1. I said it on the post with him and the two white girls that when he got back he was going to bring Kasi to a party or on a trip and she’s going to be on snap with him talking about my love and true to form, here they are. They are boring and predictable, is that all they can do, blowing smoke, really, people still do that, I remember when she said she doesn’t do the smoke thing but then again she use to say she doesn’t do a lot of things but here we are, money changes everything. Usain you said together forever so why don’t you marry her and settle down and start a family? Both of you are poppy shows, no style, taste or class.

  2. Merry Christmas from the Chin sisters. Shantal and Rosie a talk again!!
    Rosie yu finally a show yourself again!! I hope for 2019 you get yourself a man of your own!! Stop taking people man!!

    Take care of the princesses and set some good examples now. iPhone and all the brand name perfumes and fancying for the Christmas.

  3. Yuh see BADMIND A DAT MASH UP JAMAICA. If Usain don’t carry Kasi out, oonoo talk and if him carry har out oonoo talk same way and nutten positive you Jamaican people have to say about the couple. yuh all talk that way because you would definitely like to be in their shoes and have the money they have but because it’s not so BADMIND is jus killing you. 2019 coming, see if you can all do something constructive with your life like serving and praising the Lord and STOP being envious of others who are in better position than most of you.

  4. What I am confused about is how they can profess such deep love for each other and bolt still have kasi inna unfurnished apartment and him inna him big lavish house. I know some people who claim to have good principles will not live together before marriage! However, I cannot see them taking that road cause when you have morals and principles you huh go you man orgy, have him sleep around you etc! Kasi how you nuh live with bolt ???

  5. Mi woulda haffi fuck pan him if me did aguh stay. And mi a tell u him neva did aguh find out. Mi did love har when mi hear seh she did a fuck the African. But then again some a dem man yah chat too bloodclaat much.

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