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  1. Met I have a question for Gabby and Simone, you two hate Bolt with a passion so why do you insist on Kasi staying with him, especially Gabby you hate Bolt different, it’s like you know him personally or was with him at one point but you say all manner of bad things about him, call him a whore, say he’s ashy, not good looking etc etc (even though some is true) but if a person is so bad, why do you keep insisting that Kasi remain with him, I never once see you tell her to find someone better or to stop talking the disrespect but on other peoples post such as leanclean, you guys berate her for being with a cheater and someone that doesn’t respect her, yet Kasi is getting far worse treatment and all you want is for Bolt to marry her. Why would you want your friend to marry someone that you despise so much and is a known cheater. And don’t come with the ‘he claimed her’ bullshit, he never once said he was in a relationship with her, from the fake trip, he haven’t posted a pic of her on his insta page and he’s on snap feeling up a girls breast and looking straight in the camera with a grin on his face saying ‘nice’. I think you are family and just want her to seal the deal so you all can have access to Bolts money, the blatant hypocrisy on the part of you two is astounding. You all want her to stay with Bolt for Money, nothing more, nothing less.

    1. U haffi ask both a dem separately. How Simone want Kasi fi stay wid bolt and leanclean fi lef greg. Gabby dus like Kasi das all but the real question is to simone. Whey u tink?

      1. That is what I can’t understand Met, she wants leanclean to leave and she’s married and have kids so ties are there but Kasi has no ties to Bolt and she’s insisting for Kasi to stay, Simone I know you say you only answer to Met but I would love to hear your reasoning about this.

          1. See i am trying to give an answer but people start accusing me of bullshit how are we supposed to hold a civilized conversation?

      @ Anonymous
      on March 1, 2017 at 1:37 pm – Reply

      You won’t get the response you are looking from Gabriella so don’t bother. She just might be Kasi herself or the assistant. They are as delusional as she is.

      You can see the hypocrisy with the two of them on the leanclean posts. But a so the world spin.

  2. I just think that Kasi is not the one that should be getting so much hate, Bolt is the one out here acting up so why is Kasi being blamed for his bad behaviour? I don’t think I have been very adamant that Kasi stays with Bolt I just think the vitriol directed at her has become too much. It’s just that way with some of our public figures, persons like Beenie Man or Bolt anyone they date is going to get a lot of hate deservedly or undeservedly.

    1. So, what about Leanclean? Why do you hate the lady so much, @Simone to the point of dreaming of her? :bingung

    2. I agree with everything you say, Simone. I rarely respond to comments but I almost lost it earlier when some anon poster actually said that she wants Bolt to start beating Kasi. I tell you, me head raise ! It’s the hate that it meted out to Kasi, that is what has me sticking up for the poor girl even though I don’t know her.

      1. The hate for Kasi is unfounded! And it’s a lot of older women out of her age group that is hating on the young girl. It’s like the in thing, the new trend, hate Kasi hate Kasi hate Kasi. It’s sad and pathetic also disturbing to see so many people with just blatant hate in their hearts.

  3. Was wondering the same thing bout Simone and gabby, sometimes me wonder if Gabby is not really kasi. For the pictures above tho, bolt just a enjoy himself.

  4. Hi Met (waving hard). How are you? You know i only ever respond to you so here goes. For those approaching you, please tell them that I am not Kasi, I am not her friend, I am not in her circle and I have never met her. I also wouldn’t have a problem in saying that I was a friend or family member either and why should I? Initially, I couldn’t have cared less for her but whilst I would never admit to being Team Kasi, I do have a lot of sympathy for her and that is due in part to the sheer amount of personal attacks levied against her on this site. It is scary. I found myself sticking up for her early on when I joined this site and I guess because I appear to be the odd one out here, I have been targeted as someone who has a real vested interest in her. I don’t, particularly.

    Mr Usain Bolt, I respect on a professional level only. He has accomplished a lot but I cannot stand him and i doubt if anything will ever change that. Hear me when I tell you that the very sight of him makes me nauseous. I can’t even read an article about him. The biggest export since Bob Marley and off the track all we see him doing is rubbing up his sweaty self on women, taking selfies in bed with women, spilling out of clubs drunk. I have no problem with anyone enjoying their hard earned cash but conduct yourself while you do it. The arrogant bragging and boasting is too much. He might be charismatic but to me I just see him as cooning, grinning teet jackass that humiliates himself at every opportunity. So many of our Jamaican men abroad need to be better ambassadors. Remember Chris Gayle? I find Usain an embarrassment and can’t even stomach him for a split second on the TV. For that reason, I never watch him in the Olympics unless it is the relay because I truly adore the rest of the team especially Blake. I guess if Usain could turn off some of the arrogance and turn on some humility, I may warm to him.

    Kasi dating Usain is her choice. If she were my friend I would respect her decision but I wouldn’t be happy for her. But from what I have read here about her, I hope if she wants marriage that she gets it because she has certainly put in the work for the ring. I’ve loved hard in the past. Loved and lost a lot but I don’t think I could love or at least stick around with a man like Usain. I wish her luck.

    Have a blessed day, Ms Met.

    1. Please just back your bags and go on out of here with the Double standards.

      Kasi has documented antics – one that tops the list was

      “I got piece that would make your mother sell you” really?!?! How mother and selling drop een?

      Come now, if you are going to tear down one for being arrogant etc, tear down the other. That is the problem a lot of bloggers on this website has with you. The two of them do their dirt, DOCUMENTED dirt, yet you see it only fit to lambaste Bolt. Cooning? Do you know what cooning means? Where have we seen him act like a Yess Massa type of negro who only wants to jig and jive for whites?

      Opinion is opinion, you have all right to yours but nuh badda with the double standards crap.

    2. It doesn’t make sense arguing with anyone here about Kasi and Bolt. I don’t even like Kasi like that and I don’t follow her or Bolt on any social media. It’s just the sick pleasure that some people get from hating the girl that is disturbing to see. I know that Usain Bolt is a national treasure and some persons feel like we own him but it’s like every woman this man dates they don’t like. It was so bad when he was dating Lubica he had to issue a statement saying he broke up with her. Now he goes public with Kasi and it’s a problem all over again. You cannot tell a man who to date! That is why so many women are in loveless marriages because their husbands do not fancy them, they only married them for status! I saw someone mentioning Bolt’s money and I knew that was the issue for some for a long time running. So what if Bolt spends his money on her? AND FOR ALL WHO TALKING ABOUT “PIECES TO MAKE YOUR MOTHER CRY” THAT STATEMENT IS RECENT SO IF THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE USING TO JUSTIFY YOUR HATRED OF THE GIRL PLEASE DON’T BOTHER.

      Kasi is such a beautiful girl she needs to migrate find a steady job and get away from these blood sucking vultures. She mentally stronger than Lubica still because as soon as the uproar started Lubica cut!

        1. Met the difference between Leanclean and Kasi is that Bolt actually likes Kasi and bangs her often. Can’t say the same about the other couple.

          1. I’m flabbergasted. How the hell do you know that Bolt bangs Kasi “often”? I guess you have taken up residence in their bedroom.

            The more you comment on this site is the more you expose yourself as extremely dense.

  5. Usain is so bad but you adore and sympathize with Kasi the woman who is holding on for dear life to be with him?? GTFOH gabby she is even worst than bolt `the scumb of the earth` as you seem to think he is. She is with him as a CHOICE and that is for the love of money and fame.I pray he will never marry her. As a matter of fact she had a higher standing with him before the olympics because after the pretend rio trip with her mom, him only have her as a personal bag packer. U guys seems to think we hate kasi, no we don’t I remember when the African buss the swiping story we were all laughing and saying bolt deserve it because him give har nuff bun. The issue I have with kAsi is that she seems to have no sense of self she will accept anything as long as it allows her name to be associated to Bolt. That man will never take her seriously because she has no standards. He dosnt seem to care much about her because he would take better care of her even financial wise look how him take private plane wid him fren dem go trinidad and when they went to boring boring(lol) after all that embarrassment look like a coach him fling har pon. An give har second hand range whe Yanique fart inna? dating a billionaire him give you so much stress, downgrade your social standing and you don’t seem to have anything to show for it more than a few threesomes under you belt. Again I say this to you wise up and demand more respect and financial support if you can’t get both you must be able to get at least one. Start thinking of life after bolt.

  6. Gabby, your response is full of contradictions and hypocrisy. You hate Usain because he’s arrogant and of low moral character but, so is Kasi if she wasn’t she wouldn’t stand for the way Usain treats her since she didn’t stand for it with fiance Scott.
    The few times we see Kasi on Usain’s snap chat she’s carrying on with the same behavior you criticized in Usain; drunk, dress hiked up or on her knees staring at Usain’s crotch. You criticize Usain for bragging but, Kasi brags and lies remember her law career, pretending to be in Rio, flop Jamaican designers, Range Rover, and it goes on and on. She’s worse than Usain. At least Usain is in a position to brag.
    Kasi has come about as close to selling her soul as a person can come in the hopes of landing Usain and, she’s certainly put her self respect aside. Yes, Usain disrespects the hell out of Kasi and she smiles takes it over and over again. What does that say about her? It says more about her than it does about him because he’s showing her he don’t care about her feelings or making her look like a fool. She’s showing him that she will put up with any as long as he wants,so how is he supposed to respect her? How are we supposed to respect her? I’m not seeing how you can find respect for her.

    If Kasi wants to be a doormat then that’s her choice but, the rest of us don’t have to respect her or her choice any more than we respect Leanclean or Nakeisha or Apple or the Kardashians.
    I agree with what you, calling for her to be beaten is out of order and disgusting there’s no ifs ands or buts about it.

  7. Gabby and Simone this is why we not sorry for her.
    1. I got pieces that would make your mother sell you
    2. Jamaica carnival costumes flop, she have to call her designer in trinidad. So why she never go trinidad and do carnival with her trinidad friends since we flop. Xodus need fi drop har.
    3. Talking bout people a stalk her…lies !

    1. Exactly siddun and talk pure foolishness about the people dem good good costume and yet, all now she dont reach trinidad. On twitter bawling bout fever and sick is why she don’t go. My girl we know you never get invited. All Kasi gwaan she love the attention, good bad or indifferent she love it. Make me tell you this not a ring fi har, he gone use har til him done and find some body outta no where fi marry.

    2. Mi seh when I saw the post I know immediately that it was a lie, first off, Kasi is not working anywhere for people to show up at her workplace, she wants to seen as a celebrity, bout stalker and how she’s going to court over it. First it was her mother, now it’s her, the lies she tells, she will never get the celebrity status she craves. Then the fake foundation and the fake marketing company and the fake degrees and going to a school and taking pics with the kids, she really thinks that she’s a Kardashian.

      1. I see she will be one of the judges for Miss Jamaica so she’s fooling some of the people for now.

        1. Miss global nobody naw enter that they begging for contestants …. Ramchandani whore out that competition lol

        2. It’s Miss Global and they are practically on their knees begging people to enter, they think that having her as a judge more people would enter but what they don’t understand is that no one gives a damn about Kasi except her fake followers.

  8. Thank you Premium and to you Gabby, what has Kasi done for Usain for you to say she worked hard for the ring? And please don’t say she go hard on social media because almost all of Jamaica go hard for bolt online, if anybody says anything bad about him look and see how people dragged them. Did Kasi help him to aquire his wealth, was she there with him during his training sessions, did she have sleepless nights with him before he became famous? The answer is NO, she came when he was already established and the road she took to get there will never sit well with a lot of people, you’re here talking about you’ve loved hard, this is not about you, we’re talking about Kasi and Kasi does NOT love Bolt and that is a fact. You’re talking about show off, he has every right to show off, he worked hard for his money so he’s enjoying it how he sees fit. You want to talk about show off, let’s talk about your friend Kasi, when she was just talking to Bolt and he bought her the clothes and shoes, at her birthday party how she was going on bout good gyal that someone at the table told her to stop now and recently how she was talking about Jamaican flop costumes and her Trini designer. So what you’re saying is that she should show off with Bolt’s money but Bolt shouldn’t show off with HIS own money? You want Kasi to get the ring so bad, why? That’s the question that you are avoiding. I don’t hate Kasi, but the fact that she slept with his BROTHER never sit well and I could never respect someone like that. It doesn’t bother her what Bolt is doing so why is it bothering you so much? Kasi has no respect for herself so why should anybody else, she could leave if she wanted to but we all know why she’s still there.

  9. Simone you said that Kasi should not be the one getting so much hate because it’s bolt acting up, so why are you giving leanclean so much hate and it’s Greg that’s acting up?

  10. Where has Kasi worked hard for the ring, what did she do? Threesomes? Other girls have done that with him, social media? A lot of people does that, so what exactly did she do to warrant a ring? You know who deserves a ring, Mitzy, she was they when he was broke, she was there along the journey to greatness and when he started acting up instead of staying she bowed out gracefully and I did not see any of you root for her like how you’re rooting for Kasi. If Mitzy had stuck around she would be in Kasi’s position and Kasi would just be another unknown person that he has sex with on the side but I’m happy that she’s not in that position because she deserves way better.

  11. Suh weh plastic titty deh? Di titty dem couldn’t Manij so much shake up or wah?

  12. Look here mi a go want unnuh leave Gabby and Simon be! Dem hav dem opinion just like everybody else! Just because dem nuh deh pon di same road as you is no reason fi waan come rush dem!

    Mi like some people and mi hate some people, some a dem weh mi hate mek mi haffi change mi mind bout dem and for the others all if dem do good mi still hate dem! And dat a how a wi mind set! A just life dat!

    As for Usain and Kasi, she a international doormat and him a international whore! Mi nuh kno if di new breasts dem a go change ntn, doubt it. But all we do a cock wi 10 and gwaan watch di ride!

  13. When I saw Kasi put up the pic of her and Bolt as her Twitter dp Mi realize say she will do anything for fame. Look how bolt style di gal over and over

  14. I personally was rooting for Kasi… until Frenchmen 2015 when she got her first public photo with Bolt on IG, that’s when her true colours started to show. I thought Kasi was a charming girl and had a very nice physique. She had a job at the bank and talked about being educated and independent. I thought to myself, kudos to this girl, she seems like a nice girl for Bolt. Someone to complement him.

    Bumbo! Then the whole thing about her sleeping with Bolt and his brother came out on that same IG post, and I guess she felt she had to defend herself. She got hype and her attention shifted from being ambitious and having fun with friends, to all about the limelight and showing everyone she is Bolt top girl. She abandoned her long time friends and started posting heavy on twitter, which I think gets her into more trouble than IG.

    She quit her job and with plenty of idle time, started spending all of her time on social media, seeking attention. The fake trip to Rio/Panama sealed it for me to be honest. To really get up and pretend to be in Rio to save face was really something. I realized at that point she is not a humble person who happened to fall for a misbehaving immature man. She is just as hype and manipulative as any other gold digger. She posts things for attention, and lies for a reaction. When it’s not that, she will set the stage by dropping little bits of info for people to speculate or talk. All of attention. When she gets caught in a lie, she plays victim. Smh

    I could never say I hate or even dislike her. I just see her for who she is now and she is NOT Jamaica’s sweetheart as she portrays herself to be. Not innocent and very manipulative.

    1. Thank you, couldn’t have said it better and now all of a sudden she and Rebecca is best friends. I wonder if jamaican barb is a real person or Kasi just make up a fake profile to say it’s her best friend, you never see a picture with both of them together and she has the same profile pic from how long.

      1. Jamaican barb is a air hostess she is a little thot as well barbs we see u sleeping with the old man when uno meet up in Jamaica if I ever mention him name pink wall mash up … just search his name barbs on pinkwall barbs u and Kasi right to be besties uno love issue 3 sums

  15. According to Katie, the Trinidad carnival trip is a boys trip that’s why she didn’t go and she claims she doesn’t like soca that much to do four days of partying, she only likes the road March. However I have two questions for Miss Bennett, maybe her PA can answer since she’s too sick to even send mails.
    1)Is Tahira a boy because she went on the trip or is it a case where they see her as one of the boys?
    2) Isn’t every trip for a Bolt a boys trip as Kasi is never on any of the trips.
    It’s obvious she has a visa so how she never go with Bolt to even the US for his appearances etc.

    I’m looking forward to your timely response Kasi.

  16. Boys trip? The “family” picture Usain posted this morning at breakfast showed several women at the table so did the picture from the beach today and, they’ve been there longer than 4 days.

    What’s the excuse for being left behind in favor of Rebecca when Usain was in Miami?

  17. Didn’t want to comment but here goes. Simone you are ignorant and bias and a BIG hypocrite. All now you cannot answer Anon correctly and is avoiding the question, everything you talk about hate, no one on this site ( at least not me) do not hate Kasi, what we hate is that she has zero ambition and self esteem. We know that she’s a gold digger and we wanted her to get things from Bolt but she doesn’t want anything but to be social media famous. So if a person doesn’t agree with someone that means that person HATE the other person? If that is the case that means everybody in the world hates someone because none of us agrees with everyone. You want to talk about hate Simone, lets talk about how much YOU hate leanclean is like you have a personal vendetta against her, you want her to leave Greg so you can have him because your bile for her is not normal. Talking about Kasi should migrate, why should she migrate, I see, you think she can go overseas and get a baller, in your dreams, Kasi is not the prettiest in JA much less. She needs to get a job or a business to do something constructive with her time and stop the lying on social media.You said you don’t know her personally so how do you know that Bolt sex her regularly and that leanclean is not getting any, how do you know what goes on their bedroom? You talk about leanclean is old and that all of us who disagree with Kasi on this site is old, we all have to get old one day, Kasi will be 29 this year, and every year there will always be a younger and prettier girl who turns 18. Make sure you stay young forever so your hubby who you like to boast about doesn’t leave you for someone younger. And this is coming from someone who’s young.

  18. Wait deh. Dah story yah sweet. Lean clean deh wid Di same Greg weh Platinum deh wid an have baby girlfah wah day yah? Di same Greg weh a pose up wid Plati inna video?

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