U post a story a while ago about jim n him baby mother then look what him do go hotel with the side chick n them put up video steph a one mass cut cause jim nah left sherffa right how mi nuh kmw if him n steph still dey cause a sherffa yard him dey every night please dnt display my details but as far as I see jim a hide steph a Sherrfa him a front up no man Sheffa finally get a man a f**k a yuh steph yuh say nuh man nuh want Sheffa n a hide man hide and f**k but jim want her yuh dnt hear him my baby I love you lol ppl watch the video steph yuh breed n the man left yuh sherffa a win gwan with yuh gd man jim Sherrfa cause him say a u him say Sheffa post the message them him send yuh mek see dead

15 thoughts on “SIDECHICK HOTELING

  1. Did she say “Mass cut” as in mascot. Dwlll. I’m just bugging ya’ll…. Don’t mind me over on this side. :travel :travel :travel

      1. That’s what I’m saying too. Usually they hide their face or the side chick have to sneak and take a pic, and even then she won’t dare post it! Dis one brave bad. No respect.

  2. He look well happy in the video talking bout Happy Birthday so…it the people dem man like WE the people…. which one person man could he be?

  3. Well right now it look like is fi har man. He didn’t tell her not to record him. He’s in the video telling her happy birthday baby, and looks very comfortable on camera.

  4. full time unno stop getting this shyt twisted. I don’t own any of my girls n by decree none a them can’t own ME!

    The best u can hope for is to be the majority shareholderinna a person life. So long as you nuh enslave them, then them free to do whatever their heart desire. A so the thing set, wake up my ppl!!

  5. Mi f**k an go chu once yuh Nuh bloodclaat married and yuh cocky Nuh license unda government papa an mi wah f**k mi a dweet… Mi inna mi bloodclaat dawkest glasses :metal: mi Nuh see

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