      1. Shut your bombaclaut bout di gal ah stalk him look Pon. Unnu don’t know the story but have nuff input good looking gal like she look like she woulda ever stalk nello?

        1. She a stalk him long time, she called the man phone all day a cry and beg him fi talk to her. Good looking girl but no self esteem

          1. Shut your stupid rass bout she call him and cry and beg if him talk to her. Look Pon nello wey look like duppy. All of Unnu need fi stay out of dem business stop with your opinion of the story to much f**kery.

          2. We all fall 4 men 4 different reasons not just looks r $. I met a young guy almost 3 months ago very charming @ 1st, he told me him & his babymother live together but with an understanding (I assume they weren’t not together). We hang out a few times & I really like him but he started lying and disrespecting to the point that i wanted out of the friendship. I fell 4 him with no sex involve but I fell hurt & betrayed and it has nothing 2 do with self esteem.

    2. Nello left har?? When? Stop talk tings you nuh have knowledge about sometimes mi hate being ah Jamaican Unnu talk what Unnu nuh know shit about

  4. Met is the Ocho rios browning wey stuck pon him ms T….don’t say i say please . Study Facebook mmmmmmmmmm T W….that’s one won’t go that’s why the tall one ya blow up everything & get MADD .

  5. Him always getting beating, that girl is not his woman tho she is just one of the side chicks so she shouldn’t get upset she is not even his main hoe

    1. Why you shut the f**k up you know anything about who she is to him idiot. Need if stop talk shit wey yu kno nuttin bout

  6. When all she had to do was move on to a much better, healthier n’ happier relationship….ladies, it’s time ya’ll stop embarrassing y’all selves over men…

      1. Fe real Onedrop, and worst off…ova ah dancehall guy????…coo much more well educated, attractive, refined and well rounded men weh deh out deh?!…sad to say, but there is just no hope nor progression for some people…so so sad…

    1. Yep, I heard you have done worst. Is this true? BTW, you are one woman I wouldn’t play with and you know why.

      1. Aaaaaaaawwwwwww :kiss :kiss :kiss….which one are you??…a fan, a stalker or a hater??? Keep watching me :hammer :hammer :hammer

  7. The girl have a little boy fi him not even a year old , and him a keep give her story bout him soon lef him wife and she come out and see him wid new gal , buss him ass yes. Bright

  8. Nello it well deserve, cause yuh lef yuh wife at home fi dis. Imagine Eeee di woman too quiet fi yuh, but a she same one affi deh deh fi yuh and yuh health issues.

  9. @yep,,,, im in total agreement with u.. caw what she still cant tek back all of the f**k weh himm give away..yu beat him but yu still irrelivent

    1. Heinekin, just a total waste of time and energy…but that is the result of living your life thru dance hall and all of its tom foolery and negative energy…

    2. Look Pon Unnu bout you ah tell story like you kno how story go I know this girl personally and was there the night also and let me tell Unnu she nuh beat him cah no next gyal. Ah wah him say out him mouth that make her turn up Pon him nasty rass him deserve it . So Unnu gone talk and makeup story. She fi beat him rass again if you ask me

  10. Boy o boy when will him learn, all last night mi see him out wid gal , you really leave your wife a your yaad gone out every night fi f**k pon har.But him nuh really want di wife him just stay wid har true she carry him come here.Him love brown woman

  11. Him should do like a man know name Errol friend her ip and take her to jamdown and buss her ass, but then again that if she can travel. Them come America and a lick man and if they were in Jamdown they would never try such a thing.

    1. No. He needs to learn how to run fast-fast. Do you know how many women try beat mi, but couldn’t catch me. When mi deh pon certain moves, my eyes are like surveillance cameras move from side to side. First sign of trouble…mi gone.
      Netx, never date a woman bigger than yuh. You have to be retarded to do that shit. Plus, mi nah fight no woman when I can be making love to her and her friends.

  12. nello fi build now and him sickly smh that wife can fed up anyday that him fi kno then him will see summin

  13. Nello have big boat ride coming up- he’s out every night promoting so the wife probably doesn’t think anything of it.

  14. Mi ah Jamaican and one ting mi cyan tek with Unnu Unnu like mek up Unnu own version of everything to much. First of him deserve wha him get trust me when mi tell yu. That dey gal sonya nuh worried about nuh nello and next gal for him wife problem that. She nuh beat him for that and she nuh come ah Lorna’s if come catch himi inns nothing so mi nuh kno why Unnu cyan mek story so. Further more mi nuh need fi explain to Unnu why she beat him all mi ah say is it damn good for him him out of order bad if wha him say to her. Beat him woulda think twice next time bright nuh bombaclaut . Him lucky her. Big man nuh come page him yet cha ah then Unnu would really have story fi chat bout

    1. As a friend you should tell her stop running down the man, her days come and gone, get over it. Him never put his hands on her and is not the first time him feisty with her but she keep running down the man. Her big man come page nello fi what? Cause his girl keep on stalking nello

      1. She nah run down no nello see how ppl love draw up them own story. Look today ah big 4th of July go enjoy And stay out dem business.

  15. Hey hey dis is de original Lu @ Lu up top a who you me love ??? Tap it right now. Don’t do it. A don’t know these people so I never comment. Tap it right now. Change you name dear. Is only one Lu roun ere and is me. Have papers to prove it. Ask met

  16. Hope u al had a great 4th!!!!!
    This OLD man was and still is a looser. I am I my wary 30’s. Wen I was in my early 20’s he tried to wine on me at a party. I stopped dancing instantly and he tried to pass his place. He didn’t attend much DH parties then. Mi just tell him…” SAR mi nuh tek man olda dan mi fadda.” He was so pissed and had this arrogance about him like he was good looking or high class. May he thought his 2 bakkle ah champagne would impress me…FOH. It’s the other lowlife females that makes him THINK he can act a certain way!!!
    He’s such a looser!!! These women have TRANG stomach fi lost dung Wid him! I’m throwing up in my mouth just typing this!

    1. Big loser fi real and she such a gorgeous girl mi affi jus say ppl ah speculate man she could ah never want that

  17. Damn iPhone spellcheck! Correction: I’m in my early 30’s.
    Why am I correcting typos? This isn’t English class or work (inside thoughts)

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