19 thoughts on “SHOWER CHRIS?

  1. Body builder in a spandex skirt???? Not a good look :hoax2 …good morning Mettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :peluk :peluk :peluk n’ fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk …happy Friday!!! Metty it shall be revealed today, yes ma’am!! Tun up time, we shall see today :mewek

    1. yeppie mawnin ooooooo :peluk lissen mihhhhhhhhhhhhhh NOT A RAAWS GYM…a suh wen dem sik dem duh evrythin fi cum off diffrant mi nah lukkkkkkkkkkk

    1. Word!! Whatever happened with that? Even if it was his first offence he was facing other charges for using the employee van with the consumers present.

  2. Showa Chris yuh on probation sir? Is almost 2 years now and yuh nuh duh any time fi di weed whey the police found inna yuh former employer van, suh my guess is that yuh on probation? Come ansa mi causen sey mi know yuh love JMG.

  3. Look like if mi did deh a prison unnu woulda feel better hmmm well unnu always dig up everybody file cause it’s a matter of public records so do some homework and then post since unnu wan know bout mi case an if mi get probation go get it and post it an di person weh say mi have multiple charges I suggest u go back do ur home work then comment listen I don’t have a problem with #Facts so go get it and post it don’t just make shit up like y’all always do

    1. Oyeeeeee Christopherrrrrrrrr if we here made it up Amor I would not have asked, comprende?

      Now since your here with us, someone above said your sick, can you address…..because to me you look round and well. #facts

  4. Shower help u father twin opal sister Paula mash him up help u father him need help bad baddddddddddd. Helpppppppp honor u mother and father that u days will be better crust help u dad don’t watch no face u say him use to treat u bad don’t watch no face ok

  5. So met how uh nuh post all a di pictures with shower chris and hi baggga gyal dem the party was a MET !!!!! An don’t forget to tell jodi say yuh beat woman like doggggg and uh nuh wha nobody lmao woiii met guh check fi him instagram

  6. Da way ow u write: with your run on sentences, :matabelo :matabelo all MET included in “beating ooman like dog”!

    Go figure!!! Bigup Met, jmg crew,bloggers, peepers n all.

  7. Him probably snitch nuh dat di whol ah dem always duh… Tell who the source is then everything good again… That’s probably why there’s no paper trail…

  8. bwoy mi sad fi di whole lot a dem all you ANDREW GOOD FELLAS/DUGS/ONELINK FOOL . yuh inna dance a hype up yh DOG FACE self like yuh a smaddy and yuh babymada .a a f**k SHAWN SWEETNESS from 6 east CAMILLE babyfada guh hpye pon dat met mi hear she her liltle bwoy hate di man bad and she tell ppl how her babyfada a buy house fi her but a one thing me wah know now DRUGS look how much sista you one have yuh neva thing dem need one house to mi hear seh him mada seh she nuh know weh her son did a doh wid PEGGY .mi nuh wrong yuh neda girl keep di money and F**K cause a so him did f**k pon yuh like dog .but mek sure yuh put di money dem to good use and stop guh a MILES a di CANDLE shop it nuh look good man cause people a buck yuh down deh .met mi ago find him pichaz fi yuh.woieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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