1. ugly man looking tamika u mad or nah? mi knw a u send diz in u tight caz Kay b all up in a Kay grillz. bitch plz caz yo bitch ass ain’t loyal either u still can’t get ova nico when he clearly has moved on. Maybe if u stop f**k a bunch a man fi money n stop dash weh belly u might get lucky until then drink bleach! yo wack ass run to beg fren fr jojo but she gone get wat she looking for caz u ain’t got no pussy control daz if Jp ain’t f**ked u already. jus knw nico n kay happy n unbothered

  2. Met unnu me kinda like this .. She change for di betta she run road like Likkle ho no more mi nuh know if ah cuz he .. But mi like them

  3. Sad the the only thing can make dis whoring gal yah stop run road like she ah homeless pikney is ah man .. She can’t do it by harself .. But good thank eno nico for calming and maybe changing this young hoe.. Mi like har now so big up

  4. 1 burner mi rass a only 2 think Mek these two together 1) she have no where to stay so she KOTCH a him yard 2) him a try spite him babymother cause him deh pon child support…. Skay weh walk and lick out batty(Haverd(fire squad),baldhead,Mikey & lot more but can’t believe dis Bwoy really end up with she although him probly a get it to lmaooo but nasty Skay don’t act like yah his gal cause nth bout yuh steady dunce head lick out batty walk street skink mouth bitch

  5. This bitch is a joke one burner my ass
    How much man she aguh change suh withing the past few months .. So a him a the boo fi now .. Bout self made .. Correction .. F**k out road whore kotch an f**k fi liquor ride an box food .. Den unuh say unuh own man .. Is who she a try spite an a post his pic now .. Bitch have no shame ur ig been thru how many man cuple up pics since the year start yea bitch pause I’m listening … Go take a bum seat .. Thieving cross county bitch

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