1. The wife did not write that. It is a mad mate making a poor impersonation of the wife. The lady is lawyer that happens to be married to a popular dancehall person but she has never been in the dancehall world. Most people that have known skilli for years never knew she existed until a disgruntled mate put her up last month. That lady is not white trash. White trash doesn’t usually go to law school. I am sure she has no idea what the term matie even means in order to make a fake IG called Skilli Mates. If you actually read it it is obviously someone throwing the fact that he has a real decent wife in Chyna’s face. Whether she was black or white the woman is a lawyer, his wife and not trash.

  1. I highly doubt the wife knows about any of this . She has important things to attend too . Skilli you have too many woman’s you need to stop messing with Chyna and take your wife out . Chyna always looks cheap and her attitude is nasty . New year drop them birds and get right with the wife seems like everything down with the nifiji thanks to Chyna not watching the door properly

  2. So this is a 40 odd year old professional carrying on like this:
    Profile of Lawyer Samantha L. Conway
    Law Firm: Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen and Young A Professional Corporation
    Lawyer: Samantha L. Conway
    Phone: 215-587-1653
    Fax: 215-587-1699
    Lawyer Title: Associate
    Practice Areas: Medical Malpractice Defense; Premises Liability; Insurance Defense
    Admitted: 2001, Pennsylvania and New Jersey
    College: Bucknell University, B.S., 1996
    Law School: The Dickinson School of Law of Pennsylvania State University, J.D., 2001

    1. @PattyPage Are you slow? Do you see the education level of this woman. Do you think she really has time or energy to put up a fake IG with her own kids pictures This is the same mate…Is it you Patty that made the fake IG? Why would you put up this woman Business contact for the people start harass the woman. But remember that is not how law firm work every call and email scrutinize so patty and gang thread lightly before you call her. You will be back in Jamaica a pick peas out of shit.
      Skilli on the real is a good guy but damn you have a taste for the sketel dem that you need to get rid. LEAVE DEM ALONE!! You a do big things as a young yute in the dancehall. To be honest there is nuff big man in a philly dancehall where nah do shit but Skilli a lead them all. That yute always try up dancehall levels and badmind always try fight him out. He open club ater club to give Philly dancehall life and see it now it close every body have a scramble to bring their money to outside man to keep a party. Last year this time Christmas was nice for alot of dancehall people from round Robin this year everybody broke and round robin not nice. Stop Badmine the man!! MAN and WOMAN!
      Skilli wife a lawyer but skilli is no dunce. You ever talk to him? He well educated. Skilli big up yourself your wife levels really match what I would have thought your real wife credentials would be. Who wanna bex can bex but me glad you get a smart lawyer wife that happens to be white. Whether white or black she not spinning on her head in dancehall or clean up nifiji floor with her ass! You call her trash? Where the trashy pics. Gary have alot of them but she not on none of them. The woman dont see you. She never said she better skilli been a hide her you come drag her out and put up her info.
      Skilli big up yourself your thing up in a real life. Ask your wife if she don’t have no brother me can hook up with me need to get out of the dutty dancehall life too!!! Low dem sketel yute. Get over that taste for sketels!! Better run way the Judas dem where give up your personal info!! Cause only your friends know your secret!!

      1. Excuse me Sam Wannabe, are you really trying to class me? Could never be me you are referring to. Sam Wannabe don’t even attempt to mix me with these people. As a matter of fact I read the first paragraph of your reply and I wouldn’t even waste my time to read the rest of your rant. I will not waste my time trying to defend myself to you but I will tell you a thing or two. First thing is so what if I put up her info, it’s public knowledge on the internet for all to see. Secondly,citizens cannot get deported. Most importantly, the MA and the MSW degrees that I have framed and hanging on my wall, tell a different tale than what you claim to know regarding my level of understanding.

        1. Then go use ur degrees and tek u self outta mixup that concerns you zero. You wrong for posting the woman credentials. You & Sender are two peas in a pod.

          1. Anonymous, you sound jealous but you too can achieve degrees. It’s really not that hard. As for taking my self out of mix up:a posting was made, I shared MY OPINION, shared something I found on the internet and now me a get accused of meking up fake IG and a get advice bout tek me self out a mix up. You need fi go luk something do. You can no badda comment to this cuz this is my first and last comment to you. Wrong or right, mi dun post whe me post already and it nah go come off unless Met see fit fi tek it off.

  3. The wife is not doing this its one of his odda Oman dem Skili broke and the wife used up all her assets too so they both broke

  4. @Skillimates, ms. yup im a lawyer…when I read this comment you made, I knew right there, that you were trash…white trash tuh be more specific; this is the comment you made that has earned you the well deserved title *White Trash*..”You can have babies with him, he won’t support them unless I tell him tuh”….you are one of those typical bad mine women who, along with the deadbeat dad, hate the baby mother, so you both show your hatred towards the child’s mother by taking it out on the child by neglecting them and not support them financially…if you are a certified and knowledgable attorney, you would know that you are aiding and abetting a fuchking criminal…he *IS* suppose tuh provide financial support for his children, you fuchking trailer white trash…if you were any kind of decent woman, you would know that and try tuh instill and re-enforce into his empty head, that a good man supports his child/ren, no matter the circumstances…you take pride in saying that shit as if it is something tuh be proud of and brag about because you are both two peas in a pod…you both have no decent moral conscience nor upbringing…I would *NEVER EVER* date a man who doesn’t support his children because that speaks loud volumes about his character, and seeing that you’re attracted tuh a deadbeat scum like that, also speaks volume about yours…if I were any of his baby mothers, I would march right down tuh Child Support Enforcement and file for child support payments so that the courts can take immediate actions against him. I would also screenshot all these comments that you’ve made in regards tuh him *NOT* supporting his child/ren tuh show the judge so that swift repercussions could be taken against him….that way, child abandonment arrest warrants *WILL* be issued, his license revoked/suspended, jail time given as well as probation *retribution/back pay monies owed tuh the child/ren*, and he will also be given a certain time frame with which he has tuh seek gainful employment so that wage garnishments can be enforced….think what you wanna think and do what you think you can do *as an attorney..LOL!!!*, but memba dis my girl…Long Run But Very Short Ketch…You are a true disgrace as a woman and a mother and your man is a dead beat worthless piece of dogshit…. :beer:

    1. If you di read as much as you di write you would be able to tell that this could never be written by any lawyer, so obviously not the wife. It is incriminating in itself. After u meet her and have an actual conversation with her then u free to class her – on grounds that you actually ‘know’ her. People can talk shit all day but you seriously believe this came from the mouth of an educated woman or that an educated man like Skilli is really living the way the Sender says it… This story is junk!!!

  5. Mornings, one thing I hate is an educated fool, that thinks she is above the rest of bitches because she has a ring and a price of paper, 1. You’re dumber than all rest, because you should know better. 2. You no better than the side chicks, if they are giving him babies, that you have to tell him to take care of, how about them is going to give him a dose of HIV AIDS, go and contemplate a cure for that next. Bye Felecia, you are just another stupid man minding brood.

    1. dem gal a clown. Wife no see dem tings but china and rest waan be seen. Do Chyna work. She is some special education aide or something she sad bad skilly dont respect her and she still push up harself. She sadd bad. Me woulda been run wey fronzi skilli. No he have no money a di wife. Skilly lose every club him get. Dem salt livin.

    2. It must be lol, if all of the girls and wifey don’t care about sharing, why does everybody else. Tired of coming to pink wall and seeing Skilli Skilli Skilli. Sender must wanna be one of the side chicks lol

  6. Obviously it’s someone impersonating d wife and not her behind all this.. Look at the dialect and y would she put her kids on a page saying skilli mates , so that they can be scrutinized ? I believe it’s a hurt matey looking for revenge lol

  7. White trash plus looser dancehall man equals what? All are low self esteem including his plain old wife. As to wife that ain’t no husband that’s a manchild u are taking care. Sad life

  8. That is not the white lady behind the page.. One of the mates are up to this.. Side note: the page is very much so entertaining Lol

  9. Well shi a di biggest idiot fi pay har unemployed man fi cheat pon her and to mind him kids and matey dem. big duppy bat wid low self esteem

  10. No dis caaannn real and dem just throw up Candi Swag Say she and skilly been deh. China a real drunkro for always a with skilly a grin up like wife. She have no ambition all these years you still play mate and with all the side bitchs.
    I been hear say Candi an Skilly was dealing but I think dem stop link her after her husband leave her last year and she no to cum out again. Candi f**k a few a di mafia man and nifgi bums last year during the round robin.
    Skilly love married women cause they won’t talk but as soon as they home mash up and dem waan get serious he run back off. He really not leaving wife skilly a bum.

    1. Skilli too dutty n careless he mix up wit any ole drunkro n mek dem style di wife. a china love dem summu deh she a laugh bout it tru dem a do up wife. china a ole drunkro to di wife need to lo skilli n his crosses life to dem gal. All candi swagg weh did marry to di haitian boy him no have no law degree but him run har nassyness when she tun wutliss wit skilli. I been tellin u is not the wife a di problem a di dogshit skilli get a chance wit a decent sumbady but skilli a dutty fronzi dread him nah do right. she try wit him from trax nuff good ooman do try wit skilli but skilli love sketel. Him fukk up wifey money a try mek him into a man. you can have lawya n a fuk dem gal like chyna n candi.

  11. Yea that page is definitely a scorned matey lol mad cuz her man don’t want her no more. If Skilly f**king mad bitches so what, let him do his thing. He ain’t no different from any other man in the world. This story is getting old, find a new topic!

  12. His wife did not write this, she doesn’t even talk like that. People need to worry about themselves. Way to much time on there hands.

  13. chyna look like she just beat down syndrome she look like bugs bunny in da face and nasty dutty shit locks skilli wat do these woman see in him skilli yuh day soon dark

  14. @SkilliMates:: My girl you really have time on your hand to make a fake page to impersonate someone else. Get over it, you sound bitter you trying to expose the man from last month and you still at it. We all get it he’s married ok and? He’s not the first and he won’t be the last. You’re a sick bitch to pose as his “Real” wife and post pic of his kids how sick is that. Ok you stated he will never block you and leave so if he tells you that why you exposing him. What!!!! you get turn on by the females he’s f**king?
    You talking about everything is owned by you, do you need an award for the role that you played with your so-called wife material sick self. You dumb bitch you need to go back up in your mother or however you was born and go Suck some sense back in cause u bitter AF and that shit is getting the best of you. This skillibangs wife/Matie shit is so played out.

  15. Chyna is di worse eva she a attitude like she a summbady chyna chat bad and act illiterate and fool fool. All of the girl they put up with skilli a betta gal for Chyna. Chyna stay bad and sloppy she look like she woulda have roach. I don’t know what kinda mother raise chyna cause her self esteem low. She is not an ugly gal but she stay baddd. Sloppy body sloppy dress. Chyna will foreve be a mate. Skilli meet chyna before wife and he still meet and marry wife and chyna know and still won’t get picture. chyna is not and never will be wife material she satisfied being skilli dancehall puppy I won’t even say wife.
    Skilli you a a ole 40 year ole kruf. i could see if chyna was real hot gal or a bad ass business gal then I would understand the bun on wife but you have good wife and have chyna act like she own you. You sad bad.

  16. Sender and @Skillimates enough it never work! Skilli really did f**k you? He remember bout it? Why you bex? Explain cause this wife hunt you on whether dancehall wife or real wife it old!! Man dun pon you, where your man deh? Donkey bite you!! This stale give us some juicy news! NEW STORY!! Sender you are STILL ANONYMOUS!! HE NUH SEE YUHHH!!!!

  17. God forgive me but I have no choice but to say the wife is a scruff herself. She a lawyer and have your independence and she pick up Skilli. Really girl! Him belong with the skettel them.

  18. This wife is a f**king fool, whether she wrote that paragraph yes or no.. dem big woman yaa fool nuh rass. smh.. big wukliss man she go pick up because she want to be in control bout him a lead the rest of dancehall man dem.. where? he is the same and shame on his wife.. from her picking of men she nuh so educated. a hope she is a good lawyer. she and phaedra parks mussi a role inna the same boat big and fool and doe know how fi do dem work good. so dem get up and mek bad decision everyday. kmft

  19. Skilli is a liar and a loser! He is a big boy he messes with people head and lives. He is unemployed and his wife is taking care of him #facts!
    Skilli is cool at first but once drama starts he tries everything to clear his name but don’t care about people lives he hurt he is a coward! Just like you say about his clubs that he always runs he does same with women. He don’t even like his wife or Chyna every time he leave his house he trying to go meet up with some woman to smoke and be careless. He use women. You call them sketel skilli is biggest man sketel in Philly.

  20. Chris will be 40 and keep up drama he stay on my phone and whatsapp with lies talking about his self and a look pussy. He try keep up with young boys in party and he can’t I know for fact!! Only thing make skilli better than the other men in dance is he have his wife money to mess up and spend on clubs. When he had nifigi all he do is use that as a free hotel to smoke, screws and waste time. Been there done that.
    He been braggin about a new place he gonna do same thing with same bitchs. I learned my lesson with skilli he is a big liar. He lie to your face I just pretend to believe to shut him up its funny to hear. His friends will tell you how much different girl used to come to nifigi when it closed and studio and its facts.
    Yes he is f**kin Candi or at least he was #facts. not only her you would be shocked to know. Wifey must think all black men act this way so she accept it. She and that chyna with their bad front and low self esteem are reason he is way he is. There are better men in Philly, skilli is a waste of time if you looking for a real man or future. And for those who want to know The sex is lame and quick . His penis is very soft and fluxy fluxy. He don’t even get it he cool and fun but aint worth headache. He can be fun to party with and he do get good weed. But there are better ones in Philly and they ain’t dead in bed and less drama and risk for disease! skilli not worth it. His drama will mess up your life and wife dont know and china too wutliss to care.
    And no I am not jealous cause I know that’s next. nope if I was I could really expose skilli by texts pictures videos things I know and go with skilli. Things I learn to be fact. But he aint worth that drama I have a Real man that takes care of his family. Skilli will never be that don’t mess up your life. Chyna you wasted to much time with skilli and see now you pop dun and look like a fool it will only be worse. Wife you need to get a real black man I would be ashamed and afraid if skilli was my husband or baby father, as your past matie I feel sorry for you! Disgrace! He is the biggest sketel in Philly. He got so much sketel he don’t even have a clue who even put him up. Clean up your dirty life! Wifey sorry you can’t turn whore into house husband!

    1. Are you smoking right now? You again? It never work last month or IG so now you again! Nobody believe you cause you f**k for weed and admit it. Did you admit this to the good up man you say you have that’s better than skilli. Now I see why you mad! What I know for a fact is man cocky don’t stand up for stink pussy!! So cocky muss soft!! The man cocky have more shame than you! You really frig for weed my girl. Weed head you a call the man good up wife sketel every body know gal that frig for weed a sketel. You admit the man run you bout whatsapp!
      You an old liard you have any good up man and on here 4am worrying about a soft cocky weh dead pon your stink front!?? Your man should be ashamed! You a run through skilli friend for info and weed? He probably tell him friend fi feed you info and weed and frig you off sketel! Or one of them desperate f**k boy that can’t get a girl and grudge the man. That’s why you put up the man wife really???

  21. BOUT BA ON WALL WID ALL THIS TIME ON HER HANDS. Met did you really give her a space on the wall to hang her BA dwfl. Then she wrote a book of nonsense Like everybody weh love carry man guh court nuh already know weh fi duh Kmt idiot plus dat wicked ex (I won’t call her name yet) SHE LOVE COURTHOUSE. @yep Say with me after 3. 1 2 3 I WILL GET OVER IT. Before Your name start call on this wall. Till the “BA” bun off. Skilli wi love yu and she did too. Duh yu ting my youth cause mi cyah wait fi get a lawyer man and mek him White. Dance hall wouldn’t see me. Hate tun up a philly bad Skilli Remove Yourself From Them.

  22. Hold up did she say MA. Let’s stop right now. I’m going to go drink a gallon of tea. Monkey Anonymous.

  23. This shit is so stupid yyyyyy is bitches actin so shock skilli been f*k plenty women long time and chyna and the wife except it its always a sloppy side bitch not knowing they place getting all emotional what skilli promise yuh sumtin and ya nah get it suh now you ah try diss di man so what him f**k all dis women if they let him f**k they let him f**k dats di nature of dutty man I jus hope you side hoes wear a condom and be smart skilli might ah put all you hoes up here cause him ah pussy and jus want some attention

  24. Yup!! Skilli every don up Just walking around with chyna is a fail. Chyna has no choice but to accept it. Wife has poor taste for lawyer. And yyy he don’t have license with lawyer wife. I been hear his dick soft. If pussy stink why he keep f*kin wit this chick. skilli u have dysfunctional hood. But ur mouth good
    Which part skilli a lead he have nothin but old song from winter no clubs, he broke he same but he to ole to wanna be a playa. It don’t look good. You ever see his dad a walk a look gal same so skilli a come like MG.
    Dis nah stop but this story dead

  25. Den look pon skilli to .. yuck
    ITS EVIDENT the wife has nothing to do with this so for people to be pulling the race card and getting mad at what she does and degrading her stop and read between the lines sometimes me cant tek black ppl dem more racist than white ppl dem all hate other black ppl and then wah talk bout race like have a seat EVERYTHING gotta be about black and whte and slavery just annoying! Some people tek this thing VERY PERSONAL

  26. Chyna is so worthless and cheap mi gyal you is the weakest link of them all Skili is always gonna cheat on you you will forever be one of the other woman hes f**king he don’t respecct you and you will never be his wife . You will get nothing when he dies you have no rights . You can’t recieve any benefits you are nothing more then a mule hold the bag bitch watch the door while be watched his other bitches you is a big fool with cheap clothes . While these girls are outing somebody’s husband lol your man u continue to change your profiile pics to prove you is still here . You are the biggest lost mule amongst them all at least the rest giving you warning signs and you continue to change your profile pic on instagram like you won lol

  27. Unno won say whit trash but a da Jamaican man married a white woman he didn’t even look his race so stop call da woman white trash she probably has no idea what’s going on with these scrum bitches Skilli f**k n duck. chyna is pathetic your the worst type of bitch walking this earth Skilli better you watch that hoe she wants to be important so bad stop making a fool out of your wife and family Chyna stop stealing clothes out of rainbow

    1. YUP! Quiet as kept Chyna hates Skilli wife and kids! She never have nothing good to say about them. She is embarassed that everybody knows from the last time they were up Chyna was so mad. I don’t see why she knows he’s married and chooses to stick around. In her mind she thinks he will ever look at her as wife material. She was so pissed about wife and kids but because nobody in dancehall knew she thought she was winning! NO CHYNA BANGS YOU ARE THE BIGGEST LOSER!!
      Chyna wants Skilli to flop so he will need her, she has very little education but she dumb as bricks. Leave Skilli and his white woman. Chyna can’t do shit with him anyway, everything she involve in and nuff up her stay bad self it flop. Chyna what did you say you did to wife car and Chris couldn’t leave you. Chyna where is Skilli birthday party? Where is new place? Why did you say it’s going to flop if it happens? Skilli tell your wife your secrets, not this Jezebel! You are going to go down even more than now if you keep mix with wicked Shana Fisher and her mumma! Both same thing. You lose everything and get bad name to. You will lose more, she will make sure of it! Remember I told you!

  28. Chyna is a crab in a barrel basic bitch . She nah wants nothing nah do nothing type mentality worthless leach wilho hold on to the woman husband and change her profile pic to prove she is above the wife . While the wife is still holding her title wife and you ️Is know has a side bitch dressing like you 16 years old you must have Down syndrome cah uno is not normal . The same way you get him bitch is the same way you loose him , dem shut down all of him clubs and you next bitch it’s just a matter of time . Skilli word to the wise God don’t like ugly you soon get everything coimng to you if you don’t do right by your wife the one you married not the make believe one that watches the door and holds your bag

  29. Chyna unno profile pic say keep calm Imma be around regardless yea we know you not going no where you so sad . While you sit around thinking god is gonna give you somebody husband. Copy n paste bitch you look like all the white blood cells dem gone go get your life bitch . Married people know you is not to be trusted and your so called friend that you call friends is also f**king Skilli the ones whom u smile with dwl you getting everything you deserve disqualified as the wife dwl

  30. Chyna is a loser who has no life! You are a poor representation of a Jamaican woman. No wonder the man a white wife you made him totally run! And you really still follow behind him grinning like a retard? Chyna you just win yourself more mates and you not even number one mate. You are a loser all your friends help you with Skilli and you grinning and nuff up behind them trying to be somebody. Skilli is dog shit to to even be seen in public with the likes of Chyna. I bet she tricked you into breeding her so she could get a dancehall name. Chyna Bangs! LOSER!

  31. Skilli Candi Swagg? You really do love sketel. Candi breats and ass in every promoter whatsapp! She nuh stop send my brother her dry up breast and flat ass and my brother say his friend been get those. Anything he send her on Whatsapp she screenshot and she always a search up the photo galleries a stalk his picture with him and girls. Philly Dancehall is too small you all sleeping with the same few girls. I think Candi was married less than a year. And she did screw one of the popular pinkwall promoter in his truck after round robin! DWL Please nobody get aids its going to spread like ebola!

  32. The person wah soo mad wid Chyna why u no go say all this to her face instead a hide behind a computer wid no name..WHY u a stalk her profile pic ure pathetic!! HOW long unno ago chat bout Skilli and who him a f**k who cares none a dem borrow unno Vagina! Why u soo mad and it look like a Chyna u hot Fah she a side bitch but a she alone a hot up u head u look stupid! A Chyna alone unno out Fah so what she dah wid skilli a far dem a come from so stay dah a worry bout dem..U a wastas u no have a job or pickney fi feed..Stop stalk the girl life..u caah get back the f**k u already gee skilli let it go! LOL

  33. Chyna dummy Skilli is sleeping with your bestie Shanelle that is the big shape bad barrel they probably talking about on IG. Now your personal convo info on here. G Vybz don’t like you she just deals with you so she can carry news to Skilli. Do you know that your mate Stacie and her were big friends or at least acquaintances. Notice biggie vybz has no man she can mention. The man them around skilli know too they laugh about it. Bitchs are dangerous. But nobody owe you no loyalty you tiefn a cut to.

  34. This should be called the punk bitch wall lmao mi swear all unno jus mixup chyna a mad ya candi ah mad ya wifey ah mad yah mi nevaaa see one set a people. Suh worry about other bitches pum pum and one man dick suh di senda say if mi caan have skinny bangs nobody can.dwbl

    1. Nope wrong again! Wife a mad chyna. Candi a mad Chyna. Big tinkin Gangsta Vybz a mad China ctfu Candi you really lower yourself to go be a next hit and run victim of this crawny low life pink wall skilli? yuckkk!! now u a part of the dun mate crew fi go screw nasty skinny bangs. I hope it’s not true!! You was a wife now you settle to be secret mate? To Chyna? Runnn I hope they lyin on you but your marriage mash up already so stay! Why skilli love f**k and run married women weh dem owna man don’t want. Chyna you nah hold you man. Oh shit I forget you borrowing too! But dont worry you winning chyna! Dwrl

  35. Silly skilly you really f**kin Gangsta Vybz? Why? Skilli mi lose offa you your name call pon to mush junky pussy! No wonda dem say it soft. Junky pussy and man f**k out wives you pick up. Not even some hot up up girl. Oh and Gvbyz she about the best one that’s if she neva fava Barney! Damn if I was wife I would tear out mi hole and die!! Yuckkk you salt bad yute a no chyna one salt u up all di men wives and babymada best Fren and not takin care of yute dem and baa crosses a falla you. 2015 try cleen up u act u to desperate man.

  36. Chris you are a loser you know I can expose you but I am going to Lo you and leave you to time. And Chris you know I can but you truly are not worth it and you aint got shit to lose cause your wife enables and finances your slackness. You are not a man!
    One question to this Chyna why did Chris get a new phone? The 8080 number? Do you even have it chyna? No it’s not for business it ask him what it’s for? If you don’t have the number ask Candi when you see her she AND her man have it too! And she showed him Chris whatsapp! Chris get a lyfe you are a old bum and loser. You WILL get what’s coming to you, but I don’t care to see! And YES his penis is soft!! Ctfu Blame it on what you want Chris but at least you know and admit it’s soft!
    Nobody is mad over Chris because if any girl fb or whatsapp him he is very easy to get! I have no problem f**king him any day even today but its soft plus HIV is real! I didn’t know he was sleeping with soo many women. And herpes passes through condoms! I’m dun this story is dead! Kinda like your dick!

    1. Get a life! You and whoever you are working with…MAN or woman! It did not work, If you could have exposed him you would have enough is enough! He has a wife…period..nothing bakka dat! Stop catching feelings and trying to expose people its already exposed he has a wife! Now you know! If you are going to stay and take the dick you say is soft then stay if he let you. If you going then go but stop putting up the wife picture and threatening to expose Skilli is played out now! Do it an dun!
      You call Skilli a loser then let it go and be glad he’s gone! Why are you so bitter? You are looking like the loser now!
      Money time and education time for the 2015! Let’s up the game then you don’t have to expose a man to make him want you! Everything Up!

      1. skilli new loser stop tek up fi di loser. U di only one caan see, u n fool fool chyna. Uno fool u n wife n dancehall wife betta sav up fi di medical bill when skilli sting u with a dose of HIV herpes n somethin caan find in med book. Time skilli watch time

  37. Which ediot dunce bitch dis a try tek up fa dutty diseased sof dick fronzi skilli bangs. Stap it yah u don’t believe that shit urself. Skilly a nuh good summbady any fool wanna tek up for him a silly bitch. Chyna herself nah tek up fi skilli. You playin urself I guess u the new fool. Don’t worry he soon mess you ova. Skilli lies and shady. He believe his own lie. He f**k any n anyting. He damn bad mind an a u ask y he Luv marryed ooman cause he a clean up boy. A dirty badmind dread dat. He talk a good game to bitchs uno doh know skilli he f**k anyting! I believe every post.
    Dem gal fi expose yuh nasty bumbo yes. Dunn him nasty rass yes! Full time dem liard fukka file run. Wifey fi get dem news a her job fi tru bout her dirty man dumm bitch keep cum defen skilli n fuk him u get u warning n chyna too. When aids reach u who can u blame. N skilli already look like him have summu.

  38. Uhh ohh Skilli!! I think she do slept with him but she wicked n hurt. LOLOL!! I wont say she lyin but she pullin the truth a lil far. Skilli dick is not dead, thats lie but anybody that slept with him more than 1 know what she talkin it aint always strong an firm like some trong yung men. DWBL. She wicked doe.
    Dick cummin like our breast some firm n stay firm some drop lickle bit some drop like slippa. Skilli teelie drop lickle bit but it can gwan. it no hard hard like dem hard fukka man or no stulla but it no drop dead yet. can get a lickle work off it. couldnt be my 1st pick but it comfy when u lil tierd and wan take it easy.
    :tkp :ngacir2

  39. Still trying to figure out how this man dick, the pusc he gets, his wife, kids, side bitches, money, and club are any bodies business but his own! What is he doing so different from any other poor or rich, white or black man out there? Yall been trying to play saviour since 2000something. Focus on uno self now man and low the man and him family!!! And jus lef the kids outta unu BS no…

  40. Skilli u a loser str888! Go sleep boy! Stay off my whatsapp n fb n get a real big man life n job! chris u a lickle boy trapped in a 40 year old dun out body! Lmao!! I can’t believe how funny n fool you are. You a disgrace to all those kids u got n the reason they up here. And rather buy liquor for niggas and weed than child support. They need a dad not no 40 failed rap star u tryin to be. Boy go sat ur corny ass down! Stop before anybody else come tell about the soft hood and dead f**k you a dash out all over the city! Skilli you kno ur our finance n fun boy but u aint never a stulla!! Skilli cum pay this truck note and put me up and I stop talk rich boy lets go onyx n mek it rain lol! I have stalkers but you lead the man that’s mad over stink pussy crew. Skilli go sleep go get back yo life and find some cure for your mr. Softie u got. Chyna girl come get your prized babydaddy!!

  41. Skilli wife is a bigger loser dan skilli! Skilli where wify be when u runnin streets at night on my phone n in n out of evry bed. Ctfu ooooohhh u kno wah wife kno ya dick soft she say u can tek dat shit an give it away. ohh dats yyy she neva seen or heard she sick of the dead peace a meat too! ctfu skilli bangs u lame.

  42. I’m disgusted that someone would put up the women information regardless if it is public records or not no one asked for that information if so the person who sent in this post would of provided that… that women would not waste her time fighting with women on here or any where else she can leave that man today and she will be alright she has a practice which none of the women he messes with does and that’s why someone put this up there leave that women alone and her kids alone and this man needs to get his act together because it is disgusting that he let it get to this level that now his wife picture and info is out there for all to see, he has embrassed this women street up I don’t care how he talks educated then he shouldn’t do what he does. smfh

  43. Let’s get a couple things straight….
    Chris has a degree from Drexel in Engineering.
    All this talk about “soft dick” is a joke. Ladies, if it’s soft for you maybe you aren’t doing it for him. He does favor white women, I’ve never had a problem.
    If you’re mad at Chris, why don’t you quit hating and take a walk, move on to someone that gives you what you are looking for instead of bad mouthing the next girl. If Chris owes you, take a look at the part you played in the situation, learn your lesson & go be happy with a next man.
    If Chyna is happy with her situation, that’s her hole she dug for herself.
    If Samantha is happy in her marriage, that’s private between husband and wife & no one knows what goes on between them but Chris and Samantha. Don’t judge.
    The rest of you, get a life. Take him for who he is or leave it. But you don’t have a right to put his kids on blast, they are innocent to this mess and it is just wrong. It is sick. And is equivalent to the horrible stuff you say he is doing. You are no better.
    Let’s keep the adult issues between the adults. If you all want to fight over who has him, who wants him and who wants to destroy his life and reputation… You have that right. But his children are innocent, they have no place on this trash talking, cheater exposing, pink wall. Bless

      1. Ask her to see that degree lol he went but did not graduate by far. What he did do is meet his Dancehall wife there Chyna Bangs! ..more tea please.
        OH BTW the only thing Chris love and favor about white woman is the money…the white man on it! Chris only dates RICH white woman but he dates ANY black chick rich or poor! He only loves that white lady will give him that money with no questions asked and he will take it straight to hood and run it on all sketels. Even those with Stinky Kit kat! TEAAA

  44. Met,
    Yes it is & Chris fought to put himself through school. He put that career aside to follow his passion for music. Maybe that has gotten off track, maybe he has gotten caught up in the mix and the sickness that goes on in the dancehall. But everyone makes mistakes & life is about learning from them. He is a smart guy and the ladies that were fooled by him need to take a hard look at themselves and have some dignity, self love and find something that makes them happy rather than squabbling with other women and fighting.
    Do you think Samantha is sitting around fighting on here? She is working, living her life, loving her kids and making decisions about her marriage that don’t involve the pink wall. On that note, I’ve said my peace & will return to my life with my children and friends and make sure it is filled with dignity and class. Y’all should do the same.

  45. Omg Samantha if that is you why didn’t you just keep quiet and act like you did not read these things! Yes love you do need to make some decisions about your life health and marriage! Skilli your husband Chris Murray is the ONLY reason you ar ur kids up here. Who would no you. U keep talkn bout bad decision wat about ur bad decision to get pregnant n marry a thug. Do u no were Chris is this mornin.
    And he don’t like 2 much white cuz evry chance he get to leave u n kids he in a black dancehall woman bed. Nite n day Samantha. Skilli dik is soft n u can deny it but u deny everything anyway. I hope it not u Samantha Conway cuz now wi ago dunnn.
    Chris go Drexel boo did he graduate. When lass him hold down a job. Why is he selln drugs n runnin street with baaa criminal. Yes Wify yah man hussle if u donn know wha dat mean beg him call kiki n him next mule fi explain. You talk about chyna what hole she did you know he is with chyna every day n night that he leave u? You a part time wife you financing him n chyna lifestyle n flossing yeah u do have sum choices to make.
    Question When last Chris work Mrs Murray? You a lawyer lets cross examine you. You are aiding n abetting a criminal don’t Mek me put u pon full blast. U better Dan any body. Chris a use you n ur money to min him women n children n hussle. You really come on here or is dis anotha one of skilli ediot gyal a try defen him or mad skilli bangs himself. Samantha you mad a badddddd choice you n your kids haffi live with it. You a defen Skilli DWFL tek wey any of him phone fi five min look pon di whatsapp and fb message den cum defen ur stalka soft dick man. Oh him fix gal cars n pay bills n treat we to dinner n tek we shopping n tings lol. With allowance you give him. Tank you Ms Murray! DWBL Me ago link you fi tru cause if you really write diss u nuh have no class nor dignity yuh educated white trash like ur man is educated dog shit.

  46. First, I am not Samantha. But I do know, she doesn’t look at this foolishness and I shouldn’t have either. Just felt the need to speak my peace and respond to all the blame with what I do know as facts.
    My last comment, if he is “dogshit” why are you wasting your time on here talking “shit”, trash talking, putting him down. I like him, know the good in him & felt I needed to defend that. If you hate him so, why not move on & find a man that doesn’t take up your time on the pink wall.
    I don’t care where he is or what he is doing right now. I am not involved with him. But I only see women on this site, fighting, hating, blaming & looking angry, jealous and frightening. Don’t let a man take your class and dignity. Have a discussion ladies, if you must.
    But a better idea is if he is so bad, go find a decent one and stop dragging other women down over men who are the problem.
    Good luck ladies!

    1. Good tri DWL! Silly skilly or Slimy Sammy Bye! You say you neva had problem with his sof dick, he fava white woman and ur not Samantha but you defend samantha while samplin her man not so soft dick…and u say you have class n dignity. See u jus loss it f**kin with skilly DWBL. It happens 2 di best of us Skilly will f***k up a good name n lower your class.
      BYYYEEEE DWL Tek Big peeple fi fool!!

  47. Dis lady crazy Skilli is only waiting to get shit out of her to pay for his future cuz he don’t love work. He is a 40 DJ who smokes all day n runs from gal to gal a daytime n chyna yaad a nite. When he had nifigi dats all he do him n him Fren bring in gal all day every day fi smoke n f**k now tru him salt it up it lock dung like trax dat she had wit him. Wife finance dem n him gal run dem n di matie dem cum screw n smoke in dem. till dem mash up. No body hate pon skilli or dem summu weh she a chat bout skilli love di fukry. Him keep up di most bullshit like him is a yung boy.
    Skilli wit chyna every dance a him carry her!! So wife fi gwehhh! Skilli deh a chyna yard every nite n when party ova skilli ina chyna bed or some otha dancehall bed n she no it. Skilli haffi frig Samantha cuz a di money. But him no haffi screw chyna, candi, maine, artya, Kiki, veechy, or ne of di dozens dancehall gal. Dem dont equal her money n he dont obligate to dem he go screw dem cuz DEM HE LOVE! Wife u have up di money. Jamaican man licky licky until he get his own or u give him a good start he cumn home to u n kids. Him don’t haffi work n u Mek him live good. why wont he but if u so classy n betta why him no stik wid u.
    dWBL da min him tings up n runnin di man gone. Him alreadi promise him gal di ring n stop tell him gal dem seh him no marry. You a lawya u betta have sign a nice prenupt n I hope u smart enuff fi no name him on no insurance policy. Be smart n stop play fool. U cum pon pink wall fi wah n mi no it’s probly di man write dem summu. skilli a pussy dem wey deh. Look how many kids him one have Samantha ur man smart alrite smart enuff to marry a bumbo who can supprt his habit n ova look dem. lol ladies if a so she waan it tek the dead hood n help her spen her money

  48. lack of penis turgidity or flaccidity is a common problem amongst men close to 40s and beyond. Doesn’t mean penis is dead just never fully engorged or erect. He should first check to ensure there are no undiscovered medical issues that are interfering with the turgidity of the penis. It will only get worse with time. Blaming women and lack of interest in women that he seems to constantly be having sexual relations with is sad shallow and only going to lead to frustrated efforts on your part.
    I applaud your efforts to divert the negative comments and to shine a positive light on your man, friends, husbands flaccid penis, but if you sincerely care have him seek medical attention to rule out any underlying health issues. Untreated STD’s,especially HPV is a common known cause for flaccidity. From the number of partners mentioned here and reference to having sex with women with foul smelling vaginas, this could quite possibly be the case.

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