Gi dis woman $2000 US fi two dubplate from her brother(Sizzla) and $600 fi her nephew(Reemus K) all now me ca see or hear ntn. Me inna total disbelief. A cause me nuh have no direct contact fi Dada and if me did deh a Jamaica me woulda get it done pan mi own. Tuttie wah gwan wid di dub??
And really and truely as fi her nephew a nuh smaddy weh me know but she introduce me to his music and him nuh sound bad and me love support people. Di yute bad. All now a bumboclaaat. But as a music man a suh it go more while u win some yuh loose some

5 thoughts on “SIZZLA SISTER AGEN

  1. And how u agoh gi her money fi meck her brother dou ting fi u. A long time she a scam ppl eno?? U neva kn . She agoh sah a hack ppl hack her profile ano she .

  2. Sizzla sister name ever a call up inna drama. Woman, stop use your brother name fi scam on. Stop collecting ppl’s money for goods you not delivering.

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