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Hi Met
When Wiz Kalifa stated everyone had a piece of Amber is true- she sexing all the hip hop star dem now. Inside info. Her and Klohe has personal beef and it is not about her’s beyond that- it was in her hash tag #don’t panic.
Next time you post anything on her, husband and her enemy family dem keep that in mind.
I love your site.
My story is legit. Thanks


  1. who cares!!! it’s her body.. she can do whatever she wants with it! who the Kardashians didn’t sleep with! from the mother go straight down is a bunch of whores!

  2. @ I’m all real, no, leave them they’re “white” which means they are crowned and idolized and worshipped. Amber is just a hoe.

  3. And sender, get the f@ck out of here, you have no effing inside info, so because she separated and divorced her HUSBAND, and is now effing French, means she’s sleeping with all of hip-hop!?!GTFOH
    Yuh mumma neva mek yuh know seh however yuh get a man is however yuh shall lose dem!?! GTFFOH

    1. She land a trinidad and wiz start chat bout custody as if she isn’t supposed to do anything with her life. Look at Wiz to crawny as he is

      1. Ah suh man stay Metty lol…soon as yuh leff dem, dem and dem side bitches hot fe yuh..ah hope Amber gi every last one ah dem summen fe chat bout, look pan plus headache :ngakak

  4. Met how u never tell me seh all celebrity people read u site to all inside info a dash dwrcl :dp
    see ef u can get anything on drake fimi deh me need all the inside info possibly !

    1. _____________________________________________________________________________
      mi have drake info pan lock but a true mi nuh know if uno waa hear a doe post the dilly

    1. But I thought u had real inside source? Ur source is another blog, who claim they got the tea from their “source”. Shit like this one has to think for themselves wether or not it’s true.

      1. She did talk bout French inna the same interview. Say is her fren and that he loves Khloe. My thing is if the man den font talk how we confirm. The whole a jim man dem spoke up wudda directly or no. So Senda story need done teeth cauz did doubt IT no bite not in here. Senda needs to disappear

  5. Even if she sleep around, nuff gal guilty a dat. Nuff gal phuck, phuck, till dem phuck phuckery. Let she whose hymen is still intact cast the first stone. Mi muh blame har fi guh carnival, mi sure dem pay har, she is working. Wiz just nuh waan pay child support.

  6. Don’t see any inside info here.. With that said Amber been ran thru by damn near ALL rappers and sports stars before Wiz, with Wiz and after…. And French did hit it!

  7. I don’t believe this cause she said she not dating French Montana the rapper of the song Don’t Panic i think she put the hash tag don’t panic just to get her mad just like some of us females do to get people pissed off

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