0 thoughts on “SHOW SHOW…………STRING STRING

  1. Striker shame on you! yuh dun know sey yuh bady nuh ready luk how yuh can barely walk wit yuh deformed capital X foot dem ppl not even memba yuh again why yuh grandkids neva tell yuh sey fi guh soak yuh stinking false teet and take several seats back!!!

  2. It’s some African beads she and the Bungies crew wear round they waist to ward off evil. She been wearing them for donkey YEARS.

  3. I hear the woman say out of her own mouth, not to my ears but I heard same way, that, ‘anything the young gyal dem duh, she can duh too’ so… 7:13am say, what is the problem here lol

  4. She too old fi deh a dance..she naav nuh stories fi watch and grand pickney fi spoil. She need fi get har acts together

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