26 thoughts on “SOME A DEM BUTCH YAH

  1. Wtf!!!!!!!!!! This raise some anger In me so I’m just gonna jump to the next… won’t linger here.

  2. cops need to run in on that straight.
    long jail sentence fi da wicked bizitch. Hope they give her some man strength beatings inna di back ah di vehicle

  3. That was a vicious beating that Butch gave that girl. Wouldn’t be surprised if the receiver had some broken ribs and facial feature. A woman trying to act manly to compensate for lack of a male organ. I hope the girl family members find her and beat her senseless.

  4. Lord, why yu neva mek dat likkle girl related to me….even third cousin twice removed. Why Lord?

  5. A hope somebody send this video to the authority and they do something about it…this wannabe man gal yah a beat dung di people den Pitney lakka fi it own……an hear dat dutty chichi bwoy den inna di backgrung.

  6. Disturbing bad bad bad I just ruined my day… I usually don’t watch fighting videos for this reason!!!

  7. Smdh…lesbians are possessive bad.Dem need fi fling dat Inna wah lion cage. Prison would be paradise for it.

  8. Having watched this video I think this woman should be shot on sight. That beat down was beyond outrageous. Why? Those blows to the head could have killed this girl or cause permanent brain damage. I hope she seeks out some form of justice. This wannabe man should not be allowed to get away this ridiculous beating of another female.

  9. I watched a second time. Does anyone understand the dialogue…is she beating her because she sent Lisa picture on whatsapp to prove that Lisa aint a man???? Or she beatinG her because Lisa show up there univited or because Lisa cheat pon ar or is it all of the above….mi can’t understand everything Trini ppl say.

  10. How old are they? They look young. When some woman think being with a woman is better than a man. See it deh.

    That pussy in the background. It’s like he’s getting a kick out of the beating. Sick f***s.

    My thing is The lesbians be bugging me out. How are you claiming you like women but get a a woman looking like a man? Does that make any sense? Why I’m gong settle fi a woman to lick and suck me out and use a fake rubber cocky when I can get a nice sexy man sucking me and f***g with him firm strong cocky…………..

    Sorry Met I sprang a leak thinking of a nice sexy strong man on top of me. Just seeing and feeling a man cocky rise in front of me is a turn on.

    Why me want a butch when she still have breast and a pussy. I dont see no nice veiny long black cocky getting stiff in front of me. They have to be some sick shit with them.

    1. Sick? Yes, it is a form of mental illness. Your brain has to be twisted to have a same sex attraction. The gay community does not like the mental illness angle because that was their first mode of attack back in the early 1970s to remove homosexuality as a classification as a form of mental illness. Now all these young kids think it is o.k to be gay. Parents need to be careful who their kids associate with, since they are starting this shit at a very young age and bring it into their home.

  11. I don’t even know where to start…. I’m so speechless. I hope police get their hands on this. Regardless what commesse she was involved in this was over beating. An UUUUUUUUUU yes U antiman in the background I hope when a man hold u an bull yuh no one help.

  12. Dem ain’t Bajan,dem Angiillan(Anguilla B.W.I) Lisa is a grown ass women in her 30’s She was married to a black model from one next Island and lived in Asia I do know what happened between her and she wife now she have di ppl dem young Pinckney ah tek advantage of. The authorities was tagged in original post on Facebook and she and the camera man is in custody.

  13. Shocking..I am pleased to know the Di dutty butch deh a jailhouse..hope dem put the he/she in di man section..n one big hood man put it pon it…disgusting

  14. The man and the other woman that was sitting on the bed should of stopped the beating, she went above and beyond… I hope the police but her behind bars so she learn a lesson, the little girl was young and couldn’t even defend herself and she just spit in her face several times and beating her like that, I hope the little girls have brothers so they can go kick off this b*tch head no sah… Even kick off the man who is asking the butch questions and videoing at the same time… Just disgusting…

  15. Ocean Beach, I couldn’t watch the entire video, due to how angry I got. I wish I could grab that crawny gal of the little girl and kick off her face. That girl must be a weak fence and don’t have much family support for her to do that to her, the person making the video and the one that was on the bed should both be prosecuted as well.

  16. @ Kissing my damn teeth, you are so right every time this man looking gal hit this young girl made me so damn upset… The young girl crying out to this animal to stop she couldn’t breathe no telling when the beating actually stopped… And you right both that man and the other woman who got up from the bed when it first started should of stopped it before it begun and kicked that good for nothing out the house… But I noticed how the man just a ask her question which fired her up even more to give her licks inna the head and face… I feel so bad for that young lady, if she was my daughter or my sister any of my family members I would of seen red and beat the sh*t out of her a** all a broke bones, no lie! I hope the young lady after her beaten called the authorities, and I hope that butch didn’t put no fear in the girl heart, because to me doesn’t look like it will be the last beaten, she come like she own the little girl.. smdh

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