Is she serious. This ya gal ya weh post everything from she wake till she nyam and go sleep now talking bout anu everything fi go pon fb. Andrea every body know u deh with that big head wanna be turtle looking lawyer. The 2 a unu hype fi no reason at all. Unu match


  1. Hector puppet on a string ‘ him carry har a buffet style . Andrea we all knw u is Hector gorilla woman .

  2. At anonymous a so them post one time. And not s thing no go suh, them think a every body pon fb a idiot

  3. Kmt. Me see her a vent all day pon fb a talk bout a di first she Eva mek di wall and how pple a way she fat. So me read and read cause all now me no way we nobody say she fat. And no just last week u mek di wall to

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