Jan 6

Subject: Tracey Champion

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Mi seh fi di New Year mi did ago stop Fass ina ppl bizness, but mi couldn’t help dah one ya.
Afta we warn Ms. Champion fi stay home and seek di Lord she came out again . Met, she and di nuff Jagua di deh ah Skilli Party on Saturday ina Philly. Mi question to di Champs is Dis. Was the dress Packed away before you got sent away or did di Jaguar offer it outta har collection? Met, di mount a tear ina di dress is a shame. You can tell Seh ah Dry rotten it Dry rotten cause Buzza hole no deh unda armpit or pan sleeve or neck ah clothes. Di Jaguar seh she is har bestie/sista and coulda tell har before dem hit the camera light? No man, wid frens like those who need enemies. Champs Mi neeva expect Zutopeck fi tell you, cause she was a hot mess so she had to concentrate on her mess of a fling together. Please Stay home cause age ah teck ova and unuh cah afford di lifestyle anymore..

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