1. Fi real winford stop bring batty bouy shebada an gage an dem guys deh weh cnt even construct a proper sentence pon u programme, Onstage is a entertainment programme and im sure wayy more positive stuff a gwaan ina ja yah fi entertain di masses rather than av dis one bagga man a cuss cuss pon u programme an throw wud like mama lashy.
    Tek up bck ur whip kolanji cause a u did cum change di whole scene wid black woman an child den di cultural revolution start occur, but before u start point finger we need u fi look ina di mirror. Start mek a change wid urself 1st an foremost, mi naaah tell u fi gi up ur guns dem (weh tek countless ja’cans life) but try change di mentality of the youths in A-town first, no more killing between Judgement yaad, Jungle 12, bryce hill, Angola (Gola) and surrounding communities. When dat start an ja see it then u can move to di wider population.
    Love di msg still stay on dat track we will tek bck we island fr di slave masters keep a meeting wid bounty, capleton, jr gong, shaggy, chronixx, kabaka pyramid, proteje, taurus riley and other top power artiste wid pulling powers fi tek back di muzik.

  2. I uderstand where he’s coming from but how can we leave from jamaica to Africa when theres so much violence and mistrust on that continent,Sizzla when are you gonna talk about how Silasie fed his lions cows and goats while his ppl were starving

    1. You have to read for yourself. Selassie did not starve anyone. You must know that Ethiopia is split between Muslims and Christians. The mushroom clouds that were filled with poison were dropped on Ethiopia by Mussolini. It poisoned the cattle and the vegetation. The people were warned and they still ate the produce and animals. This was spread by the media who could not get Selassie to divide Africa. Ethiopia has the oldest calendar and has never been colonized.

  3. But Sizzla bad pan di twanging lol…yes Sizzla, ah true dem need fe eradicate di foolishness from outta Jamaica ah bring back wi beautiful island of Jamaica tuh what it once use tuh be…way toooooooooo much corruption an funny business goin on in Jamaica…

  4. LOLOL!!…..ow Winford fi ax Sizzla bout Battyman? Winford, yu nuh nervous? Yu nuh si Sizzla wid him lightah WINFEERRRD!!!

  5. Many are called few are chosen. Miguel Collins aka Sizzla Kalangi you are chosen and must stand up against the demons.”GIMMI DI 3 NYABINGHI DRUMS AND DI TABERNACLE”.Winfred a suspect!

  6. Met mi always a ask an can’t get an answer is winford gay ? caz him talk like one to me an him hand movements look like how fish move dem an when dem a talk ????

      1. Yow family, lolol. ALL upity Jamaicans have that bullshit “How now brown cow” elocution sound when dem a talk lolol
        Majority a de oman dem sound the same damn way. Pretentious A-holes :alay lolol

        1. The natty bun up winifred shut …winifred look like him jus gi dada di mike him couldnt bada …him wish him neva ask Natty seh wen him wah go miami him go uptown and when him wah go jamaica him go Africa…family di bobo lik mi dung flat ova ya

  7. @jamaicanqueen don’t b fooled not all Jamaicans are illiterate and talk uneducated,gun man, thug, broken come from the ghetto. dressed naked in dance, party 7 days a week 10 babymothers. There’s some Jamaicans that are very upstanding if they tell u would Neva believe bcuz they don’t fit with the majority. Don’t make a wild bunch spoil the 10 percent alright

  8. Met off subject but is where on gods earth them find this ms Jamaica where is the yendi n cindy dem are they finish…sorry but this gal fit for regular pageant not miss universe (MY OPINION)

  9. This man is speaking truth. Please those who have ears hear and those who have eyes please see. We will be reunited once again – Africans from the first exile and from all those that followed. Notably the Transatlantic slaves descendants as described in the the old testament. You are he who he spoke of, the lost tribe of Israel. You were scattered and your identity stolen from you. No leader will rise up, come and save us – they can’t because you are his people and only he can save you. But God promise is to restore you, he is true to his words and so he will. But will you do what he ask – will you humble yourself and seek him? Will you offer him a repentant heart so he can heal your broken spirit?
    16For You do not delight in sacrifice, otherwise I would give it; You are not pleased with burnt offering. 17The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise. 18By Your favor do good to Zion; Build the walls of Jerusalem.…

  10. My brothers and sisters – “Sizzla” is kicking a lot of knowledge. Wake up the prophecy is being fulfilled. Do not get left behind. Repent while you can, seek God with all your heart while he is still found.
    Love, Love and Love you my brothers and sisters our days of suffering soon come to an end.

  11. Cho….Ah who tell Winford fi go chubble my fren!?! Haha ah think him bite off more than him could swallow and get parched inna di fiyah! Smh only Miguel I tell yah…

  12. Sizzle u stop buy gun fi kill off the same black ppl u telling fi unite? A u own eighty percent of the gun dem in a August town.facts#

  13. Great job Sizzla. So well spoken and informed glad yu nah worry bout visa stay and Gwaan educate the youths dem a Jamaica.

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