Skye claim shamiele is a hater n don’t have $118.00
Met if u ask me this Likkle gal is a damn liad cuz look when the card was used and shamiele reach back a Jamaica
A she same one mek dem charges deh she just want ppl see her supposedly available balance cuz she over deh a talk bout who a hater n bitches can’t call her broke but skye is a escort and she need to have several seats all that money in ur account but still a photoshop u pics girl bye


  1. why would Skye want to tell these lies on Shamile after letting her stay in her home? Cant understand that part.

  2. Mi Neva know seh dem hot girl here shop on amniclubwear…. very cheap Spanish clothes…… they fool the gram so much it’s a shame

  3. Anuh lie, shamiele stole the credit card information and then do the shopping after skye run her out….shamiele want a load a shit daSh Ina har face, go buy a bed head gyal and have a seat.

    1. Is bed head the prize fi all of unno? Anytime people a trace them talk bout bed and bedhead. Flipping annoying. Any appreciation can guh pan dat? Nonsense *african voice*

    2. Is bed head the prize fi all of unno??? Anytime people a trace them talk bout bed and bedhead. Flipping annoying. Any appreciation can guh pan dat? Nonsense *african voice*

  4. If Aneka coulda tek in Shamiele worthless ass and she turn roun thief the girl money wah she put down fi har son along wid the girl drivers licence then mi believe she woulda guh a farrin guh thief har new fren money. Every time har business buss she run an try cover it fi mek it look like a lie, she lose har way, she trust down the place mek everybody deh pan har name now she a thief.

  5. Mi a go seh it again! Suh much ppl can’t a tell lie bout di same rass ting! Everywhere Shamielle a go her name a get call pon
    1. Pussy selling
    2. Not living anywhere
    3. Being broke
    4. Thiefing

  6. Think a me alone notice the photoshopping weh a gwan pon har picture dem an dat balance look well photoshopped too, she must think everybody a fool like she

    1. Thank yuh!!!

      Don’t get me wrong Shamiele is a damn thief
      But this gal skye been a liad she been lying
      Bout her life for the longest just for social media
      She is sick skye knows she photoshops and have the
      Nerve putting up video bout she don’t photoshop
      Girl I just know the angles and yes u do u very Mawga
      Wid no ass nor hips nor boobs u a sick gal
      Just because of hype u mek shamiele trick u
      Lmao damn idiot shamiele dis fi thief out u clothes dem
      U love hype too much ah she same one make those charges people
      It’s not shamiele skye a u a nam dominoes everyday the dominoes
      Order a BRONX where u live shamiele deh a Jamaica how can
      She order dominoes ? U can’t even cook is when shamiele was there
      U eat cook food cuz bad n no so bad shamiele can cook n she post it
      Everyday she inna u kitchen a play chef u need fi move wid u photoshop bank account

  7. That girl do not have 28 grand more like 28 dollars because when u try to screen shot ur banck acct wether on the web or on you app it comes out black as a security precaution

  8. I can screenshot my chase it never used to do it on my android but since I changed to my iPhone I don’t know if it’s the phone or a update but I could get it done

  9. This girl is sick mentally and in need of help, maybe it’s a BOA thing but it usually show the money taken out then your remaining balance after each transaction, pending or not lol which bank is this lol and the gap between the checking and number you can tell it was altered lol she’s a nut case

  10. So she has nearly 30gs in the bank and eating pizza eerday an ar parents a no Italian? Is who dem a try fool? Kmt she shoulda mek sure the comma deh closer to the 8 before she post this mess lol

    1. Dwrl :ngakak that person as Italian as that account!

      My bank will not allow snaps of my accounts. The comma, POS at dominos and ATM transaction the same amount….how’s that?

  11. Available balance $298.28

    My girl just crop the 28 cents and place it before the $298.
    If she really had $28k in the bank it would have look something like this … $28,298.28

    NOT $28 ,298.28 (select, cut, copy, paste or photoshopped)

  12. Jesam piece to claat mi never see d comma n the 8 lmfao
    No man she bad pan d photoshopping bad bad bad
    She photoshop r body n her bank account lmao I’m so dead

  13. Mmmh okay, SO who r these dumb insecure, Begging to be ig famous,fake ass photoshop bitches actually frightening again???….

  14. Are u y’all talking about the gorgeous chocolate girl that is always slayed for the gawds shamiele and use to date the one skinny guy I guess he promotes nino I believe? :nohope I can’t see her being a theif lol she be on point always is…what’s the real tea behind her

  15. You girl SKYE dwfl, lol,** slaps knee**….. you is a bank account liad, dem fi lock you up fi how much you photoshop you body and you account like how u tell lie seh Shamiele did get lockup. Yuh post di tief story night one and when u see seh dem nah pay the liad story nuh mind u post it back. Yuh pathetic. U did glad fi a roll wid shameless when she come a farrin and quick fi f**k har up. it did sweet yuh wen dem a slaughta har name but everybody know di 2 a unuh did a teef a mall. We wah see yuh raw pics dem before yuh photoshop dem and the makeup. U mawga and di batty weh yuh pay fah nah move. wi nuh care who yuh fadda be cah dat neva stop u from teef. shamiele nuh know farrin a how she know how fi rob store suh quick nuh mus u teach har. memba wen u rent the red benz. and now mi hear di bmw a nuh urs. Skye the whole a bronx know how u really look a only jamaica alone u can fool. this gal live inna di wuss part a bronx and a seh she a review camera…bitch where? which camera google maps. bout u need fi tek days off fi review camera, day off from weh. when unuh buy scrub pon 4th ave and wipe shit fi a living unuh a gwan like unuh a real nurse skye stop the f**kery. we see di happiness pon yuh face when jamaica deh pon shameless back but u neigh know u fi dig 2 ole.

    PS stop put flowers filta ova pic with cap on. mek we si weh u really look like.

  16. Even if she photoshopped her bank account shamiele still stole her money cause she’s just triflin! Don’t downplay her crooked character

  17. No sah! and talk bout thiefing James weh make the girl take out how much iPhone and foreign and cant send her not one monthly payment

  18. Anything u say cah u did deh deh when di gal teef it. u know skye? Sham and skye a crook a di 2 a dem shop lift in farrin. KMT. stay deh. unuh soon know da truth

  19. Unnu ah wicked. 28k ain’t nuff money tomhave in a account that’s a little over 2k a month. If y’all claim she do all this pussy selling why she can’t have 28k? What if the girl
    Like pizza and wanna eat it everyday, that mean she cant have 28k. Unnu heart too dutty and rather than being down people y’all need to focus on self.

  20. Beg u a dolla nuh my girl . Me with my goodup work don’t even have 30 grand in the bank… look like mi career mashup ya no. Cho. And I thought I was doing good

  21. Y’all don’t realize di gyal did have 298 in deh and add the 28 in front… when since dem double space between number and comma 28,298.98 not 28 ,298.98 what a gyal pathetic

  22. How we cant see Shamiele mug shot if unuh sey she got arrested for shoplifting? Mi hear sey she av court date, so after har party she cum up back fi go court. Mi hear sey a designer glasses she did a try teef fr Macys.

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