Pinkie I would like to remain anonymous but in regards to the squash incident. Squash got shot on Tuesday (18th) and the other guy that died (the one you posted) got in a shootout on Wednesday by the guy that allegedly shot Squash. The guy that shot squash is in the hospital because he got shot during the shoot out.

Muscle was shot along with ford. The war has been brewing for a few months now over some top man name Tallis that ford knows from way back when. Apparently Tallis is from Waterford or some place. Anyways squash and Jman linked up with ford and muscle and Tallis eventually got brought up and ford was like yes he know Tallis. Squash and Jman saw that as ford being with their rival or whatever.So months go by and Squash got shot on Tuesday, the talk is that squash had money no his head and muscle man was the one that shot squash. That is not the case Jman was the one that shot squash and to not make it look a certain way Jman and 3 other persons went to Ford and Muscle to a location, but at the time F and M didn’t see it as strange because they sell/buy weed etc. Not even a minute or so after arriving Jman started shooting at F and M. F was shot in the face/head area. M return fire until he succumbed to his injuries. And Jman was shot in the neck
And taken to the hospital. As of earlier this evening I was told that Jman has died but I am waiting on my hospital link to confirm.
Once again please keep my identity anonymous

JMAN has died but these are the details


  1. Story makes no sense. Jman is a close associate of Squash, so why would he shoot squash? Squash wasn’t killed, so he would know who shot him. Jman wouldn’t be fooling anyone to go after ford and muscle.

  2. How much phuck Yu get from that toad name squash fi write this phuckery?!
    This is an attempt from distance him from the murders! Him is a walking dead and it’s not courtesy a de skin bleach πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Dat fat troll soon gone

  3. The story was the artist rent an apartment from muscle man and get rob the same day him move in, so jman and Freman go link muscle man and when them meet him in the park the don was their so true them and ford a friend them shot muscle man and them never know ford would fire back cause a them linky so ford shot jman and fredman shot back the don, then speed to the hospital go drop off jman and cut. That allegedly. Happen.

  4. Hey Met πŸ™πŸ’– Love you always…But a ova here me love and wish we were back here 😭😭😭😭☺️

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