1. Him neva respond to di first one so she post it again TWO more times, she she speculate di birthday mus have been amazing, can we say she wasnt a part of it?

  2. But coo pon Skatta a draw card pon the Ishawna and the oda fool dem weh a mad ova him. Skatta put up a post say “Thanks forthe bbirthday lobe, phone was down most of the day”. Mi dead wid laugh cuz a the oldest card him draw pon the fool dem.
    So mi wah know who ago lef Downsound wen Skatta an Ishawna lef? See wah happen to Foota

    1. Oldest trick in tha damn book for real!!!…”phone was down most of the day”..dat ah code fa phone was on silent or off when you don’t wanna ansa no phone calls LOL!

  3. Flipgram is a video. That mean sender snap shots from the video @insta correction you were right you not that stupid afteral dwrl . One post

  4. Ishawna all I have to say is, mek sure you know weh u a do? me see foota with ooun son a spen quality time.. by the way your son still deh a Jamaica? did you call foota fi inquire about your son if him alright or nah? boy pickney love both parents but dem have a strong bond with them mummie.. but me see u a big up man and foota a big up ooun son.. ishawna u mus know weh u a do! but it don’t look good pan your side

    1. Whether she is or isnt its really none of your business. Unno love bring up if ppl a mind dem pickney. Lowe her an her son. Dem alright.

      1. a how it bun you so! meash mi corn and you go nyam it and it choke you nawsiie rass it shudda poision u nastiness! u a one a the wukliss mumma dem? dats why it bun you so kiss mi ass dutty bitch

        1. guess again. u write di big paragraph fi nuttn. if mi dutty u a sewage.. as mi seh MIND UR BUSINESSSSSSSSSS. ishawna pickney goodly a live betta dan u DWLLL.

  5. Ishawna seems like a desperate thirsty fling to ugly man Skatta. Skatta is too intelligent and mature for her Sketelish ways and behavior. He won’t wife her because she has no loyalty qualities and her moral compass bruk. She cannot be trusted. . She cheated on her man with him and they were friends and she cheated with him on his woman who was also her friend. She all have faults a weakess but man find these qualities hard to overlook no matter how cute you are. Ishawna Skatta won’t say it to your face…. But him nuh rate you feh wife you.

  6. Ishawna true color a come out.. put up man and Christmas tree pan IG but not hewn child.. the way she lve brag.. if she did buy anything for her son Christmas it woulda reach IG, Ishawna ow we know who is the responsible one when you and foota was together

  7. Dis bitch really have a type: di monkey type! Yeah. Caws one fayva gorilla and she pick up an orangutan. She brave nuh bl##dclaat! Hey money wi mek ppl loose dem life and nuh care enuh!!!!! Me waan smaddy come before God and all mankind, come tell MEEEE seh dah 1st class whore deh like dah supmn deh weh she pose up wid, weh unnu seh she like him “SWAG,” him monkey bop….clothes deven fit him….watch yah nuh man….mek ah leave before….
    All me know monkey cuter dan monkey, and dat one is a SIGHT!

  8. from you lookpon scatta ,you can see badmind,,envy,,and want to be player….this faggot is a clown,,,,,ishawna you a clown,,how you fi deh wid skatta,,,no worry still you will get what the duck get…,,out a all a the woman dj dem you ans angel a the stupiest ones,,,

  9. Unu fe gwehhhh from day b one ishawna never have her son in the public eye so why she fe start now yall stupid as f**k a one flipagram the gal put up and unu screenshot it smh unu lame like unu suppose to broke and hungry while watching the so called bitch weh no man naw wife a mek money poor unu a 2015 unu come off a the gal now man

    1. she say she is a superstar! so ppl a go talk bout har doe.. tell her say just liow she keep her son personal a so she fi keep her relationship if she nuh wan nobody talk bout it.. wuklisss set a cruff

  10. Lol, this is a video. Clearly. lol. Even if she did wanna post this three times Skatta shout out ishawna all the time on his page (performances, birthday, just for laughs,etc. ) So whats the big deal if she did have three different posts? nehoo…gwaan ishawna u find it 🙂 lmaoo, #kisskittyky #loveher

  11. when a ugly nigga know how to suck pumpum and nyam batty good silly hoes get addicted smh ishawna your retarded

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