7 thoughts on “SLICK

  1. A long time Slick should leave certain things alone. Slick get nuff opportunities, she could have been a big business owner right now, however she just couldn’t stop the selling, or leave the night life alone. No one would be surprised if she was caught stealing money, or some drugs business, but it woulda hotter if this was just a random killing. RIP.

    1. I agree I was following Aneka for years from when she was dark skin to her Aneka Wong and finally to her so slick days. She was mixing with the wrong men and scorned women were jealous. At her age she should left the lifestyle and leave JA. Even Platinum from portmore turn housewife and live a Canada. Prayers for Aneka son buy pink wall warned her for years 🙏

  2. All this speculation and bashing of the young lady does not take away from the fact that she was brutally murdered. It doesn’t matter if she used to sell or not. Come off a the woman name man Cho.

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