1. wherreee u lookin…..look again???? look at tanicka, kamma, sandy british, javonne NOOOO they look BAAADDDDD plus tax….take a good look….
        The rest look good better than usual

  1. Jah know star donte me and you is good friend but mi of to seh diss why your mouth smell like batty suh? Mi waa If yaah lick out your gal batty

  2. Most of these ppl eat batty that is the reason for the breath to have a batty odor. Hot mess all of them .I must say Donna Gucci look the best she always seem to step out better than these young girls

  3. Neva like Donna big bird yellow outfit but other than dat she always carry harself well.She look much much better and younger than har niece dem inna dance

    1. i dont give a flying f&%k what ya’ll say……donna gucci dont look good and need to stay home like the rest ah her sista dem……she like fifty. at her age she should be attending cabarets, luncheons, or boat rides. do something go join church and come outta philly basement party. and come offa jmg bout look good kmrct,

      1. is church for people 50 and over or do you plan to come outta philly basement party and go to church too?

        1. when u can show me where i said church was for 50 and over then we can have a discussion. as to answer your question basement parties are not my thing. hush if mi mash yuh cawn yah mumz big up yuh basement pawty ah you seh living life and mad the fuxxa dem doe? say raaaayyyyyyyyyy oh no my bad i meant abaaayyyyyyyyy. :thumbup

          1. Tek an advil because it looks like di big woman and har sista dem a gi yu headache. betta yet maybe yu need prozac or lithium because a mad dem a mad yu.

  4. Neicy and di batty wash crew the new one she recruit fi satisfy Cory nasty to eww dem look hungry all dem gal yah nam a belly

  5. Blackie need lotion on she foot.donna u don’t look 2bad.but please stop bleaching yu face, u will never got the color of yu matey.yes yu baby daddy next women natural browning she say.and please rest yu foot.(knee look weak baaadddddd.yeeessss

  6. Tia yu need to stay home and stop guh dance looking for a baby daddy please you and neicy ketch a belly every six months neicy word on the street yu f**k yu fren man and shi stop chat to yu learn hon fi Kibba yu pussy and stinking mouth

  7. not all a dem look good.All di Tannika look pad up and chakka chukka and the retarded looking fren weh mi see she a par wid now.

    1. Tanika look bad like always dat aint nuttin new she look xtra bad here doe her teef soon drop out of her head they look yellow n old her cloths always look cheap i dont no wat it is but she Eva look big n sloppy. Her fren look a mess to in suspenders wit armpit look. Look untidy badd
      Munchie look nice n donna n blackie dem all look ok even Tyesh look ok. But not everybody that not true

    1. Which part a ugly stinking mouth shabba look gud him mouth smell like him do a lick batty everyday how can anyone kiss that the woman dem him talk to have low selfa-steam they r not cute yak yak

    2. Is Marlo and shabba a couple I saw dem out one day him left Nicky I alway c dem a party talking to har she’s one of philly biggest whore four kids four man dam life style nasty badd with you hill shaped self girl you need fi go join the gym

      1. 5 kids 5 diff man not 4 she have five or more man in the same white party. Shabba and her a happy couple yes. yes she rich now off lawsuit money for baby she had with the old man the sour one on here tanika just have a baby by….they all share man n baby daddy

  8. Donna Gucci look the best she can put herself together. That’s why they hate her, tyesh always put herself together but her problem is she stand with ppl that can’t dress so it reflect on her, the girl standing with tia and f**k f**k look nice also.dontea seem happy with the old woman yes why not she payed for him to come in the dance and buy his drinks along with the clothes he have on.the girl in purple skirt look like barney.Trudy you need some proper clothes gun. Most important what everyone should be concern about is the father of tia baby, pretty soon a house is going to be thing I know its not my house

  9. True donna do put herself together good she try and always look like she ready fi party even if it no pull off so good, she eva clean tho. Tyesh not ugly by far but she act to desperate and fool fool but she look nice today. Rochelle no look bad either she just shape bad. Dem try tho but them behavior terrible and them gwan like dem a di hottest and dem far from it!
    Mi just see video wit stacy talk about yes she suck hood, she drop off bad bad, if she ever did anywhere!! That is so nasty to talk up in camera and everybody know you deh with Jay Blacks! Damn your stomach strong fi suck that hood much less frig him. Go look work stacy some things not worth loosing yah dignity? Wha u a try prove by run up in camera talk bout u suck hood? No man no want you after you let the con artist haitian play u out! Bye girl!

  10. Tanickka and her fren look pop down fi real.Tannicka have two left foot and sloppy and her fren need to lose those suspenders,that wig and wash her underarm.Tanickka need fi stay home with her football team and leave out party.

  11. Donna you go girl stay on top, never look intimidated by the young cock suckers, you hold your grounds and come out looking younger than dem

  12. Marlo win big money lawsuit for her baby that die so she a run money pan Shabba and him wife plus kids… Why dem old woman yah love use money fi hold man?

  13. But wait how much a yuh friend dem suck di Haitian fi di scam anonymous 12:13am? But all a u hate on Stacy cause she get the most and still getting and unu drink the cum fi nothing like duty Polly and the rest a dem everyday I see Stacy going to work go get a f**king life and come off mi friend bloodclaat name and stop bad up yuh keyboard you should be cuddling ur man at that time of night but obviously u ain’t got a f**king life …be bold should who u are but as we can all see ur nobody get a f**king life….

  14. Ask Munchie fierce and the rest a dem how dem do it a Stacy unu hot for Bloodclattt if y’all had the power to stop people progeress and coulda kill the gal y’all definitely would.. :repost2 :repost2 :repost2 :repost2 :repost :repost2 :repost2 :repost2 :repost2 :repost2

    1. Stacy u a joke lol u mi see in video bout u suck hood so why call munchy name when you take the man years now. Munchy gone with her man bout two years now and u been take the Haitian u really call Philly girl dutty so what make you any better than them you live up in the same dutty dancehall like you big house haunted and you run up in camera talk bout you suck hood! And no boo I aint never fuc that Haitian am not not mate to you just a regular chick that know that was not a good look! Soo cuss till you buss but then take a good look

  15. The whole lot of UNO is a bunch of parasites all who that is calling up Stacy name don’t live anywhere yes I said it. Come off of Stacy name nasty johncrow and go and look a life all uno do is come out in the parties in philly in clothes that people steal and give to UNO yes I said it it’s not like y’all spending the real price for anything. Is not Stacy fault if she tek wey de Haitian man from uno yes and I know for a fact that he f**k off half of these philly females trash yes. UNO f**k for money lick out batty for money all uno friend man uno hide and f**k too.!!! y’all should really go and look a life. Most of you bitches don’t even got papers don’t live no where kotch with friends bounce from here there and everywhere. My suggestion to you bitches is at least when y’all are f**king a nigga don’t only fu**k for food in your belly but f**k and suck with a little class if party or a dance a come up uno gone f**k for clothes that don’t make it. Oh well haters never change…. Bunch of low life bitches philly trash.

    1. Bye Stacy!! He f**k off all of the dirty Philly dancehall girls and you suck him off after! You are the biggest trash of them all fi cum bring your mash mouth on video bout you suck hood!! Gweh dutty Stacy lol who no know a you! You are a bad joke dwl

  16. Met oooo no a no him a di tshirt printing machine a di prize oooo Stacy seek ye first a dentist u teeth dem fava say a Stevie wonder fling dem inna u mouth

    1. den if u eva see mi a look roun fi see if is a different haitian she a talk eno man________________________________________________ mi dus a shake suh

          1. Don’t wanna sound prejudice r anything but y Haitians say puzzeeee n not pusC n how a whole country a ppl manage have heavy tongue????????

    1. Marlo is the Big head one in the picture with the brown girl with the blue bag named natalie! LOL dont geet them confuse cause shabba sleep with both of them and natalie on ig everyday bout she rich so dont get them confuse DWL Marlo is the one with long hair. She also have baby with Ricky…Rosie (one in orange dress) and Neeve babydaddy and she had baby with tanicka (roger mafia babyma big one with ruffle frock and pointy boot) newest babydaddy…….going to bed too much nastiness in these pics and in Philly….all these people in the pic cross contaminated

  17. The old man weh breed Tannicka and company ugly.Him look like him face a melt like plastic.weh de see pan himdem .Just nasty.

    1. Dwl don’t do him so he ole n bleach out n have scurl but he good fi breed tanika whe every man frig n run n Yankee Marlo. He used to have $$ Marlo did deh wid him first then he deh wid tanika n it all downhill from there. Tanika frig pon him like dog n class him but that the only man will stic wid her. He tief badd n love beg woman. Like he pick up all desperate gal all claudette glimmity him a frig. He nasty bad but him gyal worse

      1. Tannicka need to go get her green card and go school go learn to read and write and stop f**k just for food and party at that. A pure gojane she and her dutty arm friend Javonne shop.her arm always look dutty and wet.


  19. Marlo when u going to wake up and realize Natilie not your frien? How you think the people dem kno yah business? She chat you so bad on the road. Wake up! Smh

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