1. Is Sabatage dem a sabatoge di dread. no baddie no so bad luckied. Funny thing is di Haitian open up a club/hall round di corna about a yr now. Dem neva have no hall until Skill decide seh a Broad street him did a teck him thing from thereforth.
    Mi a wanda if the 2 dead man dem a yawdie?? most a di patrons are yankee wananbe.
    Skill is a educated boy, I don’t know why he does not go and do a corporate job and leave out these dancehall ppl weh badmind. di Boy have brains and a waste it and a put him life ina jeopardy at the same time.

    1. This shooting was Yankee bikers and had nothing to do with the man place! Only Badmind Jamaicans wanna rejoice over the shooting of the man place. And yes it is badmind because the dread take his money and try do something time after time to uplift the dancehall community….and he is about the only one where try over and over again to keep dancehall going!
      99% of Dancehall people eat a food because of Skilli place whether they want to admit it or not! From badmind selecta Peter Blacks to all the promoter that keep dance and round robin to all the lil begging dancehall mattress who only occupation is to wait for Nifiji to open so uno can go walk and beg $20 or look man fi mind you!! So uno fi stop wash uno mouth pan Nifiji cause without it nuff a uno a go dead fi hungry! Look how much dance a come up in there? You think it nice that only place in Philly uno go is Nifiji or a cold junk yard with trash truck a pass through? Skilli luck no run out!
      Go through youth you a set the pace but you really fi lo dutty Philly dancehall people Mek dem go party in the junkyard where they belong!

      1. Most people buss dem rass inna school cause eventually they will earn enough to do what they really love to do. if the man want a rum bar a fi him business. Yuh haffi see wid broad back cash eno cause she always inna di wrong direction har pu$$y compass a lead har astray more time see dem say erick a tek ooman round the corna from har establishment and all now she no believe the compass. lololol

    1. News say one man dead at 12:50 other 1:02 so we know that is not Yardie cause philly dancehall people don’t roll over and come out until 3am. And if it never licensed would they let it open back after first incident. Skilly been doing this long time and true he is very smart, you think he gonna get caught without a license. Philly is a violent place they shoot all over. Just yesterday one block away they kill a little 15 year old girl. I guess they gonna blame Skilly for that too.

  2. Philly ppl don’t have no life no green card no education no future leave him alone he has his degree. At least he not walking killing or robbing ppl. He is making use of his stay here in america y’all need to do the same and when I say y’all I’m talking to all philly mattress. You could be at a corporate job and shit still go wrong kmt the twin towers was full of corporate ppl

    1. keep the twin towers outta u stink in mouth. that was corporate america. where terrorists attacked america. this is f**king dancehall where the back a bush butu dem settle their differences with a gun. f**king dummy.

    2. I can not speak on anyone else but he is very educated and is a citizen. I pray for him to walk away from the demon filled dens of Philly so called dancehall life.

      1. True! Philly dancehall full of demons! They will cut off their own nose to spite their face! They go in Nifiji to make money. Then they cuss the man and want the place to close! All I can hear all week is Skilli badmind but all now i dont see where the badmine drop in? True he rent the place same time as another person party? R U Serious? Philly dancehall people would be dead for hungry in NY look how much party keep in one night. If your ting shot it dont matter who else a keep dance. Philly dancehall people have some backards thinking! He do need to leave dem alone, its their late party and bottles that will cause scrutiny. Dem is bad biz!!

  3. You sound hurt boo are you philly top mattress, this sound personal did the man f**k and duck you too? Are you one of those insects that has Sneak in this country? Sounds like you know what the problem was at the club lol. Really settle differences? You sound like a witness find a police precinct If you so concern.

  4. Philly dancehall bad mind fool follow Peter Blacks from whe day he diss Skilli fi allow people to keep dance in place on the same day as another dance and everybody jump on board like that make any sense! Some Philly dancehall people so fool!! You call Skilli badmind because he running a business when uno a work off politics. Peter Blacks is a sound man him fi clash Skilli on sound ting but Peter Blacks is not a biz man he can not tell anybody how fi run their biz because his biz spoil! Peter blacks play sound fi twenty odd years and no live no where but all he do is diss the lil yute them and talk bout foundation! And Philly dancehall jump on it and wanna lick out against skilly. They never fight gainst Peter blacks cuz he nah do shit with his life or time, can he even travel? But u fight Skilli for having a biz that all dancehall you go in and make money off of? Including Peter Blacks! Bad mind have you confused the man do up new Nifiji nice for the dutty dancehall people and you will pray to see it close to go stand in a junkyard in the cold! Only Philly Jamaicans!

  5. I will stand up in Big Yard any day before I support Badmind Skilli he is nobody friend and him grudge anybody who try to get another spot going This one incident about the dance from Saturday is just a taste of skilli bad mind that’s why people was so quick to jump on it cause he been keeping up his bad mind f**kery. Karma is Bitch and it look like she visiting skilli who’s visit has been long over due. Skilli is a man that have things and still bad mind people for theirs. He don’t want nobody to eat if it aint through him. The same people up here slammin big yard was partying in there all SUMMER. Now things get sticky pon Skilli and yall wanna diss the spot. Now who a Bad Mind

    1. Really?? its a Junk Yard, like literally a JUNKYARD with scraps and old trucks and tires ohh and a stage.,+Philadelphia,+PA+19153/@39.919659,-75.2120017,3a,75y,18.71h,78.54t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sL-ZjL2fKyDHhBWIfcA_XzA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c6c42f4badc6d5:0x6ce95c9be4ad02a8!6m1!1e1
      Badmind Skilli, ohh please the next event folks will be there as usual. Nobody in Philadelphia dancehall is innocent all of them are wicked in one way or another. If folks didn’t burn their bridges with the wicked behavior Philly Dancehall would still be alive and thriving at NICE safe venues. NO, whats the point in investing in something nice for people to tear it down with the fighting and other f*ckery? so yeah go stand up and pay foy 435 to stand in a junk yard. A JUNK YARD

    2. You will stand up in a junkyard before you support Skilli? You nah support skilli you a support the promoter who a keep dance! LOL the problem with uno dunce is you would prefer badmind the man and stand in a garbage yard? Big yard always nice forcook out and fish fry but for a real dance thats a backwards move to put on my expensive tings and walk from way a passyunk through a junk yard in cold! Mi nah do that mi nuh love dance so! I will go in Nifiji cause the promoter and selector one alone cant eat! And if he eat a lil food from rent the place mi nah grudge him shit look pon it man dead outside his place and he get the blame! Mi nah grudge the man! Skilli smart and have his place if he eat so it go, he work for it! We need to stop bad mind each other and take notes!
      Yankee dead in Philly is not Karma, dwl that is Philly! So you think people death good just true you wish bad for the man! DWL Only Jamaicans in Philly!!

    1. Or one of them old broke car drop pon you, or trash truck run you over. LOL None of them places licensed, y dem a cuss skilli when 90 dance book for there and 30 people eat off round robin! DWL!! Lo the yute! Without him your kids would be nekkid! you dont see weed stop sell! LOL

  6. Uno a real non progressive element!! I dont care Im not going to stop defend Skilli! The man take his own hands and money and get one of nicest venue that we Jamaicans can actually make a money off of! Not only promoters but selectas also….even the ones that cuss the man and you really rejoice to see Yankee dead outside of it? True you say the youth hype? Skilli is very humble for all he has if uno have tax check and a new red bottoms and uno boasty like!! For all the man has he’s very humble! And nuff of you count the man money and owe him or short him night of dance! Dwl! Jamaicans are the worst! If it was the Asians or any other culture and one of their biz was having issue the whole community would be behind them! But the minute anything happen uno try run talk about you goin to buy old place….jb….or he don’t have liquor license lol you never know that when you a collect bar money at round robin? True uno spend ur money on clothes and the man use it to get a bigger place for you fools you say he badmind! Lol! He ever tief your money or borrow from you to open his place? Can’t believe you really fall for the old dun out selectors tricks! Watch who you follow! They will lead you nowhere or better yet to a junkyard in the cold! Skilli Nuh say a word!! Everything UP!!

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