The other day Tyga call Drake fake and thats is what he really is plus tax…Notice he made the song about Rihanna and she never look at him not one time? Him only use di lines fi get likkle props pan di song because him know it woulda cause a stir.Here is the story pan di bubble yah now…According to Drake him like dark skin thick ladies..wid big battam and big leg.. Rhi Rhi dont fit that criteria ..Suh now…Rihanna she did go get stripper fi him and shell dem down di two a dem wid a bag a money.. dat did mek di news…It was JohnniBlaze, Miracle Watts and Lira Galore…Lira a di youngest outa di 3 a dem..she a 21..den Miracle den Jonni..So Rihanna mek dem strip and dance fi Drake ..otay…….. Drake go behind Rihanna back neatly go tek Miracle Watts first……….. start spend a bag a money pan Miracle but Miracle decide she nah play no hoe-house wife game and Drake people dem did a watchie peepie so dem go report back say a neva him one did a pay dung pan Miracle tings and at the same time Rihanna people dem did a watchie peepie Drake so she find out bout Miracle…And a desso him lose two bud one time..
People think a one next girl name Shay, Drake cheat wid but it was Miracle..Rihanna navy tek one piece a set pan Shay..all di girl a talk say she neva bruck dem up dem neva waa hear dat….Is Miracle goods mash dem up because Drake did a pay Miracle fi kip up di p—-… Memba sehhhhhhhh Is Rihanna get Miracle fi di stripping and him move dirty go slap up Miracle and did a send on money………..suh from Miracle now…to Shay and den him go draw fi Johnniblaze and Lira one time…Lira she did have a man or two suh she did a dip low..When Jonniblaze find out say a 2 fi one at one time and start mek likkle sound ..Drake mek him fren dem draw dung pan Jonni….only because him nay waa Lira find out because him start pre Lira serious and Lira lef di people dem man or him lef har because she bright enough fi know di man have a woman and gone ups up harself a post matching vacation pictures so di man wup wap dush dash drap har neatly and Drake tink him tek har from di man but hennywaysss….
Meek Mills gone a jail so Lira she start focus pan Drake and because him neva want none a dem know seh him go behind each a dem back and tek he she n di old lady dem move to Jonniblae she hawd and she squeal..Meanwhile under all a dis Drake a tell di same stipper dem how him want Rihanna and is she dont want him and how him really try mek it work but Rihanna dont seem to want not dat oooooooo is Miracle whey him go tek over and now Lira whey him move out a har place and move ina fi him place..Drake tek di same stipper dem whey Rihanna pick out fi him behind her back..wid him fake the song was jus fi likkle promotion him was not paying ode to nothing because now Lira living wid Drake and him a sidestep it like dem nuh deh but Lira and him shacking now..Suh Rihanna nah look because a bay pretend and she dont have what to hold Drake eeda :hammer
**********Memba seh anyting mi seh….put it ina di pakkit*************** :hammer


  1. Luv RiRi, but a fi har fault fi guh tek up wid har no good ex, no good fren..why aftah dah bwoy treat u like crap u pick up him fren? It just backfire pan har is all, but gottah rate har wid di fact seh she nuh innah no crazy black woman crap wid dese men, she just move on to the next…still she need fi jus bill, and figure why she going out wid dese cruffs, then come back and find men wid more substance, sorry but dah nuh innah di biniz wah she innah.

    1. Drake and Chris a nuh fren like dat..I dont think she was taking him serious nor him taking her serious..a so Drake want people fi think

  2. WHo gives a F**K ???
    These are cocksucking hoes that niggahs ( not REAL men) piss on and let off on them face. This is WHY they are called striippers. Their silicone lasts only for a few years and then they sag. No no more ASSETS a after they riddled with disease and played out.
    NONE of these WHORES a can walk stand sit or even PISS in Rihanna’s lane.
    The REAL scoop is that DRAke LOVES big big ass instead of pu$$Y cuz he is a batty Ann who loves anal sex more than d sweetness of a deep vagina.
    These punks are comfortable with strippers cuz their BITCH side can come out.
    They hire WHORES a to all push champagne bottles and dildos up their ass.
    The SAME ass he had to lay bare fi Lil Wayne and Birdman to F*K so that he can get a. Contract- oooooo

    1. But Softspot, unu memba when Drake was accused of being ah batty man when he was on Degrassi Junior High? *think him did have man picture staple up inna him hallway locker*…and the messed up thing is that men will ruin ah great relationship for these strippers or just hoes that sleep around with any and everybody….Rihanna know exactly weh she ah duh; she prolly use dem 2 girl deh fe bait im up…and who the fack told Drake that light skinned brothas came back in style?? :ngakak

  3. Lira has no silicone as yet..The scoop here is how Drake devious and then a go mek song like him really give Rihanna ratings when him dont he knows exactly why she not looking at him. Imagine him go stoop so low fi go tek di same strippers she hired to entertain him

  4. Rihanna is human just like us I’m sure we all took a wrong man in our lives. That’s how it goes you have to kiss a couple frogs to get To your prince . she will Be ok as for drake him going to end up like magic johnson

      1. Metty, ah di money dem want stripper gal deh want…leave dem alone…ah hope dem drain him of every penny til dem bankrupt his cheatin uglay light skinneded ass…***ya’ll needa stop tellin these light skinned brothas they back in style when they really not***..

        1. Him not spending much yeppie…………dem seh Drake have 40% discount wid Chanel and gi all a dem a Chanel bag…shay did dash up fi har own pan instagram :ngakak..I hope since Lira madda put har to work she teach har how fi get what she need and not what she want

  5. Dats why me and no man nah guh a no strip joint. Mi know is di in ting now fi ooman a follow up dem man to strip club and a meck it rain pon strippaz. Same way Ludacris ooman did a follow him guh a dem, and same way him breed nedda ooman behind har back.
    I find it shameful doah dat Drake could did hab a ting wid Rihanna and him put har one side fi run round wid strippaz and prostitutes, all tranny name a call pon him rass. At least if him and Rihanna mash up him guh look ooman pon Rihanna level or higher. Some man nuh hab no principles bout dem..nawsey bwoy.

    1. All one next one name Delicious Drake tek..from u a strip wid a big ass…fake or real and u have dark skin drake a run heen and pay dung pan it

    1. no they are not related a jus dat people a seh ..they worked together and was never friends like that but not related….dem seh johnni get fired because a drake

      1. Dem waa seh Lira and Miracle feva but memba say a di same man bring dem…they look nothing alike..Lira she do har nose or she contour very well and her mother a spanish jus like how miracle people dem a spanish das di only relation

  6. It comin like a war a gwaan between rappaz an good girls cuz all mi si dem a duh a wife up strippaz….if di wul industry nuh run tru a gyal dem nuh want har smfh.

    1. some man nuh know nothing good ooooooooooo..lir a 21 jus lef high school whey day and a do road from she a 16 wid nuff bakkitive from har madda…how she fi eva be a good girl ..even if all strippers are not hoes but if a madda carry fi har likkle pickney go strip from so early………..hoe mus run ina dem blood oo

  7. But imagine how Drake mussy send him 10 gofer dem fi go get eeerrybaddie number and smile wid Rihanna like it was all good den go set up Miracle fi be di prized concubine..Rihanna carry butter go put fully ina puss mouth

  8. LIRA has not had surgery? Ha ha…
    Check all the websites that has pictures posted of her ‘ formally normal* ass.’ and lots of others that speak about this sperm mouth trash can bitch.

        1. Metty, is who the other two dem?…the middle one dark skin wid big butt so why Drake neva move she in fe live wid im eeh??…she woulda nyaam im outta house and home, not even ah bone left pan di plate…

  9. Well researched ‘biographies’ on whores. But I must tell u… U obviously did not research all of Lira’s old pics. Even the ones from middle school were allegedly photoshopped.
    Mediatakeout and other sites have her with flatter bottom.
    Whether u want to say Brazilian lift, no silicone…. Some injections.. It is all d same.. Spells ARTIFICIAL
    – a man who spends most of his time fascinated with a woman’s ASS and wanting to hit it from behind mainly, need fi check him TRUE desires.
    A stripper represents also a ‘perfection’ of the IMPERFECTION he sees within himself also and his inability to HOLD DOWN a * REAL relationship*
    Some of these dumbass men think bitches REALLY a going to WIFE them and LOVE DEM a when d cash flow is over
    I’m not going to waste more TIME discussing WHORES.

    1. Mediatakeout is not a credible source for me , and your opinion on what I choose to research should be told to someone who values it. I told u already dont come for me because I wasn’t trying to come for you. I was not trying to paint a beautiful picture of Lira just trying to tell you what work she may have had done.

    2. People cyah a reason wid u and u resort to insulting the person without being motivated to do so..U fi gwaan better man because mi ever a rude to u

    3. As to Drake and the ass fetish …………..I feel his penis is small so he feels bigger entering from behind thats all


  11. A just last week him come a starlets and d bald head scalawag stripper/bartender/rapper tek the rapper very lightly a talk bout a she invite him wid r nuff self… U wa see him a flirt up with the bartender thm mi just shake me head….boy grow up good but a go down d wrong road

  12. Met….meez catching up on mi reading an your #32 comment have me puzzled…. lol. Yu seh di man teely is tiny and that is why him wants to “enter” these BIG battam gerls from behind? Di size ass weh me a see inna di pics, no little teely nah mek it to the “entrance”. It r baay batty jaw and leggings fi di teely….DWRCLLLLLL!!!

    1. Willie! Yuh know some man a pro dem will find di entrance and when him go see dem two battey jaw den and him buddy a miggle it…u cyah tell Drake seh him nuh big :nerd

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