1. This is very sad, and they need to treat their soldiers better. Regardless of them being lock up, they are not criminals. Smh at his superiors

  2. Smh…….. joining the jdf isn’t sump’t pretty. Remember this girl leave high school and join it and her bro was going to do the same after leaving high school, after she come back from training and all that, she tell him not to do it😔

  3. Jdf gone to literal dog! So much ova deh, yuh caah sick n go ova the med center them just gi u B… 48 hours pass a weh dat cum from… man deh pon ratti like a in deh him nabel string cut… big man a call boii sir, n think it cute.. no room for personal development, caaah go skl, u joining as an electrician, bam u a get dash elsewhere.. not to mention the abuse on the jnsc fada god

  4. LT blood 🩸 is on your hands… unnu too bc wicked that why I would never work with a Jamaican superior unnu have that slave master mentally move yuh bc… solider stay travel

  5. Red fence nuh pretty. Once locked up you perhaps commit a crime or an offense….once a crime been committed that perpetrator is called a criminal.

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